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Date: 9th Jun 2011

Multi-channel RF recorder for automotive and navigation applications

Averna, announces the availability of a field-ready multi-channel RF Recorder for applications covering 250 kHz to 2.5 GHz.

With a broad range of frequencies supported from 250 KHz to 2.5 GHz and 20 MHz of recording bandwidth on each channel, the Averna RP-5100 Series supports the entire spectrum of Navigation as well as Broadcast Radio & Video protocols.

"Averna's RF recording system is based on the most advanced technology. For example, our best in class noise floor of -172 dBm/Hz enables developers to optimize their receivers for weak signal performance, gaining a significant competitive advantage," explained Benoit Fleury, General Manager for Averna's Instrumentation Division. "We are thrilled to bring to market the first multi-channel RF recorder designed for the optimal capture of real-life RF environment."

Key Features as per Averna include:
. 20MHz recording bandwidth to capture most signals found in automotive receivers.
. Two channels to capture signals operating at different frequencies.
. Field-ready with an integrated touch screen display, ruggedized chassis and compact size.
. Record all day with 2TB of hot-swappable storage
. Simple field setup and intuitive user interface and test case profiles.
. Options available for synchronized recording of CANbus, video, audio, and GPS positioning data.

For customers interested in a complete solution of RF recording to playback, Averna recommends the Averna RP-5100 Series to be paired with the Averna URT-5000, a world class RF player and signal generator.

Pricing and Availability
The Averna RP-5100 Series is available now to customers worldwide.
For more information visit www.averna.com.

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