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Date: 31st May 2011

Serial RapidIO development platform using new switches and clocking chips from IDT

Silicon Turnkey Express (STx) has made available of a second generation ("Gen2") Serial RapidIO ("S-RIO") development platform ("SRDP2") utilizing IDT's CPS-1848 S-RIO Gen2 switches and clocking devices.

IDT's CPS-1848 S-RIO Gen2 switch provides a non-blocking bandwidth of 240 Gbps and can be configured as 12x4/18x2/18x1 with each serial lane supporting up to 6.25 Gbaud. IDT's SPS-1616 Security Enabled S-RIO Gen2 switch enables creation of scalable, stackable systems with up to 20 Gbps between chassis without having to use expensive encryption processors to support the LTE standard, stated in the release.

The SRDP2 is designed for S-RIO prototyping systems with many connections to a variety of development platforms for DSPs, FPGAs and microprocessors. SRDP2 platforms can also be chained together to prototype almost any size system and topology. Each SRDP2 provides 3 AMC B+, 2 SFP+, 1 QSFP, 4 InfiniBand/CX4 and an SMA array of connectors. The SRDP2 is packaged with a license for RapidFET JTAG Standard software from Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation ("FETCorp"). The RapidFET JTAG Standard edition provides basic register access via the JTAG port including EEPROM programming, scripting and other capabilities. Customers can easily upgrade RapidFET JTAG Standard to RapidFET JTAG Enhanced or RapidFET JTAG Professional via FETCorp's website at http://www.fetcorp.com.

Robert Applebaum, STx's CEO, stated "We are delighted to continue to support the leadership of IDT's S-RIO interconnect solutions. Building on a base of hundreds of first generation S-RIO development platform customers worldwide, IDT and STx provide a broad portfolio of tools and development platforms for defense, servers and storage, aerospace, imaging and wireless markets. IDT's second generation of S-RIO solutions expands IDT's market leadership in S-RIO by supporting serial link speeds of up to 6.25 Gbaud."

Stephane Gagnon, Director of Product Management for IDT, said "STx's global logistics, sales and support capabilities for SRDP2 offer IDT's extensive worldwide customer base a proven platform for efficient prototyping and developing software and firmware in advance of the availability of their hardware." Mr. Gagnon continued, "Our customers can benefit from the availability of SRDP2 in the S-RIO ecosystem. Together with diagnostic tools from Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation, IDT's customers can configure IDT Gen2 switches on their boards with a simplified out-of-the-box user experience."

SRDP2 Features include: Link Speed: 6.25, 5, 3.125, 2.5, 1.25 Gbaud; Protocol: S-RIO Gen1 (v1.3) or S-RIO Gen2 (v2.1); LA Probe: ½ Mid-bus footprint for all 58 S-RIO lands; 3 AMC B+ connectors: 4x S-RIO link, Ports 4-7 & 8-11 (no support on IPMC and JTAG); 2 SPF+ connectors: 1x S-RIO link; 1QSPF connector: 4x S-RIO link; 4 InfiniBand/CX4 connectors: 4x-SRIO link; SMA arrays; ; JTAG header I2C for both S-RIO switches; One I2C EEPROM per switch.

Availability: Now.
Price: USD $4,950

For more information visit www.silicontkx.com/products.html

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