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Date: 30th May 2011

Micron sampling its Next-Gen RLDRAM Memory

Micron Technology Inc has announced that its next generation reduced latency DRAM (RLDRAM 3 memory) is available now in samples.

Key features of RLDRAM 3 as per Micron includes:

1.RLDRAM 3 is a high-bandwidth memory technology that enables transfer of information across the network for high-performance networking applications, including high-end routers and switches that require back-to-back READ/WRITE operations or completely random access, RLDRAM 3 memory is suitable for 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 100 GbE designs, packet buffering and inspection, and lookup tables.

2. RLDRAM 3 memory offers improvements in speed, density, latency and power consumption.

3. The proliferation of Internet-based video services like IPTV and video on demand, combined with growth in mobile applications and cloud computing, is driving the need for a more efficient network infrastructure that can keep pace with the amount of data being moved online.

4. RLDRAM 3 memory provides sustainable data rates up to 2133 megabits per second (Mb/s) and offers random access latency of sub-10 nanoseconds.

5. It offers energy efficiency through familiar 1.2V IO and 1.35V core voltage levels.

"At Micron, we recognize the pressure customers face today to optimize their network technology to support the growth in data volume and deal with the associated complexity of the changing infrastructure," said Bruce Franklin, Director of Networking and Storage Business Development for Micron's DRAM Solutions Group. "RLDRAM 3 memory is a low-latency, high-bandwidth solution that provides plenty of headroom to accommodate our customers' evolving networking memory requirements."

Micron has also announced that Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI) will become an alternate supplier of Micron's RLDRAM 3 memory, providing assurance of commercial volume and longevity for networking customers.

"By working closely with Micron, we will be able to support our customers' requests to provide RLDRAM 3 memory," said Pat Lasserre, ISSI Director of Strategic Marketing. "With the addition of RLDRAM 3 to our product line, we are excited to address customers' demands for long-term support of specialized, high-performance memory technologies, driven by networking standards like 100 GbE."

Micron is expected to begin production of RLDRAM 3 memory during the second half of 2011.

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