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Date: 29th May 2011

ESI-TRX401 wireless transceiver radio IP for ISM band of 400-960 MHz

Ensphere Solutions has made available its new ESI-TRX401 wireless transceiver radio intellectual property (IP) for ISM band (400-960 MHz). The core has been implemented using TSMC's 180nm CMOS process and the IP is an ideal radio for Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) needing wireless connectivity. Smart meters, building automation, remote keyless entry, and sensor mesh networks are among key applications that can be served well by this IP.

The following are some of the key performance parameters of this core:

Sensitivity: -110 dBm
Output Power Range: -8.0 to +15 dBm
Ultra Low Power Consumption: 16 mA @ receive
13 mA @ 0 dBm transmit power
31 mA @ 13 dBm transmit power
Data Rate: 0.397 - 200 kbps
Modulation: FSK/GFSK

Ensphere will make this technology available to its customers in one of two possible ways. Ensphere will offer this core as a standalone IP for integration in devices being developed by its customers. Alternatively, ESI offers design services for developing custom chips based on ESI-TRX401. Ensphere has access to an extensive library of internal and external IPs that can be integrated alongside to this core.

"Supporting some type of wireless connectivity in newer ASICs and ASSPs has become a hard requirement and is no longer an optional nicety," said Hessam Mohajeri Ensphere's Chief Executive Officer. "Introduction of ESI-TRX401 is a significant milestone for Ensphere, our goal is to offer a mature and conformant ISM radio core allowing our customers to focus on other aspects of their program."

"We have chosen a very mature and popular process technology to implement this IP," said Al Gharakhanian, Vice President of Marketing. "Our challenge has been to strike a balance between process maturity, wafer pricing, and non-recurring expenses associated with developing an analog-intensive ASIC targeting high volume applications."

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