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Date: 25th May 2011

Two port processor and transmitter ICs supporting HDMI 1.4a

Silicon Image has announced two port processors, the SiI9587-3 and SiI9589-3, and the SiI9136-3 HDMI transmitter-all supporting HDMI 1.4a with 300MHz speeds. Next-generation consumer electronics (CE) products - such as 4Kx2K DTVs, 4Kx2K camcorders, and 3D gaming systems - are expected to support 300MHz HDMI interfaces to transmit and display the latest 4K content and high frame-rate 1080p full HD 3D games.

"Silicon Image has shipped over 100 million port processors to the world's top DTV manufacturers," said Alex Chervet, senior director of DTV and home theater products at Silicon Image, Inc. "Our close collaboration with our customers has ensured that each successive generation of our port processors continues to deliver the innovative features and performance needed to meet the requirements of tomorrow's CE devices. These new 300MHz port processors continue our tradition of providing leading-edge technology - representing the industry's most advanced solutions for HDMI and MHL connectivity. Together, the SiI9587-3 and SiI9589-3 port processors and SiI9136-3 transmitter enable an end-to-end 300MHz solution to support next-generation DTVs and source devices."

The SiI9587-3 and SiI9589-3 products also incorporate Silicon Image InstaPort S technology, which enables port-to-port switching times of less than one second. Both parts fully integrate Audio Return Channel and are compatible with the growing number of MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) enabled smartphones and tablets. MHL technology enables the display of HD content from a mobile device to an MHL-enabled display, while simultaneously permitting consumers to control and charge the mobile device.

The SiI9136-3 HDMI 1.4a transmitter supports 300MHz operation and is ideally suited for audio/video receivers, game consoles, PC graphics adapters and Blu-ray Disc players designed to send high frame-rate or 4K content.

The SiI9587-3, SiI9589-3 and SiI9136-3 are sampling now.

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