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Date: 17th Apr 2011

XMOS' processors are used in digital audio systems in train cars

XMOS has announced that Hunter Technology will be using XMOS processor chips to deliver digital audio communication systems for use in train cars (railways). The embedded processors built on the new Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard, will allow rail passengers to receive important audio messages that can be directed to specific cars in the train. The system implements complete two-way audio enabling passengers to communicate directly with the conductor or other train personnel in case of an emergency.

"We are pleased to partner with XMOS to give train cars a high performance digital audio two-way communications solution," said Chan-kyu Park, senior design engineer, Hunter Technology. "We selected XMOS because the company's event driven processor was easy to use and their complete AVB reference design enabled us to get our product to market much faster than using our previous microcontroller designs. The XMOS architecture will give us a competitive edge in cost and overall product flexibility."

Traditionally, Hunter Technology has used an analog audio system with bundles containing hundreds of individual wires to carry audio information to every car in the train. The high cost of wire, increasing manufacturing complexity, installation labor cost and analog system maintenance cost had Hunter looking to implement their next generation system using digital technology.

With the new AVB standard, the large bundle of analog wires is replaced with a single Ethernet cable. Multichannel audio content is transmitted to each train car over the same cable as the train's other digital data. Using the AVB standard greatly reduces implementation cost and simplifies system design. Each train car can use up to 32 XMOS embedded processors to deliver high quality two-way digital audio throughout the passenger area.

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