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Date: 7th Jan 2011

MIPS launches new platform with Android, Flash, Skype for consumer apps

MIPS Technologies has launched the new SmartCE (Connected Entertainment) platform, integrating Android, Adobe Flash Platform for TV, Skype, the Home Jinni ConnecTV application, social media and other key technologies for use in home entertainment devices such as digital televisions, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

MIPS says this is a step taken to develop and proliferate mainstream connected entertainment platforms for Android on the MIPS architecture.
At CES 2011MIPS Technologies demonstrating the SmartCE platform running on systems-on-chips (SoCs) from several of its licensees, including Sigma Designs and ViXS Systems. Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), Trident Microsystems, Zoran Corporation and other MIPS licensees will also make the platform available for their customers through current and next-generation chips.

The platform includes the following capabilities:
The Home Jinni ConnecTV application, including the ability to search, organize and access music, photos and video content from local sources and the Internet on sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Yahoo! Movies, and numerous others
Social networking with other users through integration with Facebook
Two-way video and voice conferencing through Skype, enabling consumers to easily and cost-effectively engage in video calls with family and friends on an HDTV
Adobe Flash Platform for TV integration, giving users access to a large percentage of the video content available on the Internet today
Seamless integration of mobile devices with digital home devices, enabling consumers to transfer calls and use their smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile device as a remote control for their DTV

Art Swift, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, MIPS Technologies says "As the embedded processor leader in the digital home, MIPS is ushering connected entertainment on Android into the mainstream. The SmartCE platform is part of our connected home vision, and is complementary to efforts with other platforms such as Yahoo! Connected TV and ultimately Google TV. In fact, because they share the same fundamental technologies, a large percentage of the engineering work that has gone into enabling the SmartCE Platform can be leveraged for Google TV."

Availability: Now

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