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Date: 20th Dec 2010

MHL/HDMI-to-HDMI Bridge chip from Silicon Image

Silicon Image has introduced the Sil1292 MHL/HDMI-to-HDMI bridge chip/IC to enable an existing HDMI input to add MHL support, facilitating video and audio connectivity between MHL-enabled mobile devices and HDTVs, PC monitors, multi-function monitors or HD projectors. MHL is a new mobile HD interface standard optimized for connecting mobile phones and other portable devices directly to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and other displays, while enabling power from the display to charge mobile device batteries over a single cable.

HDTVs, PC monitors, multi-function monitors or HD projectors incorporating the SiI1292 can connect to MHL-enabled mobile devices via an MHL cable. The SiI1292 MHL/HDMI-to-HDMI bridge delivers the following features:

Dual-mode MHL or HDMI input supporting resolutions up to 1080p
Adaptive equalizer for HDMI long cable support
Single-wire control bus
Support for DDC and CEC signals - DDC and CEC functions are typically used by multi-function monitors, which have incorporated TV tuners and HD projectors. Other standard PC monitors do not use remote controls.
Optional software control for MHL sink applications via 400KHz local I2C bus
Flexible interrupt registers and an interrupt pin
Hardware support for automatic MHL/HDMI input detection

"MHL technology will drive new opportunities for HDTV, PC monitor, MFM, and HD projector manufacturers. As smartphones continue to advance, they become entertainment hubs allowing consumers to download music, HD movies, and games, and also to capture and display HD video," said Conrad Maxwell, Silicon Image's senior product marketing manager. "The SiI1292 provides the capability to connect these portable devices to single port displays at 1080p resolution and 8-channel digital audio, creating a unique home entertainment use for the MHL-enabled smart phone."

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