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Date: 30th July 2010

New DDR3 memory controller interface for consumer electronics from Rambus

Rambus has announced a high-performance, low-cost DDR3 memory controller interface solution tailored for consumer electronics. Rambus says that this DDR3 solution is the first to demonstrate operation in working silicon at a data rate of 1866megatransfers per second (MT/s) in a wire bond package.

Rambus offers its DDR3 memory controller interface solution to its licensees as a PHY development package (PDP), which allows memory interface designers to customize their DDR3 implementation for their specific application. Rambus' DDR3 interface solution PDP includes all the necessary building blocks, PHY architecture, schematics, models, generic layout, floor plan, verification IP, implementation documentation, testing documentation, design scripts and simulation files, to ensure design success.

"Our licensees benefit from Rambus' patented innovations and leading design expertise in a silicon-proven DDR3 interface solution they can customize to their needs," said Sharon Holt, senior vice president of Licensing and Marketing at Rambus. "This high-performance DDR3 solution tailored for wire bond packaging is ideally suited for a broad range of consumer electronics including next-generation HDTVs, digital set-top boxes and Blu-ray players and recorders."

The DDR3 interface solution builds on Rambus innovations such as:
1. FlexPhase circuits for optimum memory system timing.
2. Output driver calibration, which supports high data rates and improved system voltage margin.
3. On-die termination calibration for improved signaling environment.
4. LabStation software for rapid bring-up, characterization and validation.

Rambus also offers its licensees engineering services such as package design, system board layout, statistically based signal and power integrity analysis, reference guidelines, and bring-up assistance.

For more information visit: www.rambus.com.


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