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Date: 30th July 2010

2:1 multiplexer/switch from NXP Semiconductor with speeds of up to 8Gbps

NXP Semiconductors has made available the CBTU04083, a high-speed, 4 differential channel, 2:1 multiplexer/switch, which support USB 3.0 and PCI Express Gen 3 with switching speeds of up to 8 Gbps. This switch also supports other emerging standards including 6 Gbps SATA/SAS and DisplayPort v1.2 HBR2 at 5.4Gbps. This multiplexer/switch can address the performance and signal integrity requirements of high-end computing products.

"Given the high level of interest in USB 3.0, which delivers more than ten times the speed of USB 2.0, there is significant demand for high-performance computing products implementing the new standard. Similarly, forward-thinking designers are moving forward with system designs supporting PCIe Gen3 at 8Gbps, which offers nearly double the signaling rate of Gen2 at 5Gbps," said Joe Kochanski, marketing manager, Interface products, NXP Semiconductors. "The CBTU04083 multiplexer/switch provides support for very high speeds, while minimizing crosstalk and skew, which is critical to maintaining high signal integrity. The addition of the CBTU04083 to our portfolio of High Performance Mixed Signal products underscores NXP's commitment to supporting leading-edge high-speed serial interface technology."

This design technique minimizes the on-resistance and insertion loss of the switch so that attenuation is negligible, and has also minimized the channel-to-channel skew as well as channel-to-channel crosstalk.

The CTBU04083 offers:
-- Low intra-pair skew: 10 ps max between positive and negative bits.
-- Low inter-pair skew: 35 ps maximum.
-- Low crosstalk: -30db at 4 GHz

The CBTU04083 has a VDD operating range of 1.8 V ±10 percent, allows expansion of existing high speed ports while maintaining low power consumption.

For more information visit: www.nxp.com

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