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Date: 3rd Feb 09

 New low cost Spartan FPGA family for low-power applications

Xilinx has unveiled new low-cost Spartan field programmable gate array (FPGA) family for cost-sensitive markets.

The Spartan-6 family comprises two domain-optimized FPGA platforms

1. Spartan-6 LX FPGAs: These devices support up to 150K logic density, 4.8Mb memory, integrated     memory controllers, and easy-to-use and high-performance system IP such as DSP blocks, with an     innovative open standards-based configuration.
2. Spartan-6 LXT FPGAs: extends the LX platform to deliver up to eight 3.125Gbps GTP transceivers     and an integrated PCI Express-compatible core, both derived from Virtex technology, to provide     solution for serial connectivity.

Some of the key features include:

1. The integrated hard blocks within the Spartan-6 FPGAs, along with tools such as Xilinx ISE Design     Suite and NI LabVIEW, to help National Instruments customers in markets such as medical,     industrial and military/aerospace.
2. The Spartan-6 FPGA family is fabricated on a low-power 45-nanometer (nm), 9-metal layer,      dualoxide process technology.
3. The Spartan-6 FPGA family's dual-register 6-input LUT (look-up table) logic structure leverages the      Virtex architecture to enable cross-platform compatibility and to optimize system performance.
4. Built-in system-level blocks such as DSP slices, high-speed transceivers, and PCI Express(R)      interface cores -- are also derived from the Virtex Series for greater system-level integration.
5. The new integrated memory controller core supports DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and mobile DDR      memories, along with a hardened multi-port bus structure for predictable timing and performance of      up to DDR2/DDR3 800 (400MHz).
6. The ability to operate at a lower power 1.0v core option enables the Spartan-6 FPGA family to achieve      65 % lower power than previous Spartan families.
7. Fast, flexible I/Os enable over 12Gbps memory access bandwidth with 3.3 volt compatibility and      'greener' RoHS-compliant Pb-free packaging.
8. Suitable for automotive infotainment, flat panel displays & video surveillance

1. Device details and software support are available now through the Spartan-6 early access program.      Initial Spartan-6 devices are sampling now.
2. The design platforms providing fully integrated software support, tested IP, and reference designs      with boards and kits will be available in the second half 2009.
3. Xilinx Engineering Services support is also immediately available with engineering resources to     augment customer design teams and provide expert design-specific advice and FPGA optimization.

For further details visit web site: www.xilinx.com

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