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Date: 3rd Nov 09

 CompactFlash/CF+ IP cores from Arasan for digital photography and embedded apps

Arasan has made available a new CompactFlash/CF+ host and device IP cores compliant with CF+ and CompactFlash Specification Revision 4.1 that enables high-speed storage for digital photography and embedded applications.

Arasan's CompactFlash IP core supports standard transfer modes and the advanced timing modes for memory and I/O access. The IP supports multiple DMA modes including UltraDMA that scales to a maximum transfer speed of 133MBps. Embedded systems can take advantage of the high memory bandwidth supported by this controller to design non-volatile storage solutions based on CompactFlash.

"The CompactFlash 4.1 standard provides a convenient, low-latency access to non-volatile memory for a variety of consumer electronics and embedded systems," said Prakash Kamath, Vice-President of Engineering at Arasan. "Arasan's CompactFlash IP family of controllers provides the necessary performance boost to handle higher resolution media in native format."

"In spite of the proliferation of miniature and micro sized memory cards, CompactFlash continues to be the memory standard of choice in professional photography equipment and embedded systems," said Somnath Viswanath, Product Marketing Manager at Arasan. "By integrating Arasan's CompactFlash IP cores, designers can support new, demanding applications over the familiar ATA interface."

The CompactFlash/CF+ IP core has the flexibility to implement either a storage or I/O controller. The IP implements all standard control and status registers and handles the CompactFlash/CF+ protocol within its controller thereby lowering CPU overhead.

Arasan provides a "Total IP Solution" for its CompactFlash/CF+ IP core consisting of RTL source code, synthesis scripts, test environment and documentation.

Editorial Product Rating: Average

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