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Date: 3rd Nov 09

 USB powered evaluation kit from Atmel for AVR XMEGA costs $29

Atmel has made available USB powered evaluation kit called Xplain at a price of $29 for its AVR XMEGA microcontroller family that evaluate features and system performance of Atmel's XMEGA at a lesser hardware cost. The kit is powered through a mini USB connector, the 8-/16-bit XMEGA microcontrollers are optimized for ultra- low power and high system performance with a complete feature set suitable for a wide range of applications.

Atmel's ATxmega128A1 is the onboard XMEGA device in the Xplain kit with a 100-pin, general purpose microcontroller with 128 KB of In-System Programmable Flash memory and an 8 KB boot section in Flash also be used as an additional application memory. The ATxmega128A1 contains all features available in the XMEGA family that includes, a DMA controller, Event system, 12-bit high-speed analog peripherals, AES and DES crypto module, external bus interface and all second-generation picoPower features.

For evaluation and development of the Xplain kit contains a speaker with an audio amplifier, a potentiometer and temperature sensor, which are all connected to the 12-bit DAC or ADC on the ATxmega128A1 device. The external memories include an 8 MB SDRAM and an 8 MB serial DataFlash, and eight buttons and eight LEDs for basic user interface and application interaction are also available. Spare digital and analog pins on the ATxmega128A1 are available through pin-headers for external analog input and output, digital input and output, PWM, input capture, and USART, SPI and I2C-compatible TWI communication.

The Xplain kit is shipped with basic code programmed into the ATxmega128A1 to demonstrate the use of buttons, LEDs and the speaker on the kit.

Price: At $29 per kit
Availability: Now. Suggested retail price is $29 USD per kit.

For more details visit www.atmel.com

Editorial Product Rating: Average

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