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Date: 29th Sept 09

New single Chip front-end receiver SoC complying CMMB standard

Samsung unveiled the 65 nm channel decoder RF SoC S3C4F71 targeted specifically at China's mobile TV broadcasting market.

On a single die, the S3C4F71 SoC combines a zero-IF CMOS RF tuner supporting UHF and S-band frequency range and a China multimedia mobile broadcasting (CMMB) standard compliant baseband channel decoder with 8MHz channel bandwidth. This new SoC also has sufficient embedded memory capacity for operation without the need for additional external memory.

The S3C4F71 SoC consumes less power of 44 mW on average and in the continuous reception mode the S3C4F71 consumes 170mW.

The S3C4F71 also has single frequency network (SFN) performance, the chip operates up to 105-microseconds. This SFN performance allows to watch seamless mobile TV even in a situation where many broadcasting stations transmit in the same frequency band.

"The 2006 Beijing Summer Olympics provided a solid test case for the development of mobile TV products and standards," said, Dr. Kwang Hyun Kim, senior vice president, strategic marketing team, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. "For mobile handheld designers, Samsung's new mobile TV chip solution delivers design convenience, compact form factor and cost competitiveness. Additional services such as reference platforms and automated test programs are available to expedite time-to-market."

S3C4F71: 6.5×6.5mm2 small size package
Availability: For mass production in the second quarter of 2010, and samples are currently available for selected customers.

For more details visit www.samsung.com

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