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Date: 29th Sept 09

1GHz low-power application processors for mobile devices from Samsung

Samsung has introduced the S5PC110 and S5PV210, the two new 1GHz ARM CORTEX-A8 based application processors. The S5PC110 is targeted for small form-factor connected devices such as multimedia intensive smartphones, and the S5PV210 is targeted for portable computing devices such as netbooks.

"More and more, user generated contents currently accessed via the PC will be spread to mobile devices," said Dr. Kwang Hyun Kim, senior vice president, strategic marketing team, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. "PC-level performance with lower power consumption will become mainstream requirements for advanced mobile devices. Samsung developed S5PC110 and S5PV210 application processors to satisfy these conflicting requirements to enable a new level of user experience not previously possible."

The S5PC110 and S5PV210 processor are made using 45- nm low power fabrication process and intricate low power architectures, and each of these application processors comes with 32KB data and 32KB instruction caches, and 512KB L2 cache. These processors can handle real-time applications such as web browsing and user interface (UI) smoothly with fast response time.

Both the S5PC110 and S5PV210 are equipped with a powerful built-in POWERVR SGX 3D graphics engine, licensed from Imagination Technologies, to support sophisticated 3D UI and high-caliber games. In addition, the two processors integrate a1080p full HD codec engine that supports 30fps full HD video playback and recording. A built-in HDMI1.3 interface allows output of captured or downloaded mobile multimedia contents to an external high definition digital display.

S5PC110 is targeted for small form factor mobile devices that allows package-on-package vertical stacking of low power, multiple chip package (MCP) memory such as OneDRAM, mobile DDR and LP DDR2, reducing the overall foot print of the memory and processor combo. The S5PV210 is targeted for portable computing applications with a high performance 2-channel 32-bit DDR2 memory interface that is essential for computing devices.

S5PC110: 0.5mm pitch, 14X14mm2 FBGA package
S5PV210: 0.65mm pitch, 17X17mm2 FBGA package

Availability: Customer samples from December, 2009.

For more details visit www.samsung.com

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