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Date: 15th Sept 09

Agilent's new integrated optical multichannel attenuators, power meters

Agilent has introduced the N7751A, N7752A, N7761A, N7762A and N7764A, a five new integrated optical multichannel attenuators and power meters to its high-density 77xx-family. These devices are designed for testing optical transceiver modules and their subcomponents and for optical network integration tests. Agilent will demonstrate this new class of high-density, faceless optical instruments at ECOC 2009 Vienna, Austria, booth 666, Sept. 21-23.

These devices provide high-speed attenuation, power setting, fast power measurement, and USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces, and lead to increased throughput and operational efficiency. Each of the attenuators feature power control functionality that allows setting the output power level of the attenuator instead of a known level of attenuation.

The N7751A and N7752A combine one or two variable single-mode fiber optical attenuators and two power meter channels in one unit.

The N7761A, N7762A and N7764A multichannel optical attenuators with granularities of one, two and four attenuator channels in one unit offer an compromise between versatility and density.

The variable optical attenuators also offer an attenuation settling time of 20 ms and a selectable attenuation transition speed of 0.1 to 1000 dB/s.

"The pressure to bring down test cost in manufacturing of transceiver modules and their subcomponents is enormous and requires new, more efficient test instruments," said Juergen Beck, general manager of Agilent's Digital Photonic Test business. "Agilent's 77xx family establishes a new category of space-saving instrumentation. By facilitating parallel testing and increasing test speed, these new attenuators and power meters make substantial contributions to reduced cost of test."

Price: N775xA and N776xA series range from $6,700 to $14,800
Availability: Now

For more details visit www.agilent.com

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