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Archived New Products of year 2008, 2007, 2006


Small size filter devices to protect LCD screens on 3G phones

Integrated power management and audio ICs for portable devices

User programmable linear sensor for automotive markets

Efficient power-bead inductors for computer power supplies

Buck converter using valley current-mode control

Kilo Watt range aluminum enclosed power resistors for harsh conditions

Synchronous clock multiplier IC supporting 10G line encoding rates

512GB solid state drive using 43nm Multi-Level Cell NAND

Zigbee radio module with Ember's EM260 transceiver

Current-mode HB LED driver for solid state lighting applications

High-current inductor in 2020 case size with maximum frequency of 1 MHz

2.2MHz step-down DC/DC converter offers quiescent current of only 75uA

Echo cancellation software for multicore media processors Family

Industry's first certified LIN 2.1 transceiver

High brightness LED driver with high efficiency and hysteretic control

Gallium Nitride (GaN) power diode with a new junction structure

Half-bridge MOSFET driver with very low impedance for DC-DC converters

32-Bit Microcontrollers for automotive audio & navigation control systems

36-core processor for mid-range embedded applications

Intelligent lighting solutions for power LEDs to deliver efficient lighting

FPGA design tool suite with advanced place and route algorithms

MOSFETs with 60 % improvement in package current rating

Deep color HDMI transmitter with on-chip CEC and software driver

Integrated PON/SFP controller with APD boost converter for fiber optic modules

USB-compatible PMIC controller with synchronous switching regulators

Audio IC for wirelessly transmitting DVD quality audio from source to speakers

IEEE 802.3af/802.3at compliant PoE interface controller PD applications

1Gb+ serial NAND flash memory for embedded applications

SoC tuner IC to watch digital terrestrial broadcast on analog televisions

Real-Time Clock (RTC) module for recording and storing time and date

Free video/imaging signal processing library for TI's DaVinci

Software multimedia codecs for ARM processors

Level-translating ADC driver simplifies signal conditioning

Large screen LCDs with up to 50K hours of operation

Combined analog switch and audio amplifier IC offers space & cost saving

Dual quick-PWM step-down controller for notebook power supplies

20 V and 30 V power MOSFETs for low switching losses & faster switching

36V, 1.5A buck and boost regulator combined with a LDO

Common mode, 70V, fault-protected RS-485 transceiver family

Wireless sensing kit for pressure, humidity, temperature and light

300mA, low Vin LDO offers higher efficiency in less space

Flyback controller to rapidly charge large capacitors of any size

Hardware-based mask limit testing for general-purpose oscilloscopes

FlexRay active star device with embedded bit-reshaping functionality

Hynix is first in achieving 2Gb capacity in single package Mobile DRAMs

I2C USB power manager & Li-Ion charger

3G transceiver IC for femtocell base-station with FMC service

Vista-compliant, class D audio IC

NEW dual VCXO and high frequency TCXO from Vectron

Large case size ceramic chip capacitors with flexible termination

Enhancement mode MOSFETs for high voltage pulsers and amplifiers

Low-power spread-spectrum crystal oscillator(SSXO)

Digital amplifier supporting IIS digital audio signal input

135 Deg C withstanding aerospace/defense apps analog and power IC family

USB 3.0 physical layer compliance test application from Agilent

Phone charger IC with integrated FET for Li -Ion batteries

Rugged LDMOS transistor for L-band radar applications

Xilinx's Virtex-5 FPGA platform compliant with PCI Express version 2.0

LDO with low quiescent current of 3uA

800V zero crossing triac photocoupler for solid state relays

High-speed 870-nm infrared emitter with radiant intensity of 16 mW/sr

Smart Motor Controller for low voltage cooling fans

7Gbps, 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM

NiMH Charger IC with alkaline cell detection in tiny TQFN package

InP Laser Diode at 1400 nm to 2000 nm for medical applications

Affordable oscilloscopes from Tektronix for mixed signal design applications

Intel's i7 desktop processor with turbo boost and hyper-threading technologies

Self-protected, hot-plug switch for 12V back-planes

Enhancement mode MOSFET with low conductance & switching losses

Clock and data recovery transceiver for video broadcast applications

Wideband high-power RF transistor family with power-band technology

Track a specific cow or sheep in herd through NXP's new RF ID ICs

512-Kilobit Serial F-RAM with high-speed read/write performance

Digital media processor provides H.264 at D1 resolution for video products

High-speed 12-bit multi channel ADC

Low profile MicroFET MOSFETs for portable equipments

Serial Attached SCSI enterprise hard disk drives which double the capacity

Overvoltage protection IC with integrated functions & safety features

Intelligent lamp ballast controller for fluorescent lamps

Smallest ESD protection diode for RF antennas

500 Giga Byte mobile class hard disk

Low-power video buffer with extra battery life for mobile video products

USB-OTG bus port protection array with low capacitance leakage current

Current-sense amplifier for automotive applications

8-channel, I²C switches/multiplexers with bus lockup detection

Three-channel RGB LED pixel drivers for operation up to 25V

8-bit automotive microcontrollers with liquid crystal display driver

Noise-free Class-AB audio amplifier for portable and wireless applications

High-resolution, low-power delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters

65nm RF CMOS manufacturing services with RF CMOS PDK

Three-Axis accelerometers with digital output

ARM 7 based Zigbee radio module and development kit

Parasitic reduction tool from Agilent to enhance RFIC simulation speed

10-bit 2GSPS ADC and a 2.5 GHz fully differential amplifier

105 Deg C temp withstanding SMD aluminum capacitors with low impedance

Low noise, power boost converters with 8.5uA of quiescent current

P-Channel MOSFET in CSP for slimmest cell phones

CMOS image sensor for machine vision and holographic data storage applications

Altera releases Quartus II software version 8.1

45 nm, six-core DSP from Freescale to outperform all the present DSPs in the market

3V MEMS based pressure sensors

16 Gb monolithic flash memories manufactured using 43nm technology

Broadband I/Q quadrature modulator with AGC circuitry

Audio codec with integrated miniDSP

Microcontroller for wireless keyboard/mouse

3mmx3mm bridge rectifier for Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) applications

4-Channel LED drivers targets entry-level cell phones

96% efficient, DC-DC buck converter supplies 600mA at very low voltages

Smart-card analog front-end interface IC with ESD protection

Low power audio codec for media players and such devices

New version of FPGA family from Actel at price of below $1

Snubberless TRIAC driver opto-couplers with very low standby power

32-bit ARM-Based MCUs for cellular-phone SIM cards

White LED driver for automotive display backlighting applications

MOSFETs with low on-resistance and low on-resistance times gate charge

Low cost graphics display controller for hybrid cluster configurations

Audio processors with flexible signal routing for automotive systems

Automotive CMOS sensor for vision-based driver-assistance systems

Single chip protection IC with cell balancing for 5 to 10-cell Li+ battery pack

Synchronous buck controllers & MOSFET selection tool for controller designs

High-speed CAN transceiver IC for automotive in-vehicle networking

Audio amplifier with fault detection for automotive instrument clusters

Automotive high voltage ICs for LIN networked sensor and actuator slaves

Programmable clock multiplier for Networking and consumer applications

Programmable Hall-effect sensor for automotive & industrial applications

Digital temperature sensor with high accuracy for automotive applications

8-channel analog multiplexers for high-voltage systems

Six-phase pulse width modulation controllers for servers & PCs

Integrated battery charger for cell phones and bluetooth devices

Smart, micro-machined Infrared Thermometer for medical needs

Six low power 12- and 14-bit ADCs with sampling rates up to 250 MSPS

Integrated GPS front-end module with in-built filter and LNA functions

Low-cost, low-power dual-SCART video switches for set-top-box designs

Fully integrated receive front-end module for GPS applications

13.56 MHz RFID reference design offers 64-bit encryption engine

Fully integrated frequency translator for in wireless communications

ISM-band system-on-chips integrates RF, microcontroller and ADC

Power IC with five outputs for TFT-LCD panels

Quad hot-swap controller with integrated I²C voltage and current monitor

250-mA Low Drop Out voltage regulator with low 35-µA ground current

Radio IC with GPS RF front end and bluetooth 2.1 + EDR controller

Advanced dual PWM controller for multi-voltage systems

EMI & ESD protection device to handle 10 high speed signal lines is packed as flipchip

The IR3720 output power monitor IC with digital I²C interface

8-bit microcontrollers for automotive and industrial designs

MOSFET power switches for automotive lighting applications

Smart battery management ICs for multi-cell lithium battery systems

Fast & low power ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers from NXP

Cirrus Logic's new 24-bit DAC with on-chip line driver

New integrated PoE-PD + DC-DC converters from ON Semiconductor

New dual, 12-bit, 1.25Msps, simultaneous-sampling ADCs from MAXIM

Microsemi's silicon carbide transistors for VHF & UHF radar applications

ECP2M family development kit for fast PCI express design

12-bit contactless magnetic encoder IC AS5145 for automotive field

5.5-Digit USB modular digital multimeters

Current reference based LDO with unique features

Floating point DSP processor with DDR2 SDRAM memory interface

Down-converting Mixer for WCS, LTE, WiMAX, and MMDS Base Stations

New series of 125MHz flash microcontrollers based on ARM968 core

Low cost digital audio networking solution CobraNet LE from Cirrus and Attero Tech

WiMAX SoC supports femto base stations, and can scale to pico and micro

TDK's high-attenuation Band Pass Filter for 2.4 GHz WLAN and Bluetooth

Maxim's current-sense amplifiers with wide input common-mode range

Broadcom's new VoIP digital signal processor for next generation MSANs

New integrated PoE-PD + DC-DC converters from ON Semiconductor

DC/DC converter from Intersil for cell phone RF power amplifiers

Small and fast single-channel UART devices

Programmable multi-output clock generators

EMI suppression 310 VAC film capacitors

Broadcom's single-chip multimode residential gateway solution BCM6368

Dual inverting DC/DC converter from Linear Technology

Power management & signal chain companion chips for TI's OMAP35x

Bourns new series of surface mountable thin film chip fuses

MITSUMI's 1.4mm thin memory card connector with RF-ID terminals

Open-circuit LED-fail protector from Littelfuse

High performance MEMS microphones from Analog Devices

16-bit analog-to-digital converter with 200 MSPS Speed from TI

Cypress combines PSoC and non-volatile SRAM technologies

Multi-rate low power 10 Gigabit physical layer devices

IR's 25W to 500W Class D audio power amplifier reference design

Vishay's new VPR221Z high-precision Z-Foil resistor

Austria Microsystem's new DC-DC boost converter delivers 42V

National Semiconductor's online tool for sensor signal path solutions

High Voltage multi-cell battery monitoring IC from Linear Technology

White power SMD LEDs based on InGaN/TAG on sapphire technology

HVArc guard MLCC capacitors with polymer terminations

Microcontroller for M2M wireless communication applications

PWM output H-bridge driver ICs for DC brush motors from ROHM

Infineon's single-chip multiband UHF transmitter with integrated 8-Bit MCU

Industry's fastest two-bit auto direction detection translator from Fairchild

Rotary position sensor from Bourns with long rotational life

Op-amp with over-voltage protection from Analog Devices

Power MOSFETs from ST Micro with low on resistance

Advanced compact push switches from Mitsumi

Tuner IC for 1- and 3-segment ISDB-T applications

Atmel's 6-channel touch controller with integral LED driver

IP network video camera reference design with HD image quality

MEMS gyroscope from ST Micro with analog and digital outputs

Automotive-certified LIN/SAE J2602 transceivers MCP202X from Microchip

High accuracy DAC featuring 18-bit monotonic performance from TI

Digital power controllers with high efficiency and flexibility

Multi-format Digital-Television Sytem-on-Chip solutions from Broadcom

ATMEL's new family of FPGAs for space applications

7400 series Xeon server processors from Intel

High-voltage gate driver IC FAN7387 for ballast and SMPS from Fairchild

Agilent's new USB power sensors with higher-power measurement capabilities

New multi-function power management IC LTC3576 from Linear

New transceiver from Intersil can switch between RS232 and RS485/422

New wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor from TI

New triple output synchronous step-down DC/DC Controller from Linear

National Semiconductor's comprehensive 3G-SDI development kits

Austria Microsystems' new linear hall-effect sensor ICs AS5304 & AS5306

New wide bandwidth DAC and amplifier development toolkit from TI

Toshiba's new DTMOS II family of 600V power MOSFETs

Vishay's new 4-line bus port protection array with low capacitance

New over-voltage protector MAX4978 with active current limiting from MAXIM

IR's new AUIRS212xS family driver ICs for automotive applications

Smallest current-sense amplifier with high accuracy from MAXIM

High-speed 1 Mega bit serial FRAM from Ramtron

Intel's new eco-friendly Xeon server processors with energy efficiency

New service pack-1 for ispLEVER 7.1 FPGA design toll suite from Lattice

Low-power solid-state drives from Intel for notebook and desktop computers

New LT6604-xx family low-pass active filter with differential amplifier

New LDO regulator LT3011 from Linear to withstand high voltage up to 80 V

Nichicon's new conductive polymer tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors

New Low Dropout LED driver from Catalyst Semiconductor with 1A constant-current

Intersil's ISL59450 multi-format video multiplexer with integrated sync separator

Texas Instrument's new four-channel SerDes Device

Toshiba's new single N-channel MOSFETs for DC/DC Converter apps

Agilent's new Ultra Mobile PC solution for handheld wireless measurements

New 17 to 34 GHz up-converter from Mimix Broadband

Texas Instrument's new PFC controller to reduce digital TV energy consumption

New frequency agile RF receiver chip from Melexis

New Stereo DAC with DSP function from AKM

Atmel's Low Power 1.8V 8-Megabit Serial Flash

Semtech expands ToPSync platform with new IEEE1588v2 slave device

Pericom's new Display-Port(DP) & PCI Express switch families

IR launches MOSFET chipsets for high frequency DC - DC Converters

1Amp LDO from Austria Micro System with very low dropout voltage

Microchip has release IEEE802.15.4 (Also called Zigbee) P2P wireless stack

AMD’s new stream processor delivers a performance exceeding 1 Tera Flop

Fujitsu to release Wimax chipsets for mobile phones

Tegra: the world's single chip computer

Symphony DSP family from Freescale implement Dolby volume levels

Microsemi launches new family of IGBTs and recovery diodes

New Bluetooth development kit from Mindtree for automotive market

Broadcom releases new set of devices to build 802.11n based Wi-Fi Routers

MOSFETs with increased efficiency and thermal performance

A new member is added to the SPEAr family of Customizable processor

A new boost regulator IC for Passive Matrix OLED

NEC introduces new members to the EMMA family of SOC for Set top box design

Chipscale transformer based device from Analog Devices for data and power isolation

NEC releases two new microcontrollers supporting USB 2.0.

ST Microelectronics launches miniature voltage suppression diodes

RS485/RS422 Transmitters In TDFN and SOT23 packages

New IGBT 3 phase bridge power modules for heavy motor control apps

PSOC based capacitive touch sense kit from Cypress

Catalyst new supervisory ICs are pin to pin compatible with Maxim's family

Power saving quad core processor for data intensive applications from AMD

ST Micro release MCUs for secure transaction applications

Altera is offering hot swapping capacities for their Stratix II GX FPGAs

New Multi-Rate SDI Reclocker from National Semi

Allegro's darlington transistors for professional audio systems

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RF front-end in a single chip

Front Monitor Diodes from Atmel

NEC's new MMIC Double pole four through (DP4T) switch for WiMAX

Popular digital pot CAT5114 from Catalyst comes in TDFN

Agilent has added 3 dimensional electromagnetic simulator

Catalyst Semi's buck regulator can drive 7 single watt White LEDs

CUI Inc expands it's line of current sensors

New low cost half bridge driver IC from Atmel for Automotive apps

Intersil pack four instrumentation amps in single package

Free RF design software from Analog Devices

SMK's new connector can house both power and signal connections

New fast to design High Bright LED Controller from Cypress can light 16 LEDs

ST Micro's new op amp delivers low offset voltage over wide temperature

Cirrus has launched single chip audio processor for Blue-ray and HD DVD

New 16bit microcontroller from Renesas packs Ethernet controller

New 8-bit Flash microcontroller from Fujistu

28 pin, 16 bit microcontroller with 64K of flash from Microchip

New clock generator from Analog Devices for networking apps

Texas Instrument new DC/DC power IC can charge mobile phone from a solar cell

Altera releases Quartus II design software version 7.0

Intel has unveiled very low power consuming quad core processors

Maxim's new digital pot with temp sensor

FPGA development kit for PCI Express and PlanAhead 9.1 software from Xilinx

Toshiba's new LCD panels with white LED backlighting

Hynix 512MB mobile DDR SDRAM works at 185 MHz

Fujitsu launched 40-GB hard disk drive for automotive applications

Holtek's new microcontroller with built in LCD Driver

New CMOS image sensor from Micron for digital cameras

Samsung's new 8GB NAND is shipping in samples to mobile-phone makers

Sharp Electronics has launched 46 inch LCD display panel for signage boards

OP AMPS from ST Micro for battery based systems

Samsung announces mass production of 256 channel display driver for plasmas

Panasonic further improves the light efficiency of white LED

Pre-calibrated Real Time Clocks from ST Microelectronics

Fairchild's new FET Multi-Chip Module packs driver with N-channel MOSFETs

ST Micro Automotive grade NOR flash available up to 32 Mbit capacity

New acceleration sensors from ST Microelectronics for a range of creative applications

Linear's new 12/14 bit ADC simultaneously can take 6 inputs of 250 KSPS

Real Time Clock IC from Intersil does more than a timing IC

Reduce your Speakerphone's noise through Zarlink's new firmware

New 8 bit microcontroller with LCD Controller from NEC

Learn embedded system integration through new PICDEM kit from Microchip

New ADC drivers from Analog Devices to step up the performance of ADCs

Space saving software programmable DACs from Analog Devices

Three core DSP from TI for CDMA base stations

Agilent improves the accuracy of time domain response in high frequency spice simulation software

CTS Corp releases resistor chip array in 0201 package

Low cost 24 bit DAC from AKM

10MHz, 32Kbit SPI serial EEPROM from Microchip

Free USB SDK for ST Microelectronics STR7 and STR9 microcontrollers

Virtex -4 FPGA development platform from Xilinx

Analog Devices new Instrumentation Amplifier features better noise performance

Linear's new DC/DC controller handles wide i/p voltage and provides wide o/p voltage

Multichannel EMI filters in leadless low form-factor package from Vishay

0.5% tolerance SMT current sensing resistor for high temperature applications

Aeroflex has launched new GPS based mobile handset test platform

Maxim's USB2.0 transceiver with UART through single connector

Low power and precise voltage reference from Intersil

National Instruments add two more DAQs to it’s family of USB DAQs

New set of Microwave test accessories from Agilent

Maxim’s ADCs to accept 12V inputs and the voltage range is programmable

High accuracy step down DC/DC Controller from Linear Technology

Lattice releases ispLEVER 6.1 service pack 1

Intersil's new LDO takes care of deep rise/fall of battery voltage

Winbond's new embedded controllers for laptops with SPI flash interface and Infrared ports.

Samsung develops 1GB low power DDR memory for cellphones.

Allegro announced two new Hall-Effect sensors for motor control applications

New SMD inductors from Vishay can work at frequencies in the range of 1.0 MHz and 5.0 MHz

Catalyst semiconductor adds 5 new 32-tap Digitally Programmable Potentiometers

New soft switching voltage mode DC-DC controller from ON Semiconductor.

SST releases new 16MB 1.8V flash memory.

Texas Instruments new headphone amplifier for cellphone and media players.

Microchip has launched 18 bit ADC in SOT-23 package

Fairchild’s new power-factor controller with low harmonic distortion for lamp ballasts.

Dual buck type DC/DC converters to deliver 3A with wide input voltage range

International Rectifier's class D audio chipset to cut on board part count.

ST Microelectronics released new power MOSFET for lighting applications.

CDMA phone Single chip IC to support EV-DO.

Intel demonstrates new chipset designed for WiMAX and Wi Fi

Atmel's new 1.8V Low Power CPLD with 32kbits of onchip EEPROM.

I/O Optimized Spartan 3A FPGA family from Xilinx for video applications.

Neomagic's TV companion chip for mobile phones.

Serial flash memory with 16M capacity and each sector of 4K bytes.

Latest version of PI Expert power supply circuit design software is free to download.

New PWM controllers from Intersil saves current sensing resistor.

Intersil's analog switches with low on resistance in tiny uTQFN package.

LED driver from Analog Devices for brighter camera flash in mobile phones.

ISL59446 from Intersil can multiplex 4 high-resolution video inputs.

Dual Synchronous Buck Regulator from Intersil to power FPGA, DSP, and Processors.

Linear's new LTC1859 ADC with programmable input ranges.

Linear's two new differential amplifiers work as ADC drivers

Fairchild introduces three new power modules for below-125watt inverter motor drive applications

20 GHz HJ FET from NEC is with 0.7dB Noise Figure.

AAT2830/31 does all the lighting functions for the cellphone.

PowerQUICC based media processor from Freescale eyeing Indian SOHO markets

Austria Microsystems released new ADC for low power applications

Stratix III FPGA family from Altera has rich features

The new CAT803 from Catalyst Semi is pin to pin replacement for Maxim's MAX803

High performance FET devices in MLP package from Fairchild

Cypress and Winbond jointly built a demo kit for VOIP headset.

Vectron has released high performance OCXOs and TCXOs

Contactless smart card IC supporting Rijndael from NXP Semi.

Rack mount LXI Class C compliant Scopes from Agilent.

6U cPCI Synchro-to-Digital/Digital-to-Synchro card with accuracies up to 2 arc-minutes.

8 bit Microcontroller in 18 pin SOIC @ $2.00 each for motor control applications

RF Measurement receiver to optimize and troubleshoot UMTS and GSM networks

Low on resistance SPDT swith for Audio applications

Temperature sensors for DDR memory modules with +/-1 Deg C accuracy.

Feature rich process control instruments from Vishay Intertechnology

12.1 Inch SVGA transflective display from Sharp for bright outdoors.

Light based distance measuring sensors from sharp America for touchfree operations.

New switch from Fairchild multiplex high speed USB2.0 and audio into a single connector.

Replace Exar's old UART XR16L784 with new advanced XR16V794.

AH180; Omnipolar hall effect sensor switch from Diodes InC.

IEEE802.3U compliant dual port transceivers from National Semiconductor

Zilog updated version(v2.0) of infrared remote control software is free

Low cost CS5530 Delta Sigma 24 bit ADC from Cirrus Logic.

Infineon's SP35 monitors tyre pressure.

IR1166, from International Rectifier saves additional board components and little power.

LTC 3836 from Linear Technology to power low voltage microcontrollers and DSPs

The LDO from Microchip can drive 250mA and with maximum I/P voltage of 13.2 V

Class D audio amplifier from National brings down the EMI in audio

FPGA starter development kit for novices at $150 from Altera

Inductor based 500mA LED driver for Digital cameras from Catalyst Semi.

Broadcom's new Wi-Fi chips for cell-phones consume less than 270mw of power while tranceiving.

Intersil has released 2:1 multiplexers(ISL54415) to multiplex high-quality A/V and full-speed USB Data

MLX80103 is the new member in the family of LIN Slave ICs from Melexis 

ST Microelectronic's ballast IC for fluorescent lamps boosts light output

NEC's DPDT switches for WLAN and ISM applications

Toshiba's Three phase motor drivers for brushless DC motors

National Semiconductor's LM340X series can drive 1W to 5W rated LEDs for illumination applications

Linear"s LDOs can take I/P voltage of 4-80V and deliver O/P voltage of 1.2 to 60V @ 250mA.

New test mode for WIMAX vendors from Aeroflex and AT4 wirelss.

Atmel develops a chip to detect and transmit the tyre pressures in automotives.

Infineon released " Design kit " for next-generation transmission design to enhance the fuel efficiency in automotives.

Fairchild"s 1.2 volt load switches in WL-CSP/MLP packages.

Ramtron’s FM3130 is with 64KB of FRAM and real time clock/calender

Intel’s WIMAX SOC supports both fixed and mobile networks.

New Wimax Transceivers from NXP

Interesil’s new  ISL6264; power controller for AMD’S Turion mobile Microprocessors.

IBM released new PowerPC processors and ASIC processor cores.

Freescale’s new automotive microcontroller has on chip TFT display drive.

Cypress has improved the performance of capacitor sense interface devices.

Epson Toyocom new VCXO measures 3.2mm x 2.5 mm.

Intersil launched new power controllers for Intel’s Core Duo and Core 2 Duo mobile microprocessors.

Freescale adds four new Digital Signal Controllers..

FRAM of 512KB with SPI in 8 pin TDFN package with a max price tag of $7.62

Sipex RS485 transceiver withstand 15 KV of ESD and are hot swappable.

Toshiba’s 3.2 and 2.0 Mega-pixel image sensors with built in image processor.

Exar’s new XRT86SH221 (Voyager-Lite) integrates 21-channel E1 LIU/Framer With VT/TU Mapper.

Mathstar  releases to market, the 2nd generation of  Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOA).

Micron leads the market by releasing 1Gbit DDR3 RAM.

NXP Semiconductor launched 32 bit, ARM 7 based microcontroller with twin high-speed bus.

NXP Semiconductor (Old Philips Semiconductor) has released  a wireless USB device controller for wireless USB applications.

Holtek upgrades it’s MCU with LCD driver for a bigger LCD Display.

Pro Grade DVC camcorder media  is available from TDK Corp

Inductor free, charge pump type LED Driver from Catalyst saves board space

Looking for a LCD controller in a 8 bit MCU, Check this new MCU from Fujitsu.

Blue ray discs of mammoth 50 GB capacity available from TDK

Battery Charger, Step down DC/DC Converter, and LDO in one IC in a tiny 3x4mm  package for tiny portables from Analogic Tech.

Linear’s 2.25 MHz DC/DC converter takes input from multiple battery chemistries and deliver 300mA output current per channel at max efficiency of 96%.

New networking connector and cages for optical transceivers and Ethernet

Microchip’s new 8-bit  Microcontroller has built in Ethernet Controller for  remote communication applications

Intersil has improved accuracy of RTCs by compensating drift in time with temperature.

Cypress released industry’s first dual port Address/Data Multiplexed Dual-Ports.

New radiation hardened clock driver from Aeroflex

Altera’s new FPGA based Audio/video kit provides support for triple rate Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and 3gbps SMPTE 424M standard.

32 x 32 cross point switch for high resolution QXGA display.

Linear’s LTC2910 monitors eight different voltages    ( +ve , –ve and Zero).

2mm x 2mm sized micro FETs from Fairchild perform better than other similar sized FETs.


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