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Archived New Products of year 2009

June 2009

Dual high-side LED flash driver from National Semiconductor

Low-Jitter four-lane, bidirectional PCIe SATA transceivers for backplane extension

TI release kits for developing ECG, digital stethoscopes and pulse oximeter

LED driver IC with enough interfaces for a complete front panel indication

Agilent's USB expanded test portfolio supports USB 3.0

ADI's new white LED flash driver for mobile-phone cameras

Exar's new USB 2.0 compliant UART interface IC works at 12 Mbps

TI's new TMS320C6000 series DSPs consume only 420 mW power

ST Micro's new protection device for POE applications

ASK/OOK receiver operating in frequency range of 300MHz to 450MHz

P-channel 30-V MOSFET with 2.6-milli ohms for portable electronics systems

New family of rectifier diode modules from Microsemi

New power switch IC for LCDs from Fairchild Semiconductor saves heatsink

IXYS broadens voltage range of its power rectifiers to 300V-6KV

16-Bit I2C ADC with precision voltage reference in small package

NXP offering new software for design power management systems based on NXP ICs

SAMSUNG develops SATA SSD in mini-card size for netbook computers

32-channel capable simultaneous-sampling 24-bit ADC

Low voltage digital controlled potentiometer with 1% resistance tolerance

TI unveils new MCU based motor controller kit enabling PFC

New hard disk drive read channel IC from LSI

Xilinx latest design platform for designing FPGA based complex SoC solutions

TRIACs withstanding 150 Deg C temperature with low gate sensitivity of 10 mA

Xilinx crypto powered Virtex-5Q FPGAs targets Indian aerospace and defense market

Microchip stretches the precision capability of its operational amplifiers

Audio supporting microcontroller with USB OTG and CAN 2.0 interface

16-channel, gamma-correction reference system with integrated NVRAM

Micron's new low power DDR3 memory module for portable computers

Low on-resistance switching-MOSFETS for PC SMPS

New low cost ARM9 microcontroller with AES Decryption Engine and OTP memory

Aeroflex adds RF signal generator to its PXI test platform

On Semiconductor's digital potentiometers with I²C- and SPI control interface

Dual LDMOS integrated power amplifiers supporting doherty mode

Maxim's new over voltage protectors with built in MOSFET

High precision SMT resistor networks from Vishay in BGA package

New enhanced power meters and power sensors from Agilent

Agilent MMIC products now available for external customers

SiRF launched its next version of GPS navigation processor SiRFatlasIV

eMMC4.4 standard based NAND flash memory devices from Micron

14-bit dual-channel IF/ baseband receiver with ADCs and DACs

Inductive touch sensing analog front end IC for PIC microcontrollers

Mercury free alkaline batteries from Sony

PCI Expess 3.0 PHY IP core for SoC designs in 40nm process

MEMS Oscillator from Discera now operate in industrial temp range

ST Micro launches MEMS Gyroscopes

New Doherty amplifier based on the LDMOS transistor

With new desktop processors AMD sharpens focus on desktop PC market

100 Amps range IGBT modules with integrated sensing and driver electronics

IC with dual hydrophone amplifier and ADC for use in marine streamer

40 nm FPGA chips and development kits

ST brings minimum operating voltage of its operational amplifier down to 1.5 V

AMD launches six-core Opteron server processor chip

Agilent's updated design tool for MMIC and RF module design

May 2009

Single chip thermometer IC with RFID transceiver

ADI's new ISM-band RF transceivers for smart grid and home automation

New chip by NEC to reduce blurring of low-resolution images on HD monitors

Industry's first DisplayPort to VGA adapter IC

15 Inch, 5-wire resistive touch panels and protector sheets for POS terminals and kiosks

ESD protected logic level translators for memory card apps

New chip by NXP for PC TV tuner supporting analog/ DVB-T/ ATSC signals

NXP launches ARM Cortex-M3 processor core based microcontrollers

200 kSPS, 8-channel, simultaneous sampling ADCs for power monitoring apps

SiS is sampling new HDTV Processor targeting Taiwan's digital TV Market

Advantech's AMC cards support latest 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processor

Broadcom's new Ethernet switch chips for designing cloud computing capable networks

4bit and 8bit voltage translators with automatic detection

Flash type voice microcontroller from Holtek

Spansion unveiled new 32-128 Mb flash memory with SPI interface

New eight channel and single channel DACs with internal voltage reference

New HDMI transmitters with CEC controller offering size advantage

ADI's new USB isolator IC for safe interface among medical electronic devices

Wideband LNA and driver amplifier MMICs in surface mount package

Hall sensors to detect 3 dimensional motions of 0 to 360 degrees

New micro-display panel for tiny digital projectors as an alternative for micro-mirror

Module to drive LED based LCD display backlighting

Small size IGBT Module handling 10-50 amps and withstanding 1200 volts

Quad MOSFET in H-Bridge for DC motor controls and Inverters

New Power-over-Ethernet controllers from Texas Instruments

SPST/SPDT audio switch ICs with on resistance of 0.5 ohms

FCRAM ICs withstanding 125 Deg C temperature with DDR SDRAM interface

14-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC to convert rotational motion into electric signal

Broadcom offering couple of chips and software for developing 802.11n WLAN systems

AMD steps up the speed of its graphic processor to 1GHz

ADI's new RF transceivers for WiMAX base stations

PoE SoC for Internet Protocol based terminal equipments

Low cost USB 12-bit data loggers for virtual instrumentation applications

Low on resistance MOSFETs for 48V power supplies

Kits to develop Intel Atom based embedded computers at price starting from $995

2MHz 6 Amps capable synchronous DC-DC converter IC

Mobile digital TV transmission analyzer tool supporting ISDB-T, J.83/B and ATSC standards

White LED assemblies with light output up to 650 lumens

JTAG debug probe for testing Texas Instrument DSP platforms

Sierra Wireless adds embedded intelligence feature in mobile gateways and routers

RF quadrature/low IF transceiver IC for a frequency ranges of 100MHz to 1GHz

Analog Devices' new isolator IC is a replacement for opto-coupler in medical electronics

NXP launched two new HS-CAN transceivers for automotive ECUs

16 -bit delta sigma ADC of size 3mm X 3mm

Arbitrary noise generator with pattern generator for testing mixed signal devices

New 25V and 30V MOSFETs for buck type DC/DC converter applications

NEC's new EMMA SoCs for media players and mobile TVs

Synopsys Launches in-design verification tool to cut chip-design time

Industry standard NFC controller chip from NXP Semiconductor

New op amp from Intersil offers high-gain accuracy with zero drift

TI's Silicon and software for ZigBee based remote control design

Power MOSFETs of rating 950V with larger safe operating area

Current sensors for smart phones and netbooks

New USB power switch for hot swapping USB interface

Electromechanical relays for PV solar power systems and electric vehicles

60-V, 2.2-MHz DC/DC converter IC with 65-microamp quiescent current

High performance cortex-M3 based microcontroller from NXP

High current PWM motion control ICs for DC Motors

ST Microelectronics's new hardware kit to develop wireless sensor networks

Allegro launches differential analog Hall-effect sensor

GSM/GPRS module in QFN package for embedded wireless applications

Micronas develops CMOS based gas sensor

DDC adds ARINC 575 support for its new ARINC 429 products

Agilent's new test solutions and services for VoIP, LTE and other wireless broadband

New 3.3V RS-485 and RS-422 serial transceivers support 32Mbps speeds

0.5mA to 200mA range current source devices

Hynix developed mobile 1Gb DDR2 DRAM using 54nm process technology

New low power ADCs from Analog Devices for high performance applications

Low cost stepper motor controller ICs

FPGA based free reference designs for display applications

Instrumentation amplifier for ultra-portable medical electronics equipments

April 2009

600 Watts power range resonant controller for plasma and LCD TVs

High current trench MOSFETs for high power applications

Kit to evaluate touch sensor interface on PIC MCUs

Lanner launches Intel Atom based industrial PC

LeCroy's PCI Express protocol test card to support I/O Virtualization

New 3-Gbps SDI equalizer with low jitter noise

Improved VGA multiplexer IC with low on-capacitance and on-resistance

Wet tantalum capacitors in surface-mount package

Hall effect based current sensor device to measure currents of 50 to 200 Amps

New 32-bit microcontroller targeting audio player docking station market

Four channel class D audio amplifier driver IC

HART-compliant modem IC integrates all components in single IC

New Phenom II X4 955 from AMD at 3.2 GHz speed

8 and 16-bit MCUs with low sleep current of 20 nA

Precision clock generators to support multiple standards and designs

New dual channel synchro/resolver PC/104 Card from DDC

Fujitsu's new 1394 automotive controller for sending HD video in vehicle networks

NEC launches 8-bit microcontrollers with high current drivers

Quad digital to analog converter with built-in voltage reference

TDK developed new gigaspira multi-layer chip beads

New 14-bit ADC from TI scales higher in bandwidth

NEC Electronics introduces dual core V850 architecture for 32-bit MCUs

ARM delivers physical IP libraries tuned to TSMC's 40 nm process

N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs in SOT-963 packages

Intel Penryn based rugged single board computer for defense applications

Hall-effect sensor based linear magnetic encoder with submicron resolutions

Rectifier driver IC to drive N-Channel MOSFETs in resonant half bridge topology

Vishay's new small size schottky rectifiers with forward drop of 0.35-V

32-bit security MCU for billing systems with NV SRAM memory for secret storage

Atmel adds performance tag to 16-bit microcontroller

DesignWare IP from synopsys for AMBA 3 AXI supports hybrid bus architecture

2mmx 3mm battery charger IC supporting both USB and AC adapter

Magma's upgraded VLSI chip design tool Talus gets rid of multiple design files

Power management IC with LDO for smart phones to power LEDs and cameras

New hall sensors from Micronas with increased temp range for consumer market

Tarari processor based boards for deep packet security inspection in networks

Lithium-ion battery monitor IC with current sensing resistor

Murata commences mass production of Hybrid Crystal Resonator

Smart-Card interface IC at low price and low power consumption

Synchronous buck regulator reference design from Fairchild Semiconductor

200V, 10 A SBR rectifiers in small packages

600 mW boost type converter for diode biasing applications

Toshiba's new optocouplers in space saving S08 packages

Low power comparator with a response time of 45 nano seconds

MOSFET and IGBT gate driver IC for hybrid/electric vehicle powertrain applications

Octal ultrasound receivers for CW and PW receivers

Microsemi's new POE midspan device delivers 60 Watts of power

Renesas unveiled new 32 bit MCUs with enhanced clock speed and performance

Headphone amplifier IC with quiescent current of only 0.9 mA

Microchip offering C callable DSP functions for its 32 bit microcontrollers

IXYS GenX3 IGBT family now with 1200V VCE voltage

New semiconductor devices for DisplayPort video interface

High definition audio video streaming over Ethernet cable

Multifunction Audio IC with DSP, amplifier, driver, ADC, and DAC for smart phones

Boost type DC/DC converter provide 76V o/p from 2.7V i/p

Serial FRAM in 512 Kb and 1 Mb capacities; alternative choice for NOR flash

Accelerometer sensors with built in FIFO memory block


March 2009

DSP based HD video IP camera reference design for security applications

Ambient light sensor ICs for LCD display backlighting from Rohm

LED drivers for high brightness LEDs for architectural lighting

MathWorks introduced IEC certification kit and DO qualification kit

By launching MEMS based oscillator SiTime enters VCXO market

MPEG-4 AVC encoder from Fujitsu for real-time broadcasting

SoC devices from Renesas for North American LCD digital TV market

New 6.5kV phase control thyristor for mega-watts range power control applications

New integrated set-top box platform from NXP

Lynx from Synopsys to speed up the chip design

Fujitsu's new motor control starter kit based on 32-bit RISC microcontroller

ST-Ericsson's single-chip solutions for low cost mobile phones

New RTOS kernel for defense, aerospace and such critical applications

DiViiNA, a new entry-level line scan camera from e2v

Microchip specializes its EEPROM by offering in smallest packages

Agilent addresses fiber optic communication T&M market with a pair of new products

BGA chip varistor with EMI filter function for mobile phones

LEON processor from Aeroflex Gaisler now with LynxOS Support

Single chip set top box ICs for satellite and cable with common architecture

Atmel's low priced touch sensor IC for mobile phone has 4 o/p channels

Power MOSFETs with current rating of 280 Amps for electric vehicle power controls

New magnetic sheets with high permeability for mobile phones and portables

SAMSUNG started shipping 16GB DDR3 DRAM memory modules for servers

6A synchronous buck regulator with controller driver and MOSFET

Dialight's new LED dual flashing beacon to replace xenon tubes

Fluid sensors with automatic calibration circuitry

12V hot swap controller with integrated hall-effect sensor

Active OR'ing controller chip for shared power system designers

Power monitor IC with digital I²C interface for CPU motherboards

LDO ICs with fast transient response

Smaller and affordable spectrum analyzers with 26.4 GHz range

MIPS offers USB-IF certified USB 2.0 PHY IP core

Hall effect based position sensor for transportation and automotive applications

Low power media system processor for mini notebooks

Dual, 50V, 280mA N-Channel MOSFET with built-in ESD protection

MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers for automotive engine control applications

Aeroflex XTS-5000 Auto-Test II to support additional Motorola portable models

Altera's new Stratix IV GX FPGA member EP4SGX530 with 48 transceivers at 8.5 Gbps

Reference design for designing digital audio gateways like Apple's iPod docking stations

Hynix Semiconductor validates MetaRAM based 8GB DDR3 RDIMM

Polyphase energy meter IC chipset eliminate use of current transformers

PIC embedded systems development kit costing $124.99

SoftConsole Version 2.2: new version of embedded system SDE from Actel for FPGAs

FPGA based embedded systems development kit using Atera's Cyclone III family

Broadcom's new platform for designing cheaper VoIP phones

14-bit DACs performing direct digital synthesis for signals up to 3.6 GHz

Aeroflex test solutions to support NXDN radios used in land mobile radio

Devices to protect High brightness LED from ESD

Compact three-phase rectifier bridge with Vrrm up to 1600V

PCB mountable illuminated subminiature pushbutton switch of 0.4VA rating

94% efficient 200W switching power supply reference design to produce 24V @ 8 Amps

Block-abstracted 8GB and 16GB NAND flash memory for media players

New 1.2 GHz digital signal processor delivers 9600 MMACS peak performance

Low cost CCFL backlight inverters for dual lamp LCD panels

USB 2.0 and PCI Express IP cores compliant with 65 nm process technologies

Precision Hall-Effect switches and latches for motor control and automation

LDMOS driver amplifier RFICs for 2 GHz wireless applications

Spread spectrum clock oscillator IC to control multiphase switching regulators

Video filter amplifier for portable devices to link video to TV

Space saving LED driver for 7-segment LED displays

3.4 and 4.3-Inch color Organic LED displays with built in video decoder

FPGA based embedded system development kit with analog function blocks

USB 3.0 integrated PHY and controller IP for SoCs

ESD protection devices for mobile phones

Tiny battery fuel gauge ICs to capture accurate battery parameters in mobile phones

Enhance the security of embedded system with Atmel's new CryptoCompanion IC

Speakers-on-a-chip (SPoC) solutions for audio applications

Miniature FM antenna in the form of surface mount chip for mobile phones

Aeroflex 3920 digital radio test set add a new feature to test FM land mobile radios

Primary side regulation PWM Controllers with a power MOSFET

Realtek's LCD DisplayPort monitor controller IC pass VESA CTS 1.1 certification

Digital camera processor IC with face tracking feature

Optocoupler with high noise immunity for fieldbus communications

New VOIP testing solutions to emulate up to 1 million SIP and RTP based end points

New positive emitter-coupled logic (PECL) buffers ICs from TI

8-bit direct LCD-drive microcontrollers with up to 128 KB Flash and 4 KB RAM

2200V rectifier diode for solar photovoltaic systems

Differential ADC buffer/driver with class noise performance

Full LIN interface networking nodes for automotives in SIP device

Microcontroller to operate from single cell AA or AAA battery

DC -DC converter module supplies 12 W in a compact 24-pin DIP package

Rugged 20 MIPS 8-bit microcontroller for wide range of applications

Class-D audio amplifier IC for consumer audio applications

LSI's Tarari content processor supports some more multicore processors

SoC class HDTV processor for Pan European HDTV market

New evaluation kit from Atmel for Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

Freescale released new devices for automotive, industrial and consumer markets

NEC's exclusive SoC for car audio to play different songs for each seat

Analog devices release single-channel RF mixers for aerospace and military equipments

Less space consuming SD Card interface IC for cell phones

Extreme high temperature withstanding flyback DC/DC controller

ARM released Keil µvision4 IDE for embedded system developers

Infineon's new single chip ADSL2 IAD solution

TI's SwitcherPro design software can now be downloadable to the desktop


February 2009

2mm x 2mm tiny MOSFETs with RDS (ON) of only 23 m Ohms for handheld gadgets

Ultrafast 200-400V, 10-60A recovery diodes for SMPS power supply and PFC applications

Dual down converting SiGe mixers for wireless broadband base stations

New microcontroller with full-speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) interface

Check this new ADC from TI for high resolution, accuracy and linearity needs

Front end modules for IEEE 802.11b/g/n applications in 2.4 to 2.5GHz range

Stereo amplifiers with 3D audio capabilities Deliver 2.8W per channel

HD video-over-coax interface for surveillance, industrial image applications

Quad-channel VGA with 4 on-chip ADC drivers for PET scanners

High power, low RDS (ON), MOSFETS for isolated DC-DC bus converters

New SSD memory controllers support external DRAM interfaces

New UMTS femto base-station transceiver chipset

MEMS based low power programmable spread spectrum oscillator

IAR's new IDE debugs ARM Cortex -M3 processor

Test system to do on-site coverage measurements in mobile radio networks

6-Watt boost type LED driver for large screen LCD backlighting

Hall effect switch with microwatt power consumption for mobile phones

New clock generator produces multiple precision clock frequencies for networking

High voltage digital pulser for ultrasound imaging applications

OKI launches DSP-controlled power conditioner for solar photovoltaic source

New Cortex -M0 is smallest and most power saving processor of ARM family

New EEPROM chips operating at 1.5 Volts for both read and write operations

MOSFET devices in thin SOT-23 packages for PND and low end PCs

New version of power supply design software PI Expert from Power Integrations

1.2Gb and 2.5Gb DDR1 integrated memory modules for hi-reliability apps

Microsemi's new CCFL IC LX1699 for notebooks

Flash memory controller for SSD, and CFCs

Radiation hardened adjustable linear regulator for aerospace

Environment friendly Ultra Violet (UV) LEDs for medical electronics

Small form factor pluggable cage for Ethernet networking equipment

New industrial Ethernet gateways with built in 4-port 10/100 Ethernet switch

45V and 100V schottky diodes in D-Pak package with current rating 6- 20 A

Z-foil surface-mount flip-chip voltage divider with fast thermal stabilization time

WCDMA power amplifiers with integrated directional couplers

LTE power amplifiers and FEMs for 4G handsets & PC cards

Voltage protection device family for data communication lines

High quality image and video processor for multimedia camera phones

New 3.3V ARINC 429 terminal IC with high-speed host-bus interface

"Software Defined Radio" solution for GSM/EDGE base-stations

Single-conversion silicon tuner for analog & digital TV reception

Low voltage, bi-directional DC motor driver for portable applications

4-Amp LED driver for supercapacitor-based LED camera flash

Current mode switching regulator for point-of-load applications

16-Bit industrial DAC with high voltage and current outputs

Fairchild Semiconductor's PFC controller delivers >96 % efficiency

Current mode boost type DC/DC converter with an integrated APD

2 MHz high-current inductors with low DCR

Surface-mount bulk metal Z-foil resistors for AMS applications

Audio bus & power analysis solutions for the embedded design engineer

Integrated µP supervisor circuits provide battery backup and CE gating

TRIAC dimmable LED driver with both full-range and flicker-free dimming

Actel unveil low cost IGLOO nano FPGA starter kit

3-megapixel image sensor with Extended-Depth-of-Field (EDoF) capabilities

New MLCC Capacitor stabilizes ESR values & simplifies circuit design

CMOS transmitter IC for 40Gbps optical transmission systems

Multi-channel transceiver for high-speed blade server performance

New 3G-platform solution enables enhanced mobile Internet access

Silicon carbide schottky diodes for power conversion systems

32-bit MCUs with built-in Ethernet interface and large capacity memory

Power-MOSFET technology with best on-resistance per area

Integrated multimedia SoC & flash platform for mobile phones

LED driver IC operating directly from mains power with dimming features

1 Amp capable LED driver module integrates inductor

Qualcomm targets 3G/LTE market with new chipsets scheduled for year 2010

New WiMAX SoC from Fujitsu can enable the design of WiMAX dongle

TI to sample new multicore OMAP SoCs for mobile devices in mid-09

Point of load voltage regulators for server and storage applications

Reference design for a high voltage LCD integrated power supply for LCD TV

Electric double layer supercapacitor with lowest ESR

Wide angle high intensity surface mount LEDs

New HSPA+ chipset for 3G mobile phones

Mobile phone chip for mass smart phone market

Energy efficient low VCE(SAT) transistors for portable electronics

Low priced DC-DC synchronous controller with current rating up to 25A

Linear released LTspice IV for multicore processors

Water cooled heatsink for high power semiconductors

NIM reference design for CATV set-top boxes & home gateway subsystems

New system-on-chip controller for multifunction printers

High-speed amplifier targets 200Mbit/s Internet & HomePlug equipments

Fast synchronous Ethernet upgrade for existing carrier equipment

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) inverter controller for LCD TVs

Temperature-stable and stress-resistant Hall-effect switches and latches

New EMI filters provide a wide range of electrical noise attenuation

ADLINK Introduces rugged military computer with MIL-STD-D38999 connectors

Configurable dual output step-down converter delivers 3A/1A or 2A/2A

Bulk metal foil surface-mount resistors for military and aerospace

830-nm infrared emitters in SMD PLCC2 and 5-mm (T1¾) packages

New NAND flash, DRAM, and software from Micron to kick-start the growth

New 16-bit PXI Digitizers from Adlink Technologies

RF module for 3G Internet access on either HSPA or CDMA2000

First wireless USB modems for HSPA+ mobile broadband networks

1A and 9A MOSFET gate driver ICs from Fairchild Semiconductor

New Link Layer Processor SoC for WAN Networks

Ultramapper II SoC for high-quality, multi-service network applications

1 GHz FET operational-amplifier provides double bandwidth

Compact SoC for DVD drives to eliminate external components

TVS diodes with a 400W peak pulse power rating in smaller package

Silicon carbide schottky diodes eliminates power supply switching losses

Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio in a 65nm SoC device

LED driver with low dropout voltage, extends battery life

125KHz LF programmable 3D wakeup receiver with low power consumption

The 16- & 32-bit MCU tools eases design for energy-efficient applications

1.2 GHz 3-core DSP & optimized software library for mobile applications

Wideband digital pre-distortion transmit processor with inbuilt CFR block

Single-channel multi-supply voltage UART series with VLIO bus interface

Dual 2.2MHz, 36V, step-down DC/DC converter delivers 0.7A per channel

Adjustable overvoltage protectors with high flexibility & accuracy

45nm AMD Phenom II Triple and quad-Core processors

DSCC approved 32Mb & 64Mb hermetic flash memory modules

GSM/GPRS wireless modules for M2M solutions

Pico adds new set of features to its oscilloscope software

Low distortion differential RF/IF amplifiers to drive high-frequency ADCs

Next generation 3G converged RF architecture for mobile devices

Software-compatible, multi-channel DACs for process-control applications

Handheld prototyping tool for small computing devices

Image signal processor for high-resolution images and Full-HD video

First validated 40-nanometer class DRAM

Oscilloscope software adds debugging power to test pods

Precision Z-Foil molded surface-mount resistors with flexible terminations

High-voltage, screw-mounting disc-capacitors with values up to 8000pF

Single-frame super-resolution technology device for sharper images

16-Bit MCU extends battery life with lower power & wide operating range

Three phase brushless DC motor driver with 3 A output current

Germany based Hyperstone launched 32-Bit RISC/DSP microcontroller

2-VRMS audio line driver ICs for better audio quality

Power Integrity analysis for advanced low power multiple voltage PCB design

A million-bit-per-minute channel simulator for signal integrity

Luminary Micro launches 4th gen Stellaris ARM CortexT-M3 MCUs

Data acquisition chip for high slice CT scanners for improved image quality

Embedded automation computer based on Intel's Celeron/Pentium M CPU

Synopsys adds DesignWare SuperSpeed USB xHCI Host Controller

NXP Semiconductor launches bunch of power management devices for computers

Secure supervisor with integrated RTC and I2C interface

Over-voltage protection device with USB/charger-detection

100W high brightness LED luminaire outshines 250W HPS light sources

Low-jitter, 150-220MHz crystal oscillator for high-speed communication applications

Rugged, right-angle LED specially designed to withstand rough treatment

New low cost Spartan FPGA family for low-power applications

Reference design for 255 watt ATX PC power supply

New gateway device supporting serial, synchronous, and X.25 to TCP/IP conversion

Connector system designed for high-speed system requirements

QSFP 40 Gb/s quad data rate, active optical cable assemblies

Altera released Quartus II software version 9.0 for FPGA and other prog logic ICs

3-phase sine wave DC/AC inverter delivering 3 KVA for industrial apps

Pico adds reference waveforms, and XY mode features to its scope software

Single instrument packs signal generator, BERT, protocol editor and serial data analysis

Gennum launched reference design kits to develop fiber channel and Ethernet modules

ADC drivers for applications of high resolution and precision

New Stratix and Arria FPGA families from Altera with integrated transceiver

LeCroy's XMC mezzanine card interposer for PCI Express analysis

Samsung releases 4Gb DDR3 DRAM chip amid the weak memory market

Device to protect mobile phones from bad chargers

Ambient light sensing photodiode for automotive applications

Low priced 40A power relays with both AC and DC coils


January 2009

IPTV set top box reference design with new added features

Core 2 Duo-based single board computer for multi-core DSP applications

GaN HEMT microwave transistors for telecommunications applications

GaN RF power amplifier for wireless applications

10-channel, level-shifter with built in op amp for LCD TVs and monitors

Synchronous buck type DC/DC Converter with adjustable outputs

2.5MHz, 1A synchronous step down regulator

Moser Baer released 15 Inch TFT monitor, 19 and 22 inch to follow

200 Watt DC-DC converter module brick with 4:1 input range

Audio click-and-pop eliminator for portable gadgets

Vishay has released a high current inductor and a high tolerant resistor

MATLAB data analysis software with Agilent Oscilloscopes

New dual-core SoC with image recognition function for automotives

Synchronous buck regulator delivering 2.5 Amps of current

Programmable hall-effect linear sensor for position sensing in automotives

Touch sensing application specific Touch-Library for Atmel's AVR microcontroller

NXP's doherty amplifiers for CDMA basestations eliminates extra tuning

256-Kilobit serial F-RAM with I2C interface

24-bit 192kHz DAC offers signal to noise ratio of 123dB

PCI Express jammer tool from Agilent

Powerful DSP and microcontroller processing in single chip for mobile receivers

Smaller, lower-cost thermal printer interface board

Dual-output, synchronous DC-DC controller to deliver 25 Amps

Host media processing software, eSound engine for server V2

Low power programmable oscillators with fast start-up

Pair of free RF design EDA software tools from Anlog Devices

Microchip adds development tools, boards and libraries for motion control applications

New Quad-Core Opteron processor family from AMD for data-center server to save power cost

Leadis introduces new capacitive touch interface controller

Aluminum capacitor with low impedance of 18 mohms at capacitance values up to 6800 µF

Three new DC-DC Converter ICs for LED lamp applications

Freecale launches a new MCU bundled with free RTOS and TCP/IP stack

Non-synchronous PWM buck regulator ICs deliver 5V and 3.3V at 2 Amps

LED driver to drive up to fourty 120mA White LED lamps with color dimming

Miniature solid state relay handle 1.2 Amps current with 0.25 Ohms on-resistance

Low power, precision SAR ADC for high-density multi-channel applications

Schottky diode rectifiers with low forward voltage drop of 390 mV @ 1 Amp

Brushless DC motor driver IC with single control pin for vibration motor in phones

Current sense amplifier for precision monitoring of USB ports of battery operated electronics

Miniature SMD IR receivers with best sensitivity-to-size ratio

32V Synchronous buck regulator deliver 6 Amps from a 7mm x 8mm QFN

TrenchFET Power MOSFET in MICRO FOOT chipscale package

Three-axis MEMS accelerometer with built in ADC draws only 25 micro amps of current

4.8Gb DDR2 iPEM device for defense and aerospace applications

High-speed op amp operating at 1 GHz for medical devices

New 8-bit, 130 MSPS ADCs from Maxim to consume less power

Agilent to release new Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) platform in Feb

40 Gbps SERDES framer interface IP core for Lattice FPGAs

Serial SRAM with SPI interface for embedded system applications

High-voltage power MOSFETs for AC/DC and ballast applications

Low cost single chip GSM mobile phone IC

1-Gigabit XDR DRAM works at speed of 7.2 GHz

Low distortion high-speed voice and data switches

Credit card size solar energy harvesting kit with built in thin-film battery and MCU

Programmable DC electronic loads up to 5000 Watts

New ultra low phase noise frequency generator

Multimedia processor for portable audio/video gadgets

Digital photo frame specific media processor

Compact panel potentiometers with dielectric strength of 5000 VRMS

Stereo audio switch with "clicks and pop" noise eliminated for audio gadgets

Tiny secure Digital (SD)/MultiMedia Card (MMC) level shifter

MIL-STD-1553 Terminal integrates all components in small PBGA package

Triple mode single-cell Li-Ion charger with timer and NTC

IAR System's embedded workbench for Renesas H8 and TI MSP430 family

ispLEVER 7.2 FPGA design tool suite with advanced route algorithms

Integrated PMIC with step-up & inverting DC-DC converters and LDO

16-bit flash microcontrollers with LCD controller/driver

High efficiency GaN based RF power amplifier with output power up to 10 watts

10-Watt and 5-Watt LED panels for lighting luminaries

4-Amp, single-chip driver for supercapacitor-based LED camera flash

1W surface-mount current sensing resistor with high-temperature range

Half-Bridge MOSFET in ISOPLUS i4-PAC packaging providing 25000Vrms isolation

3-mm size, 940-nm infrared emitter with optical power of 40 mW

1.5A regulator delivers high efficiency light load for portable products

2G/3G/LTE RF transceiver supports data rates up to 150 Mbps

Valley current-mode control buck-type DC-DC converter

Long-wire ZIF probe tips for DDR, GDDR memory validation

4-Megabit F-RAM memory in FBGA package

HDMI receiver integrates three 12-bit ADCs and on-chip CEC

Video filter and buffer in single chip for HDTV applications

Dual input lithium-ion battery charger IC with overload protection

1.2mm x 1.2mm size inductor less DC-DC boost converter

Hearing aid component DCU scroller from Pulse

Rugged DC-DC converters modules offers 4:1 input and output power up to 200 W

50 Amps capable step down DC-DC controller

New device to build entry level Wi-Fi router out of single IC

Digital audio IC packs DSP and amplifier

0.8mm SMT connector series in 10-pin and 54-pin version

16-bit data-acquisition system with analog circuitry for sensor excitation

PIN diode microwave switch drivers with switching speeds of less than 10 ns

Load switches with low quiescent current of 1µA for biometric sensor modules

New single pole double throw GaAs RFIC Switch for wireless applications

Energy efficient graphic processors for new gaming experience in notebooks

MoCA integrated video decoder SoCs for HD set-top box and gateway applications

System-on-chip class microcontrollers for e-metering applications

Single-chip DisplayPort-to-VGA converter IC

Media processor SoC for Blu-ray disk players

Set of audio IP solutions from ARC for consumer OEMs and silicon vendors

8 bit microcontroller for telephones

LED controller IC with low power dissipation for slim LCD TVs

Automotive-grade, quad-output DC/DC regulator and controller

Logic analysis solution for HT3 using an interposer probe

Synchronous DC/DC converter with programmable input current limit

Power transistors for S-Band pulsed radar for defense applications

Power-distribution switches provide accurate current limits

Archived New Product News of year 2008, 2007, 2006

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