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Archived New Products May-2013 to Jan-2013

May- 2013

SoC for IoT application with smart Bluetooth radio

Energy harvesting ICs from Fujitsu harness energy from multiple sources at a time

GaAs MMIC control circuit to optimize Freescale's Airfast Doherty amplifiers

Linear and angular sensors from Micronas in new non-pcb package

Touch controller support gloved fingers, thin stylus and also feature prox. Sensor

Panasonic announces twin-achievements in solid state light emitting

Latest software for virtual chip-fab supporting 3D, Trigate and HKMG

NXP’s CAN transceiver offer best EMC performance at speeds of 2 Mbps

Virtual dev tool by Synopsys for Renesas RH850 MCUs

Ultra high precision tolerance 0402-Size chip resistors from KOA Speer

5G WiFi PA and LNA in one chip from Broadcom

STripFET VII DeepGATE MOSFETs from ST for energy efficient switching

ARM's DS-5 CE now available for Linux

Freescale adds floating point arithmetic to its QorIQ Qonverge B4 family

Reference design for wireless video streaming from remote cameras

PDK by Mentor Graphics for silicon photonic IC

Bright color LEDs from Cree deliver 88% more light compared to other

Serial RapidIO 2.2 Endpoint Core from Praesum for ARM AMBA 4 AXI4

UWB Doherty reference design using NXP's BLF884P and BLF884PS power amps

0603 size noise filtering chip beads for mobile devices offer high impedance

AA battery powerable Bluetooth Smart SoC from Dialog consumes only 3.8mA

Cypress launches new IDE 5.4 for its PSoC chips

New semiconductor Wafer Level Reliability test platform from Aetrium

MCU from Fujitsu Semiconductor for AC/DC and DC/DC control of EV cars

Toshiba to mass produce 2bit/cell 64Gb NAND flash using 19nm process

700-1400 MHz frequency range LNA with low NF of 0.36dB at 900 MHz

Aldec launches lifecycle management solution for FPGA and ASIC designs

Massive parallel processing for chip-design timing closure in days instead of weeks

high-rel RS-485/422 transceivers supporting data rates up to 20Mbps

Powerful PCB library tools from IPC to support users of IPC-7351

IC and kit from NXP for MFi accessory development

Sensor hub from Freescale to scale 3-axis to a 9-axis inertial measurement

Stanford engineers develop paper-thin non-invasive heart beat sensor

Forte unveil enhanced Cynthesizer SystemC-based HLS tool

TO-Leadless package from Infineon offers electrical performance and size advantage

SiC 1.2 kV, 50 A module equivalent to silicon modules rated at 150 A, available now

200 V, 10-40 Amp Diodes from Power Integrations based on merged-PIN tech

New MOSFETs in TO-220CFM package for 90 to 265V AC/DC converter designs

SoC from Fujitsu for 360 Degree wraparound view of car surroundings

Solution to dynamically change the M2M antenna band “on the fly”

New small cell platform from Octasic supports simultaneous 2G, 3G, and 4G operation

Quad 16-bit 1.5 Gsps DAC with 750 Msps i/p data rate with JESD204B interface

High-rel vertical through-hole DDR3 DIMM socket connector

New analysis software suite from Agilent for its USB protocol analyzers

App for using formal methods for the verification of low power SOC designs

OneSpin says its VLSI design tool on cloud is secure

Power IC from SWINDON for powering hearing aid from Silver-Zinc battery

TMR magnetic switch sensors from MDT for measuring liquid/gas flow

Embedded NVM tech from CMT need no extra masks during lithography

3x2mm measuring 6A load switch can operate in the 0.8-5.5 V I/p voltage range

MDmesh V super-junction MOSFET from ST for consumer and industrial electronics

STMicroelectronics offering drivers to interface its MEMS devices to Linux OS

Sharp adds multi-touch projective capacitive touch display to its LCD line

910-1070 nm high-power laser diodes from Oclaro for industrial market

TLI develops special sensor ICs using TowerJazz’s 0.18um CMOS tech

Solar lantern by Panasonic as part of its social service activity

Gamer memory series from AMD offers both XMP and AMP profiles

High sensitive TV tuner IC TDA18275 immune to interference

QNX software and SoC from Renesas for car to support each other

TDK-Lambda adds 800W model to its Z+ programmable power supplies

eATCA system architecture from Advantech improves blade density

Automotive grade OTP-ROM linear ICs for 3.3 V supply rail applications

Hardware components supporting dual band CCX certified RTLS tag

Bluetooth remote control kit from TI built upon ZigBee RF4CE tech

ARM Cortex-M4 MCU offer 105DMIPS at 84MHz, 187µA/MHz active current

RDA sampling EDGE baseband smartphone SoC

Sub-harmonic mixers from Hittite operate in 71 to 86 GHz range

Robust and most smallest hall sensors from Infineon for multiple applications

Apr- 2013

Four 60V N-channel MOSFETs in MLP package for 12/24 V AC applications

IBM unveils appliance to manage information from Internet of Things

Scalable digital power solution from IDT for multi-core processors

Sensor for smartphone to prevent unwanted touch response

Software from Synopsys to quickly implement ASIP in SoC design

LED lamp reference design boards by NXP based on its GreenChip IC

DC/DC buck regulator IC from Toshiba operate at 4MHz and has an LDO

Load switch ICs operate at 1.1V with on-res of 55 milli ohms in WCSP6 package

World's smallest TVS diode from ST for mobile devices

Osram expands the Duris LED family for linear and area indoor lighting

ADLINK's DAQ applications and ActiveX controls Library for HMI are free to download

Software from CEVA for seamlessly offloading tasks from CPU to DSP

Arasan launches IPs for SD 4.1 devices

Mentor integrates MontaVista into its embedded automotive tech platform

New software from TI optimize motor performance across speeds

New licensing model from ARM for its big.LITTLE

USB battery charger IC featuring pre-conditioning, CC and CV

MOSFETs from NXP for PoE designs

First single-chip indoor GPS IC packs DSP, analog and RF

39 nH inductor in an ultra-miniature 0402 size from Murata

Fujitsu updates its ARM Cortex M3 MCU family FM3 with 38 new ICs

10-pin smaller MCU from Renesas for e-toothbrush and e-razor control circuit

API offering GaN based power amplifiers

Car infotainment systems software from QNX supports 7digital’s HTML5 music store

IP Tagging 1.0 standard from Accellera to track soft IP over entire chip design

Wireless charger IC from IDT compatible with both WPC and PMA

Infineon introduces SiGe transceiver for mm-wave wireless backhaul systems

Lead Acid battery monitoring IC from TI measures capacity 95% accurately

Nuvoton unveil new hardware monitoring IC supporting 4 PWM i/ps

2 x 3 x 0.75 mm size and 0.9 Volt operating RTCs from NXP

MAX2173 RF to Bits tuner for DAB applications in automobiles

VereFlu from Veredus can detect latest subtype of H7N9

Vector engine embedded ARM Cortex-M3 based MCU from Toshiba

Tiva C Series TM4C123x ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs from TI

Satellite-tracking ICs from ST power Galileo' navigation sys

USB 3.0 hub controller chip GL3520 from Genesys Logic certified by USB-IF

AISG compliant on-off keying modem transceiver

USB 2.0 compatible MCUs from Holtek with internal clock support

Industrial panel device from IEI supporting Windows Embedded 8

Waveform monitor from Tektronix with HDMI/HDCP input

Xilinx offering new release of real-time video engine to run on Zynq SoC

Video SoC from Ambarella can decode and re-encode multiple HD streams

New switching and power management ICs by Pericom for mobile devices

Hardware and software from Mentor for testing SAS Gen2 devices

Pre-production codec by TI based on H.265 video encoding standard

QinetiQ develops new radar to detect low trajectory rockets

Free interactive battery power design tool by Logic PD

Multi-phase power analyzer from Tektronix uses Spiral Shunt

Two-way communicating smart remote control based on NXP's JN5161 wireless MCU

Development board based on EPC's eGaN FETs

Software for Canon's MREAL Sys expands to support various sensors

PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit is available from Premier Farnell at a price of $25

GaAs RF power amplifiers from Triquint Semiconductor in flange package

Smart battery charge IC adapts to the adapter type

Configurable 3G-SDI I/O device with long-reach adaptive cable EQ and cable driver

IC as LVDS bridge between image sensors and processors

SDKs from Ittiam for HD decoding

1st specs on Hybrid Memory Cube agreed

Ittiam to showcase low latency full HD streaming system on TI DaVinci chip

Low profile 33 A, 12V, 400W DC/DC converters with 230W/cubic-inch density

Altair's FourGee-38xx processors built on MIPS architecture

1/2 Mb FRAM memory ICs from Fujitsu guarantee 10 trillion r/ws

Cypress announces PSoC 4 Arch featuring ARM Cortex M0

Reference design for emergency call systems in cars

Analog front end reference design for medical electronics

Mar- 2013

SESD series of passive circuit protection devices from TE are AEC-Q101 qualified

ZigBee IP, open standard for an IPv6 wireless mesh networks is available

Programmable omnipolar Hall effect switch allow same circuit in multiple applications

2 Amp step-down PFM/PWM regulator offers better light load efficiency

Optical proximity and gesture detection ICs for automotives

Low jitter MEMS oscillator from IDT with integrated frequency margining feature

PIC24F “KM” MCUs from Microchip feature configurable logic cell

Renesas develops digital TV broadcast reception middleware for automotive SoCs

LED driver from Allegro to drive arrays of HB LEDs

Cree offers LED arrays up to 10,000-Lumen light o/p to replace metal-halide lamps

MSP430 MCUs from TI up to 56kB flash memory and 4kB SRAM

Demonstration circuit by ADI for a loop powered HART

Tektronix spectrum analyzers at low cost supporting 110 MHz bandwidth

Battery powered wireless sensor nodes by RFM

Enhanced MATLAB and Simulink supports wireless and radar design

IAR launches tools supporting Renesas’ RH850 core

Quadcore, fast graphic-data crunching SoC for automotive infotainment systems

Fast charging ICs for Lithium Ion batteries in phones and tablets

Tiny low noise SMT MEMS microphone from ADI for hearing aids

RMS power detector operate upto 10 GHz with a 67 dB range

New timing closure tool from Synopsys speed up design while plugging the leakage

Galaxy Custom Router from Synopsys does complex routing

Reference designs for Imagination's IP supporting TSMC fab are under dev

28nm FPGA SoCs from Xilinx for commercial avionics with certifiable solutions

Low cost STB ICs from Broadcom for HD cable TV

LP optic module sends and receives DC to 500 kb/s data on all plastic fiber upto 10m

Automotive grade CAN transceiver with built in isolation feature

Silicon laser generates four wavelengths of light with spacing of 12±0.5 nm

ARM Cortex A15 and A7 big.LITTLE reference designs by Synopsys for TSMC fab

1.2x 1.0 mm footprint crystal oscillator due to new material from Tanaka

Ittiam to offer video processing expertise for cloud content

Switching power controller chipset for mobile chargers upto 10W saves BOM cost

FPGA fabric and ASIC core twined in a chip/module, a recipe for smart systems

Latest software from GL to emulate GPRS Gb Interface over IP

New version of IO Checker from SynaptiCAD to verify FPGA I/Os

big. LITTLE combi SoC of 4 ARM Cortex A15s and 4 A7s for efficient multitasking

Photonic component platform by Imec via ePIXfab

Development board for evaluating eGaN FETs

HEVC video encoder/decoder from Ittiam for HD compression at lower bitrate

Two channel linear LED driver IC from Allegro for interior lighting in cars

Indium Phosphide device helps Oclaro to develop 100G coherent CFP2 pluggable module

Dualcore Atom processor from Intel for storage devices

ST hardware integrated with Thingsquare's IoT software

TVS component for mobile devices offer multiple protections

e2v launches color version its line scan cameras

Aldec adds plotting feature in its new version of verification platform

Configurable SoC tech from Toshiba as a low cost FPGA replacement

FPGA for mobile/portable electronics with footprint of 2.5x2.5mm

ARM Cortex-R7 processor featured kit for real-time embedded apps

Enhanced RX600 series MCUs from Renesas with 256KB RAM

0402 chip inductor from Murata with Q of 30 at 2.4 GHz

IP and verification IP from Cadence for M-PCIe

Nuvoton unveil embedded super I/O chip for mother boards

48 Volts i/p buck type DC/DC converters for industrial and automotive apps

Cavium uses Jasper's modeling app for RTL implementation of protocols

Wirewound safety resistor withstanding 2 kV surge

Grayhill's touch software to support Windows 7

Rolling mask based lithography tool for solar PV and LED making

Renesas enhances USB3.0 focus by unveiling USB 3.0-SATA3 Bridge SoC

SoC for wearable medical electronics app packs AFE, processor and Bluetooth radio

100 V, 55 Ampere Trench MOSFET in DPAK+ package for automotive electronics

TI TMS320C6678 featured FPGA mezzanine card for mission critical apps

Fuse and switch integrated power inlet filter from TDK

Thermally and mechanically robust 30-100V range MOSFETs for Automotive apps

Hybrid Brushless DC/PMSM controller IC with two parallel processors

6th order, programmable bandwidth, fully calibrated dual LPF by Hittite

Feb- 2013

Timing/power model generator from Mentor for deep nm node ASIC cells

NXP audio IC for phones rise sound quality to max

Certified RS-485 eval board for protect against EMC in industrial apps

New line of image recognition processor ICs from Toshiba for e-vision systems

Voice/speech processing IC supports range of audio functions in phone

Small-cell SoC from Broadcom packs both baseband processor and transceiver

Kit for embedded systems to securely connect to cloud

Altera launches FPGA reference design for bi-directional power grid automation

ST sampling 180MHz ARM Cortex M4 MCU with on-chip TFT LCD controller

Samsung selects tiny battery gauge IC from ST for its smart-phones

Gb speed 1024QAM PtP microwave modem IP based on Xilinx latest FPGAs

High performance 2 x 2 x 1mm size 3-axis magnetometer for mobile devices

ST' chip can control LED lamp brightness based on the already present light

DAC from ADI with relative accuracy of ±2-LSB INL, 2-ppm/°C 2.5-V reference

Time-domain circuit can replace DSP in error correction

FAH4830 haptic driver with higher response time for touch screen design

Broadcom router for home n/ws integrate Norton security

Panasonic maximize the transistor performance for 60GHz operation

Digi o/p Hall effect sensors suitable for LP MCUs in embedded systems

PowerPC based dualcore MCU with 2MB flash for car safety electronics

Silicon IP from IDTI offers up to 4:1 data compression in 4G systems

60V DC/DC LED drivers feature adjustable over-temperature protection

Artix-7 FPGA AC701 evaluation kit with 10+ reference designs

Tool compare synthesizable RTL codes without testbenches or simulation vectors

AWR announce RF PCB verification flow for Zuken.

Toshiba sampling 64 GB embedded NAND flash memory module

Ni-MH batteries based 12V power source for idle-stop automotives

15x1mm size CCD linear image sensor for bar code readers

Sixteen 15 Gbps SerDes lanes featured Bandwidth Engine IC operate at 480 Gbps

DC/DC embedded power converter module from TDK for Smart Phones

8 MP, 1.12 um, BSI CMOS image sensor integrates color noise reduction circuit

Board to evaluate eGaN FETs for power electronics design

10 micro Farad 1.9 x 1.3 x 1.5 mm³ automotive-grade MLCC capacitors from TDK

Contact less high DC/AC current sensor for Electric Cars

"Micro Color Splitters" from Panasonic to improve low light digital photography by 50%

Cadence unveil ready IP for USB SSIC specs

1Ampere gate drive optocoupler drives both high/low side gates of the MOSFET buffer

New HyperLynx accelerates simulation performance up to 5X faster

DC/DC module delivers 15 Amps with i/p voltage down to 1.5V

Wideband Fractional-N PLL with Integrated VCO

8-bit 1000 MSPS ADC and a track-and-hold amplifier in a chip

Jan- 2013

C29x family of crypto coprocessors from Freescale

e-beam inspection sys from KLA for use in latest semiconductor chip fabs

Infineon's 'Coil on Module' for both contact and contactless cards

USB3.0 flash drive controller IC from Silicon Motion supports "Windows To Go"

New memory arch R+ LPDDR3 from Rambus supports 3200 Mbps speed

1.5 KW TVS diode from Protek for voltage surge protection

70x50 mm computer on module by MSC powered by ARM Cortex A8

NXP launches 1x1.4 mm DC/DC step down converter operating at 6 MHz

Ultra-small 20 V, 0.5/1 Ampere schottky rectifiers from NXP Semiconductor

Broadcom unveils switch SoCs for enterprise and SMB networks

1100-1400V rated shorted-Anode IGBTs for induction heating appliances

New line of 200mA single output CMOS-LDOs from Toshiba for mobile applications

Trench power MOSFETs from Toshiba for automotive power electronics

Simple 2.2 Amp switching type DC/DC converter for your power supply design

0.72 milli-ohms MOSFET to use as ORing FET in power supply units

TI powers its MSP430 MCUs with 512K Flash and 64K RAM and more peripherals

Sync Rectifier controller from IRF for flyback, forward and half-bridge topologies

KEMET unveils tantalum capacitor which opens when failed

3-axis accelerometer and MCU in a 3x3x1mm LGA package

Fast read benchtop digital multimeter from Agilent costs $787

0.8 mm to 1.0 mm profile tantalum chip caps from Vishay

8-bit OTP dual slope A/D type MCU for body fat measurement

500kHz gain bandwidth product op-amps from Holtek support rail-to-rail i/p and o/p

8-Bit RGB laser driver module for automotive projector

Intersil launches low-noise 24-bit ADCs for electronic weighing scales

Single-Chip LCD MHL monitor controller ICs from Realtek Semiconductor

HD web cam chips from Sonix supporting Haswell architecture

MIPI-DSI to LVDS interface-converter bridge IC for LCD displays

IR’s 300V Power MOSFETs for 110 V solar inverters

XSP2L LEDs from Cree as replacement for sodium and halogen based street lamps

Harddisk drives connects to smart phone wirelessly

Embedded systems development platform based on Java

Single touch demos by Toradex for capacitive touch screen drivers

Frequency synthesizer with VCO deliver low phase noise

JTAG introduces ‘PMBusProg’ for ISP of power management devices

Frequency planning wizard to determine spurious free bandwidths

Single-box generator solution from Agilent for HDMI and MHL tests

Diodes expands its high-speed CMOS logic ICs with more package options

New SoC/ASIC prototyping hardware based on Xilinx’s Virtex-7 2000T 3D FPGAs

Intel Atom based rugged medical computer from Adlink

Reliable and robust MEMS oscillator from SiTime outperforms Quartz

Dual channel 32 Gbps Mach-Zehnder optical modulator driver for metro and longhaul n/ws

DC/DC power supply design tool from MPS

Infineon adds new MCU family based on ARM Cortex M0

Synopsys tunes its software for FinFET based VLSI design

Active light sensor interface IC from Melexis for designing gesture interface

IGBT for the strobe lighting of digital cameras

STB ICs from ST Micro are security-certified by Conax

TI adds USB interface to its C2000 Piccolo FP MCUs

Single MIPI interface can be shared by both front and rear cameras of smart phones

Single-phase energy-measurement IC packs energy-measurement subsystem

Connector with multispring pin to eliminate solder magnet wires to PCB

AFDX/ARINC 664 data bus solution by DDC

Embedded system based on Intel Atom N2800 dual-core processor

Low on-resistance automotive power MOSFET from Toshiba

STMicroelectronics launches switch ICs for automotive electronics

DC/DC boost converters for single-cell Li-Ion powered USB OTG featured devices

650-800V FET and a current-mode PWM IC in single device for offline SMPS

Real time NTSC/PAL video overlay and video annotation controller for the PCI/104 sys

Improved ARM Cortex M4 MCU from Atmel with 1MB flash

1x1x0.55 mm tiny MOSFET series with on-res of 43 milli-ohms

0.4mm pitch board-to-board connector from TE for slim elctronics systems

BittWare offers specially priced FPGA board for OpenCL development

JN516x family of wireless MCUs from NXP for Internet of Things

960GB M500 SSD from Micron at a launch price of within $600

Intel Core i7 Processor-based fanless embedded computer for graphic rich applications

3.2W class-D audio amplifier IC from Nuvoton for consumer devices

ETSI category 1 compliance RFIC transceiver from Semtech

Low power analog comparators from Touchstone Semiconductor

Digital audio and video analyzer for HDMI, DVI and mobile devices

ST adds STB SoC ICs for HD terrestrial, cable, IP,Over-The-Top and satellite equipment

Non-contacting magnetic analog rotary position sensor from Bourns

M2M modules from Telit feature dual-band 3G and GSM/GPRS/EDGE support

DIP8-package IC coupler for driving IGBT or power MOSFET

LED lamp from Cree to replace MR16 halogen lamps

4K video decoder chip from Broadcom powered by Brahma-15 CPU

Port processor ICs from Silicon Image for sound bars and HTiB systems

IMS-based "Web Real Time Communications" platform for innovative app development

Keyboard and mouse featured remote-control design with voice and motion control

Robust capacitive touch controller ICs senses o.1 pF finger cap and tolerate water

HDMI Dongle for sharing mobile content on TVs

Wi-Fi set-top box reference design platform jointly by ST and Quantenna

ADI brings analog circuit design lab on your study table

DSP IP on silicon takes a space of only 0.039 mm2 in 28nm node fab

DC/DC converter IC powering electronics from harvested energy

LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis solution from Agilent

Reference for designing smart-remote for smart-TVs

Software library for enabling vision intelligence in mobiles

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