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New Product Achive (Year 2011)

December- 2011

Micron size diode for light can leapfrog data processing speed

AMD launches single GPU card based on its 28nm graphic processor

Mask Type Voice MCU from Holtek with 8M bits of Voice ROM

Stylish connection port to connect a/v, ethernet, power, and USB to notebooks

Far field pattern LEDs from Cree for outdoor video screens

650V Power MOSFETs from ST boasts best efficiency

Optocouplers for AC/DC adapters, SMPS and PLCs

A/V receivers featuring InstaPrevue and MHL tech jointly by Silicon Image and Onkyo

Audio recording and playback SoC chip based on ARM Cortex M0

40G PHY chipset from Broadcom uses DQPSK for longhaul DWDM

Small sized power ICs for SSDs and hybrid disk-drives

PowerTrench MOSFET for Li-Ion battery protection designs

Altera interoperates its 28-nm FPGA with PLX's PCIe Gen3 switch

X-ray particle inspection sys for Lithium Ion Batteries to make them fire-proof

CSS IC chip for use in single cable satellite installations

INVIA SAS to use CRI's tech in providing security IP for chips

CAN tranceiver IC with 5000Vrms isolation and operates at 125 Deg C

Magnetoresistive angle sensor with integrated amplifier IC from NXP

Allegro introduce 3-phase, sensorless, brushless DC motor controller

High performace PLL chip-set from Hittite microwave

Single solution for both thermal characterization and simulation of electronic devices

ST adds new member to its 3-axis mems gyro

High performance op amp ICs from ST take less space

LED manufacturing equipment from Altatech to inspect LEDs

10x10nm² measuring RRAM cell from Imec can replace NAND flash

Precision resistor network can operate in temp range of - 55 Deg C to + 215 Deg C

Broadcom Bluetooth chips keeps wireless keyboard on for lifetime with AA battery pair

ST claims its ARM Cortex M based STM32 F4 MCU series offers highest performance

16-bit MSP430 microcontroller chips for industrial and medical apps

6-V, 6-A synchronous integrated power module with integrated inductor

Automotive qualified 100% lead-free power MOSFETs in TO packages

Corelis adds ScanExpress JET support for TI's Sitara ARM Cortex processors

New CY8CKIT-025 Development Kit for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 chips

HomePlug Green PHY device from Qualcomm Atheros

New on-board silicon tuner from NXP for cable TV is immune to wireless pollution

Voltage comparators from ST with propagation delay of 8ns and consume 470 micro amps

Touchfree gesture recognition database design for consumer Electronics OEMs

Triple-o/p power supplies with front-panel programming for electronic manufacturing

Mobile App from SonicWALL connects iPad and iPhone to network resources

Three-axis accelerometer MEMS devices from ST in 2x2 mm package

IRF offers its Power IC packing gate driver, MOSFET and Schottky in 40A rating

Wraparound thick film chip resistor from Vishay operates at 230 Deg C

Improved 4G power amp from Anadigics for WiMAX and LTE

ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs with integrated USB drivers from NXP

3A, 20V sync buck regulator in 2x3mm QFN package

8-bit OTP MCUs for USB Dongles and USB Bridges

Atomic-Level low K dielectric film treatment tech from Applied

Power mgmt IC for TI's 32-bit MCUs in 5 x 5 mm QFN package

28G VSR-Compliant ASIC SerDes for faster networking apps

EDA tool 'Laker Blitz' from SpringSoft targets final part of semiconductor chip making

Magma release new version of its Titan analog/mixed signal tool

Nov- 2011

New module in CADSTAR PCB design software to ensure proper power distribution

$0.30 priced MSP430 16-bit automotive MCU from TI

15V, 300mA fixed frequency sync buck converter chips with 1.8µA quiescent current

SMT chokes with on-resistance of 6 milli-ohms at 8.0 Amps

Lattice continues to play its role as cost-optimized FPGA solution vendor

ARM helps Android developers to create apps 4 times faster than Java code

24-bit, 16-channel audio DAC chip provides 118dB SNR at 32 kHz to 192 kHz

RF peak power detector/sensor from Anritsu supports frequency range of 350 MHz- 4 GHz

AEC-Q101-qualified 2 Amp power transistor packed in leadless DFN package

TPM device for motherboard to protect against hacking

2-3 Amp capable power transistors in 2x2-mm package

iPad and iPhone can be enabled with USB connectivity using Silex' Tech

Low noise LDOs with low drop voltage 200-280mV

Interleaved digital PFC controller with accurate AC power metering

Reference design to wirelessly connect medical devices

Barco introduces next generation of multi-format video processor equipment

Corelis extends JTAG Embedded Testing to Freescale i.MX51

SiTime' MEMS device can replace crystal based OCXOs and TCXOs

Capacitive touch controller with proximity sense range of 25cm

MCU form Atmel for RFID operate in 100-150kHz range

13.56 MHz proximity contactless reader IC from NXP is compatible with latest techs

Synopsys updates its FPGA prototyping tools to work faster

Connectivity IP cores from Xilinx for LTE and LTE-A wireless base stations

ADLINK debuts PXI Express controller with Intel Core i5 processor

Signal processing libraries for 802.11ac WLAN and 60-GHz 802.11ad

SIP NFC chip from Samsung for mobile transaction apps

Quantenna's first 4X4 MIMO tech based 802.11ac Gb-WLAN chip-set

Electric cars can out do gasoline guzzlers using SCiB batteries

RFID tag chip for animals to enable wireless tracking

LP digital potentiometers with max ±8% resistance tolerance

IR's IRS2500 µPFC control IC with THD optimization circuit

austriamicrosystems' first FlexRay transceiver for harsh, high temp auto apps

Quad Class D spatial array audio IC for multi-speaker portables

Over-voltage and over-current protection devices for 5 and 12V electronics from ST

CIPURSE compliant security chip solutions for public transport apps

65nm MCUs from Infineon for chip card and security apps

Single board computer supporting Intel Xeon processor

Avago ships high-speed optocouplers for IPM apps

EMCORE demos portable Terahertz spectrometer

Wi-Fi modules from Broadcom for embedded systems

Single chip touch controller from Cypress for large screens

1.5W consuming ARM-based server-on-a-Chip from Calxeda

Dual channel RF card in AdvancedMC format for LTE

Middleware for administering and maintaining mobile connected devices

Freescale makes 200 MHz operating ARM Cortex-M based MCUs

LIN slave IC packs transceiver, controller, voltage regulator, app controller plus analog

8 High speed ADCs in single chip for medical imaging systems

Touch-over-AUX DisplayPort 1.3 TCON with touch screen controller from IDT

R&S scope supported with MSO option

'Smart Binning' from Everlight to reduce variation in chromaticity in LEDs

Mali-T658 GPU from ARM seamlessly work with A15 and A7 processor cores

Galaxy S 4G and SII X smartphones powered by Anadigics' power amp ICs

Power-efficient display backlight controller IC from ST for phones

1mA consuming op-amps with 205 MHz BW and 560 V/us slew rate

RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 serial transceiver chip with internally switched cable termination

2.5mmx1.0mm 4-line ESD-protection array with leakage current of < 0.1 µA

Antenna Tuner IC with 824 MHz - 2170 MHz impedance optimization for mobile phones

New splash proof 60-100W LED drivers/supplies

ST's 3-axis accelerometer for smart sensing embed finite state machines

Recently launched Galaxy Nexus from Google incorporates NXP's NFC solution

New EPON OLT chip from Broadcom saves 7 ASSPs and on-board memory chips

Broadcom' CNAs with 10Gb FCoE NetApp-Ethernet validation

1.2 x 1.7 x 1.0 mm thermal MEMS accelerometer has on-chip DSP

IBASE' 1U high performance network appliance

$89 priced embedded board for embedded systems students

IR's 'Mini8' ballast control IC in 8-pin SO-8

MEMS inertial sensors work at 105 g-range and a 12-bit data output with 18.2 LSB/g

TI claims its new 500-MSPS DACs priced $10 each are least expensive

Low-voltage booster modules for energy harvesting apps

Xilinx ISE Design Suite 13.3 feature DSP support to handle media content

SLIC protection device with peak pulse current upto 75A

8-bit OTP MCU with internal touch-key functions for measurement apps

4-channel 960H analog HD video decoder from Techwell

Resistive touch screen controller ICs with pinch and stretch recognition

15" flat-bezel industrial panel PC with flexible expansion options

Chips from Triad for interfacing high voltage sources to processors and FPGAs

Low power register for DDR3 memory modules from IDT

Oct- 2011

$0.49 priced NXP Cortex-M0 MCUs in TSSOP and SO to replace 8/16-bit MCUs

Noise cancellation ICs from AMS deliver 30 dB of noise reduction

600V buck regulator control ICs for LED bulbs

Atmel AVR XMEGA MCU feature on-chip LCD controller

TI introduces energy harvesting IC with boost charger

EMI filtering and ESD protection IC from ST for UHS micro-SD interface

New power ICs from austriamicrosystems for LED TVs

Agilent introduce MSR measurement application for its X-Series signal analyzers

Constant-current, 16-channel LED driver for large size video displays

22 A to 47 A rated N-channel MOSFETs with on-res of 64-190 milli ohms at 10 V

Murata start volume production of double layer energy devices

New version of Simulink Control Design for embedded system designers

Coulomb-counting fuel gauge IC for single-cell Li+ battery packs

EM Microelectronic's EM9301 is Bluetooth V4.0 quaified

Cavium unveiled small cell base station chip OCTEON Fusion

Smart non-isolated buck LED driver IC with PFC

LDO with dropout of 60 mV at 200mA in a 0.76 x 0.76 x 0.47mm WLCSP package

Ozmo Devices shipped 1 million+ WiFi semiconductor chips

SoC chip for 4G/LTE microwave backhaul achieves 1.25Gbps speed

0.8V-30V rated LED driver delivers LED currents in the range of 20-100mA

Wideband differential amplifier consumes power of 115mW, noise <10nV/vHz

Automotive-qualified 14-rail PMIC in a 12-mm x 12-mm nFBGA package

ZigBee RF4CE supporting ISM 2.4GHz band RF transceivers from Atmel

Automotive-qualified 600 V 3-phase gate driver IC in PLCC44 package

Lattice releases Windows-based ispLEVER Classic 1.5 design software

2mmx2mm measuring 1.8V SPST analog switches from Vishay

Clock generator ICs from ON Semi manages EMI and RFI at the clock source

Smart meter reference platform from Maxim

3 new MHL transmitters from Silicon Image supporting MIPI DSI and HDMI 1.4a

15" XGA TFT atom based fanless touch panel computer from Axiomtek

Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital PC/104 card from DDC

Isolators from ADI achieve minimum creepage distance of 8mm

NXP offer emWin graphic library free with ARM MCUs

6WINDGate software supports 32-core OCTEON II CN68XX processor family

100kHz - 1MHz adjustable FSW, 36VIN, 5A step-down µModule regulator

2.5A "optocoupled" Gate Drive with VIN of 15V to 30V

2.7V-16 V single-supply and ± 2.7V-±8 V dual-supply range CMOS analog switch and multiplexers

InGaP HBT-based VCOs with MTBF of 2,500,000 hours

Optocouplers for onboard chargers and other HV systems in hybrid and electric vehicles

Clock translators ICs o/ps 2 kHz-1.25 GHz with sub-400-fs RMS jitter on 12 kHz to 20 MHz

PSoC 3 capacitive touch-sensing solution for buttons, sliders, touchpads

Intel QM67-based 3.5-inch disk-size SBC from IBASE

Timing and thermal management chip from IDT has four-wire PWM and fan controller

Bandwidth Engine FPGA companion kit and characterization kit from MoSys

TSM9938F and TSM9634F current-sense amps can replace MAX9938F and MAX9634F

50V programmable 6-channel automotive low side MOSFET pre-driver IC

Automotive power management IC with CAN LIN interface supports CAN ISO 11898-6 specs

Automotive image processor from Toshiba recognizes lanes, vehicles, and pedestrians

High temp grade sync step-down switching regulator LT3690

AS364X series family of LED flash drivers for mobile devices

Radiation hardened low noise precision rail-to-rail Op Amps

Simulink features AUTOSAR capabilities

Altera launched SoC FPGA chips with ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor

Dual-core 32-bit MCU for designing direct injection, turbo-charging and full drive by wire systems

1U rackmount network appliance with ten Gigabit LANs

4x4 capacitive touch interface keypad device from Cypress Semiconductor

Ramtron samples 64Kb 20MHz bus-speed serial SPI FRAM chips

18 GHz PLL frequency synthesizer for wireless apps

Cree adds latest 1200V SiC Schottky diode in surface mount TO-252 D-Pak

245GHz/450GHz SiGe:C transistors developed for automotive radars

MEMS based piezoresistive pressure sensor realized on CMOS

TI adds new members to its PCB mountable DC/DC converter module family

Car parking assistance sys using Ethernet chip, 32-bit MCU and and CMOS image sensor

100Mbps automotive Ethernet PHY chip from Broadcom for car networking

PMICs from austriamicrosystems packs buck/boost DC/DC, LDOs, GPIO and more

Clock generator with 50 fs rms jitter at 312.5-MHz output frequency

200mV dropout, 3A linear regulator for networking and server apps

CCD surveillance camera chipset from Holtek

New 132 LED driver offers 8-bit dimming control without external resistor

Two phase-dimmable AC/DC LED lighting drivers

IR's automotive-qualified 600 V IGBTs with short circuit rating of 5µs

Sep- 2011

iPhone app by Xilinx for FPGA designers

SATA storage device in PBGA package for defense/aerospace apps

Embedded video-over-Wi-Fi reference design from Qualcomm Atheros and Mindspeed

3600 wafers/hour solar PV metalization equipment with ramp rate up to 200 Deg C/Sec

I²C, SMBus, or SPI interfaced GPIO Expanders

MCU from Atmel with AES-128 protocol stack for car key fobs

4 new rail-to-rail high-speed amplifiers feature 1 nV/vHz noise and 120-V/µs-slew rate

500 Mbps throughput capable powerline comm transceiver IC from Qualcomm Atheros

LCD backlight driver IC from ST senses current from high side

ST-Ericsson designed its 40-nm mobile SoC using Cadence Virtuosa and Encounter

Synopsys enhances its FPGA tool to reduce design errors

LDMOS RF power transistors operates upto 2GHz at a 10-15% increased efficiency

DSP capable 32-bit microcontroller family offers complex processing at optimal power

Thin auto-focus IC for compact cameras and phones

600V Diode rectifiers with 52% thinner PowerDI-5 package saves 43% board space

Elpida makes 4-Gigabit DDR3 SDRAM using 25nm process

36V, single-supply, low-noise opamp for automotive apps

VSTREAM from ARM is extended to support functional SoC validation on RTL simulator tools

1200 V IGBTs for induction heating and resonant switching apps

Power-efficient Ku-Band downconverters with conversion gain of 37 dB-45 dB

Switch-mode LED driver ICs with o/p current range from 350mA to multiple Amps

Frequency translator ICs from IDT translate 8kHz-710MHz to 1MHz -1.3GHz range

Agilents' PXA signal analyzer supports up to 900 MHz of IF bandwidth

DC/DC controller from Intersil with fast transient response for powering core CPUs

13.56MHz interfaced RFID devices from Maxim for access control, e-payment apps

16-Channel LED driver with 6-55V i/p voltage range and o/p upto 75mA/36V

LGA 2011 socket from TE for Intel's Core i7 and Xeon 5 processor chips

Cosmic Circuits announces 28nm roadmap of its VLSI IP offerings

100 Gb Ethernet CMOS PHY and TIA/limiting amplifier for Ethernet receivers

Small size, low loss antenna couplers from ST for 3G n/ws

Low power open-source cell library from Si2 for comflex VLSI design

AMD' new FX CPU operated at a record clock speed of 8.429 GHz

Fanless Workstation built on Intel Core i5/i7 technology with upto 8GB RAM

$995 priced 6-1/2 digit PXI digital multimeter from Agilent

Touch screen controller chip from Semtech senses touch in 3 dimensions

Power enhanced RF power LDMOS transistor from Freescale for ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB-T

60GHz WirelessHD chips from Silicon Image are used in Epson's home projectors

LIN transceiver ICs from Atmel in DFN package

190 uA quiescent current, 14 nV/rtHz at 1 kHz noise, 1.8V to 5.5V voltage range op-amps

New sub-1 GHz RF transceivers from TI targeting low-power wireless apps

Single-wire 5 channel I/O expander with STSW tech

HD audio DSP SoCs for home audio from Trident

Filtering and predictive software from ST for handling multiple i/p data from MEMS

TI's ARM Cortex-A8 processors with 1.0 GHz performance, dissipation less than 2W

Energy metering IC from ADI offers real-time harmonic analysis of polyphase signals

Multi-function USB DAQ modules for test and measurement apps

5, 6 and 8-phase dual output PWM controllers with improved energy efficiency

2.4-GHz wireless USB chip for use in Human Interface Devices

USB 2.0 protection device for portable apps

30-A step-down regulator with integrated MOSFETs

Wind River's Workbench On-Chip debug tool for Intel arch based embedded sys

24V I/p, 100W quarter brick DC/DC converter modules for railway apps

Embedded DisplayPort 1.3-compliant TCON with PSR tech from IDT

Micro/sys uses Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to build COTS SBC

A/V front end IC packs graphics/video digitizer, 3D V-decoder, HDMI Rx and A-codec

Automotive qualified 200A range MOSFETs from IR offer on-res of 1.25 milli-ohms at 40 V

99 cents priced 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 based MCUs for multiple low power apps

Dual-channel, programmable, 6-pole low-pass filters and VGAs in a single chip

3 phase brushless motor pre-driver IC drives upto 60A

Application software for viewing of PCI Express 3.0 packet data

Microcontroller implement safety features in hardware for medical and industrial apps

FBC digital tuning tech based multi-demodulator SoC for satellite TVs

HD Cross-Platform global DTA SoC chip from Broadcom

Intersil's high speed, dual channel 6A MOSFET driver

Dual-interface EEPROM allows wireless access of data via NFC and RFID

Cosmic Circuits tapes out MIPI MPHY in 85nm

SmartFusion cSoC available in leaded 208-PQFP packages from Microsemi

3-channel, 4.5 - 26V input step-down controllers for designing compact power supplies

Low-jitter, low-noise VCSO meet low BER for high speed 40G and 100G optical networks

LDO regulators with PSRR upto 70dB from Holtek

Freescale's MPC560xP MCU and Bosch's ASSP based airbag design for emerging markets

1-Bit, 15 dB step GaAs MMIC digital attenuator for CATV and STB apps

30µA active current drain GPIO controllers packs programmable logic/PWM

Precision current shunt monitors with offset voltage of 10uV and a max gain err of 0.1%

Altera ships 28-Gbps-enabled FPGA for next-gen 100G systems

2.4GHz Front End Module for ZigBee and WiFi apps

8-channel I²C temperature, voltage and current monitor for 3V and 5V systems

Multi-packet processing security engine for wireless and network apps

0.41V VF Schottky diodes in 0.32mm-thin package for battery operated devices

Altera's first 28-nm FPGA development kit

DPI Software from Sensory for Cavium's OCTEON II processors

920MHz frequency band wireless multi-hop communication sys for smart grid app

50A to 180 A, 40V P-Channel MOSFETs for automotive power management

Automotive sensor kit with 8-bit MCUs and MEMS sensors

8-bit microcontrollers for harsh industrial and automotive apps

Agilent enhances its U8903A audio analyzer with AES3, SPDIF and DSI options

400-MMAC / 200-MHz Blackfin DSP available for under $2

Bluetooth v4.0 supporting low energy SoCs from TI can work without external MCUs

Multilayer ceramic coils with inductance of up to 180 nH

Reference design of anti-pinch window lift system for automotives

"Base station-on-chip" SoCs for picocell and femtocell base stations supports multimode

Pre-bias safe 7 Amp buck regulator targets 5V and 3.3V rails

Low cost, low-power OMAP-L1x DSP + ARM processor

USB 2.0 switches with multiplexing, port protection & battery charger detection

Microcontroller with embedded 12-bit A/D converter and 8-bit PWM target home appliances

Aug- 2011

C- and E-Series APUs from AMD for ultrathins

I2C controlled buck-boost regulator with up to 95% efficiency

EastLink selects Ericsson to build Mobile Broadband Network

3-axis digital-output gyroscope with user-programmable full-scale ranges from ±250 dps3 up to ±2000 dps

No-offset I2C-bus buffers supports Fm+

High-resolution video processing IP cores Video SoC designs

Arasan Chip Systems expands additional sales territory to Turkey

Single and dual-channel 14-bit high-speed A/D converters to multimode digital receivers

High precision, 0.1 mA of power consuming dual 16-, 14- and 12-bit DACs

Dual output, low power, high PSRR LDOs

MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer from Anritsu is now with OTU4 mapping option

7V i/p voltage LDOs with PSRR of 70dB from Holtek

Rugged miniature Image Stabilizer from GE measures 34mm x 24mm

Tilera TILEPro64 chip based Gigabit ethernet video processor from GE

Silicon TV tuners to reach $750 million in 2015, estimates In-Stat

Airspan announces 4G small cell base station

Quadlogic selects Lantronix's UDS1100 Ethernet device server

MathWorks adds OPC-HDA support for process Historian Data Analysis within MATLAB

Wind River's fully integrated graphics software stack on Linux platform for processors

Scalable platfrom for delivering HD content in digital home and SMB networking apps

VCSEL and PIN detector integrated 16 Gb fibre channel transceiver from Avago

Mouser Electronics global distribution deal with EasySYNCs

Free demo boards with 0.8V, 0.6µA opamps, ultra low-power voltage monitor ICs

Two new Sound Terminal digital-audio SoC ICs mainly for flat-panel TVs

Receiver FEMs for implementing GNSS functionality in Phones and other handhelds

Compact, rugged DC/AC Inverter for Rail and Industrial Applications

Sub10 Systems to take over HUBER+SUHNER's SENCITYLink product line

Smart-Card IC supporting the latest version of Calypso ticketing open standard

Low power embedded flash controller for Smartphones and Tablet Computers

IP and a reference design for IEEE 1588 PTP on Microsemi's cSoC

TI announces mobile app for iPhone and Android users

e-beam semiconductor wafer defect inspection system for 20nm nodes and below

True RMS-to-DC converter with 100 µV to 3 V dynamic ranges

96% efficient, 3A DC-DC step-down converter

PWM controllers supports half-bridge, full-bridge, interleaved forward and push-pull topologies

Quad/dual channel DVGAs for higher-performance wideband radio systems

12-bit, 1 MSPS, bipolar, 4- and 8-channel SAR ADCs for industrial PLCs

Dualchannel, high definition, ultra low latency H264 encoder card

ONFI-3.0 compliant Universal Flash Controller IP core

WPC compliant wireless charging IC in 7x7 mm package

42V input with 55V transient protection, 2MHz dual channel step-down regulator

Zero-drift arch, 36V, 2MHz bandwidth dual-channel opamp

2 Amp rated power transistor and N type Trench MOSFET in a 2mmx2mm package

Low power NFC device with 8 selectable power modes

Sunplus picks Cadence' transaction-level modeling flow for IC design

200 mA & 1.6 A active bias controllers for Class-A amplifiers

Single and dual comparators form Fairchild Semiconductor consume <10 micro Amps

Low noise figure, low power dissipating GaAs broadband push-pull amplifier for CATV apps

Floating battery interconnection system enhances mobile device connection reliability

GE's PACSystems integrates real-time PROFINET

New evaluation system for AGIGARAM DDR3 Non-Volatile DIMM unveiled

360° phase shift, 1.4 GHz to 2.4 GHz frequency range set of digital phase shifters

Multi-mode signaling tester for LTE and mobile devices apps

0.22-10.0 µH high current inductor with maximum DCR down to 1.61 milli ohms from Vishay

Unclonabe security IP for flash-based FPGAs from Microsemi

8-channel constant current LED display driver IC from Holtek

IEEE 802.3af/at compliance, PoE enabled panel PCs from IEI

LEDs from Cree optimized for use in remote-phosphor lighting

1A, low noise synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter operates from different batteries

Test setup from octoScope for OTA testing of wireless devices

National Semiconductor expands its analog frontend chips for precision sensors

IDTdevelops new architecture for power effecient regulator designs used in computing sys

Fast Ethernet transceiver can receive LVPECL/LVDS to transmit data over POF

Fairchild Semiconductor's Dual Switch Flyback Solution

New MEMS device from ST measure 3 axis of both angular and linear motion

Current limit protected 95% efficient step-down DC/DC Converter for USB 3.0 peripherals

120V input linear regulators from Micrel offers 6uA quiescent current and 90dB+ PSRR

Synchronous 50-mA, 60-V step-down regulator from TI measures 125 mm2

New 128/64/32Mb SRAM chips from Cypress offer 32-bit I/O config with 55-ns access time

High-side power switch with current-sensing and protection circuits for automotive apps

Smallest integrated RTC/crystal device in the market from ST

Intel Atom based fanless boards from IEI has COM port and CAN-bus with isolation

2 GHz, 16 CPU multicore processor from NetLogic packs efficient bus interfaces

Front-end ICs for MoCA mid-band and high-band RF app from M/A-COM

Independent dimming of 48 LED lights possible with Linear's PWM generator chip

Audi cars use National's FPD serdes chips to stream secured HD content in the vehicle

Instrument measures resistance in 2/4-point geometry and Hall effect resistance

GaAs MMIC analog phase shifter for high-rel RF systems

Six channel analog front end IC for three-phase energy metering

Semtech releases firmware update for its ACS9510 device

Atmel adds 5 new members to its ARM926-based MCU family

Automotive grade three phase MOSFET pre-driver IC for BLDC motors

Chip-to-Chip Link tech is licensed by 10 SoC vendors for mobile phone apps

M/A-COM introduces 8-way active splitter for CATV apps

Commercially available small cell 2G and 3G station from Cambridge Consultants

Audio subsystem IC from IDT packs clock generator

16-bit delta-sigma ADC packs PGA, reference, temp sensor and multiplexer

Hall effect based fan driver IC can drive fan using PWM or anlog signals

July- 2011

Cree 11.5W LED replacement for 50W Downlight MR16 fixture

VCXOs from Pericom Semiconductor for demanding telecom apps

3-MHz sync DC/DC converter offers both hysteretic and voltage mode control

SmartFusion chips from Microsemi supports FreeRTOS

AEC-Q100 version of LED driver chip from Micrel

Radiation hardened space-grade Virtex-5QV FPGA from Xilinx in production volumes

Class-G headphone and Class-D speaker amps enable power efficient audio amplification

4.5-20 V input, 0.6-18V dual output voltage, 3 Amp switching regulator from ADI

Stellaris 2.4 GHz CC2560 wireless Kit enables Bluetooth evaluation in 10 minutes

Battery protection and cell-balancing IC for Li-Ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries

USB avionics device from DDC features concurrent MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT, and MT functionality

Low power, 8 Watts, 2 x 10G single chip OTN muxponder solution from Exar

Linux-based wireless device server from Lantronix comes with dev. Platform

Multi-protocol, 4-channel extender operates up to 14.1Gbps consuming 100mW/channel

Analog Control VGA from M/A-COM for cellular Infrastructure apps

0.25mm pitch Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors from TE

14-bit ADC ADS4246 from TI uses 332 mW total power at 160 MSPS

New high speed CCD/CIS analog signal processor device from Holtek

Power IC from ADI packs two 1.2 Amp switching regulators and two 300mA LDOs

Piezo haptic driver packs 105-V boost converter, power diode, and 50-V to 200-V diff amp

Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI software is available on ST's SPEAr processors

Signal-conditioning ESD protection IC compatible with HDMI 1.3a and 1.4

16-bit Hall-effect magnetic encoder for sensing position in harsh conditions

Samsung selects Cypress' optical navigation sys for its Android phones

Virtual prototyping tool from Synopsys for faster validation of SoC and software

Avago adds 30V line drivers for industrial automation apps

ISO 26262 compliant automotive MCUs for power steering and motor driving in electric cars

MCU can be WiFi-interface enabled to perform e-mail, FTP, SSL, and Web server ops

8 new semiconductor equipment products from Applied

Applied Materials' new equipments does atomic scale chips

Low power 1Gb EPON chip from Qualcomm Atheros

256/128/64Kb FRAM chips with SPI interface from Fujitsu

ASML Enhances semiconductor chip throughput from 175 to 200 wafers/hour at 125 shots

Hardware monitoring IC chip supports PECI 3.0 interface

White organic LEDs with light output capability of 60 lumens/watt

IR offers dual HEXFET MOSFETs in 2mmx2mmx1mm measuring PQFN package

Isolated amp and delta sigma modulator from TI for power electronics apps

Free PFC power supply design reference from Power Integrations

12 new ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers from Energy Micro for industrial system apps

Applied enhances its RTP temperature annealing eqipment for sub 28nm semiconductor process

IC automatically operates auto- windshield glass wipers sensing mist, fog and rain

AMD: AMD Radeon HD 6990M is the world's fastest single mobile graphics processor

New NAND flash memory wafer and package test solutions from Advantest

Riviera-PRO from Aldec features UVM transaction-level visual debugging

Oxide, doped oxide and nitride CFD films for advanced semiconductor manufacturing

Atmel samples 32-bit ARM Cortex -M3-based MCUs with 1MB Flash and 128KB SRAM

TI unveils low-cost sub-1 GHz RF Value Line product family

Chips&Media's video codec employed in Freescale latest i.MX 6 series

4 x 4 x 0.6mm measuring 4 Amps PoL voltage regulator chip from Semtech

New i.MX50 chips from Freescale integrates electronic paper display controllers

Interoperable FCoE offload solution on the CNA with speeds up to 1.7 million IOPs

Adobe AIR 2.5 for TV ported and certified on ST's STB SoC IC STi7108

New surface defect inspection system from KLA Tencor for semicon wafers

Nova's Optical CD supports measure of vertical dimension in 3D semiconductor ICs

Polyester labels for solar panels from TE are now UL recognized

Temperature-to-voltage converter with built-in series resistance cancellation

10 Amps capable shielded connector for the cat5e lines

MEMS based voltage controlled temperature compensated oscillator from SiTime

TI's kit and module for developing WiFi AP featured Sitara processor based designs

Display SoC from ST integrates DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4

60 MIPS, 16-bit dsPIC digital signal controllers and PIC24 microcontrollers from Microchip

Unipolar two-phase microstepping motor driver chip from Allegro

Camera Link IP core for Altera's Cyclone FPGAs

2.5 x 2.5mm measuring micro plastic BGA packaged mobile FPGA chips for mobile apps

Isolated 15A 48V DC/DC converters meets DOSA standards

1.0 V output voltage capable rad-hard DC-DC converter chip for powering DSP and FPGA chips

Instrumentation amp with high CMRR of 100 dB while consuming 75 uA

Mini-ITX Single Board Computer with Intel Atom D425/D525 processor and DDR3 support

Cosmic Circuits M-PHY silicon proven in 40nm

MTI Radiocomp enables 'base station on a chip' with JESD-solution

Advantech's new motion master module APAX-5202P for manufacturing equipments

Intel Atom processor D525 based Mini ITX motherboard from Axiomtek

USB2.0 integrated speaker MCU from Holtek

CMOS based 3D Digital MEMS compass made by Baolab

85-300V AC I/P and 24V/75A, 48V/60 A DC O/P rectifiers with conv. efficiency up to 96.5%

Cypress launches USB 3.0 West Bridge peripheral controllers for mobile devices

High bright RGB LEDs from Avago for signage applications

Current sense amp with dual comparators and a precision 400mV voltage reference

Molex adds latched picoflex header to its Picoflex IDT connector family

Ramtron sampling IBM made 64-Kb serial F-RAM chip

High sensitive CMOS image sensor from Toshiba with pixel size of 1.12 micrometer

Simulink Design Verifier 2.0 with automated error detection and test generation feature

Thermoelectric tubes generate 1.3 W of electricity by using hot water of 90 °C

Freescale QorIQ P2020 processor based AdvancedMC processor module from Kontron

June- 2011

USB PC scope from Pico offers BW of 500 MHz and sampling rate of 5 GS/s

Software-based GPS solution for the CEVA-XC communications processor

New16-bit PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs for low-cost, sensorless motor-control apps

1.8mm to 3.4mm scalable spring finger connectors from TE for mobile electronic devices

Kilopass expanding its OTP NVM on SMIC's 55 nm logic CMOS process

Aeroflex adds avionics waveforms to its S-Series SGA signal generators

SATIMO's MV-Scan is paired with Anritsu's MT8820C for fast LTE OTA testing

90 watts Quad/Single PoE controller chips from Linear

Sealed 5-row 55/65-circuit CMX connector for automotive apps

HV power management chips for telecom equipment supports PMBus

32-bit MCUs for real-time motor-control of electric cars/vehicles

Cavium Dual OCTEON II processor based 40G ATCA packet processing blade from Emerson

High-temperature DAQ evaluation module from TI to design products for harsh conditions

ESCATEC's EMS facility gets ISO Class 7 clean room

Device from ADI packs MEMS and signal processing to measure pitch and roll of ±180 degrees

Precision current limited P-channel MOSFET power switches from Advanced Analogic

Digital audio IC works without MCU in audio-logo clip apps

Elpida samples stacked DDR3 SDRAM made by using TSV tech

MMC/eMMC 4.5 Device Controller IP from Arasan

9Gb DDR3 SDRAM memory device packaged in a single PBGA

Rogers to use Himag's 99% efficient planar transformer tech in its power electronics products

Gen purpose 16-bit MCU from Renesas integrate DTC, ELC and advanced Timer

Cost optimized 1200V silicon carbide Schottky diodes from Cree

Analog startup Touchstone Semiconductor launches precision comparator ICs

NXP's NFC chip for car key to make it multi functional

Ultra-low noise, low-power low-distortion instrumentation amplifier from ADI

Mobile data terminal for use in off-road vehicle and stationary applications

ARM Cortex-A9 based quad-core app processor for consumer gadgets

Precision MEMS pressure sensor from Freescale Semiconductor for altitude detection

M2M specialist adds GPS functionality to its M2M module

100V half-bridge gate driver for GaN power FETs from National Semiconductor

Automatic EHDR Image Sensor from Melexis for driver assistance and night vision systems

Design guide for developing high-voltage, high-power systems

16-bit automotive MCUs offering 32-bit performance at 8-bit cost

High voltage capable LED driver can drive 32 strings of LEDs

SynaptiCAD's HDL tool supports C++ and SystemC

Circuit to board connector from Molex eliminates need for mating connectors at each point

CAN to USB interface works in harsh weather

2.7V RF power amp from Microchip for embedded WLAN apps

24-core, 64-bit Power arch processor offers extreme performance

Crystal unit with a thermistor to replace TCXO in mobile handsetI

RF power devices from Freescale offer 5 points higher efficiency compared to LDMOS

2-Mb serial EEPROM in SO8N package for storing large size code

Melexis offers programmable linear hall sensors in SMD package

32-bit Cortex-M0 based microcontroller with built-in USB Full Speed 2.0 from Nuvoton

Enhanced AES crypto engine from Barco Silex

WiFi module for M2M applications with Internet connection

Multi-core embedded processor for communication CPEs

TTL compatible 74AHCT1Gxx logic ICs from Diodes replaces bipolar/CMOS parts

Intel G41 Chipset based 15" -19" panel PCs from IEI

Single/dual-channel power distribution switches supporting USB 3.0 specs

MCU from Freescale packs 40V analog and NVM for automotive apps

TMS320C66x and ARM Cortex-A8 based SoCs for multistandard basestations of any size

Faster and smaller in-circuit debugger and programmer from Atmel

100 MHz/100 MIPS 32-bit core powered DSC for motor control apps

Intel Atom powered MOCA based Video gateway and STB reference designs

SAS/SATA backplane controller chip from AMI

Adax, SURF and RadiSys deliver ATCA-based LTE

Temperature Switch IC to keep devices within a normal operating temp range

Dual core MCU with TI's C28X and ARM Cortex-M3 core

NXP's small-signal MOSFETs with low on-resistance of 18 milli ohms

25milli ohms on-resistance complementary MOSFET pair for DC motor control apps

Power management ICs for ARM multicore processor chips

Toshiba developed time-to-digital converter with interpolation circuits to reduce phase-noise

Memory chips transit from a zero-power state to a 5+ Gb/s data transfer rate in 5 ns

Software drivers from Atmel supporting popular sensors in the market

ST's touchscreen tech detects atto-Farad capacitance variation with noise immunity

Sony enhanced its FeliCa contactless IC chip to support AES

Boot code protection solutions for TI's processor chips

Anritsu's VNA provides measurement analysis from 70 kHz to 750 GHz

ICs for designing MP grade sync rectified isolated forward converter

Control and synchronous MOSFET, and a Schottky body diode in PQFN package

1GHz full-band capture digital tuning tech for IP-based video platforms

AMD launched software tools to optimize apps for OpenCL standards

Inductor free WLED driver can drive a single LED up to 800mA

IDT delivers single-chip enterprise-class flash controller with native PCIe

High performance differential RF/IF amplifier for driving high-speed ADC

Multiservice processor for wireless backhaul, wireless controllers and media gateways

Processors packed TV chip from Panasonic for internet connected smart TVs

Multi-channel, high-speed digital isolator with robust HV insulation from Avago

SBC from Advantech supports LGA775 Intel Core 2 Quad processors

Flexible stereo audio codec with two fully programmable miniDSP cores

System-Level Verification IP from Jasper for ARM ACE-based SoCs

3-axis digital accelerometer with a 2-axis digital gyroscope in a single device

AWR and LFoundry introduce 0.15µm RF CMOS PDK

ARM Cortex-M0 based microcontroller with USB2.0

LDMOS RF power transistors from NXP offers power and efficiency advantage

Verification IP for ARM's AMBA 4 Coherency Extensions protocol

Mentor is providing DRC and LVS tools to make 3D-ICs

Production yield enhancing solar PV solution from KLA-Tencor

Common embedded software development platform for all stages

Broadband IQ Modulators with fractional-N synthesizers and VCO

Freescale licenses memory controllers and serial links from Rambus

Cypress' touch screen controllers supports waterproofing

Multi-channel RF recorder for automotive and navigation applications

ICube integrates CPU and GPU processors into one unified core

Connectors for secure placement of LEDs on interconnecting panels in TVs

Agilent adds new member to its RF network analyzers family

AMD launches 9-series Chipsets for Desktop PCs

MIPI M-PHY Test Suite from Agilent

Agilent's simulation and modeling software for TSMC's Wireless Kit

Four EtherNet/IP-based remote I/O modules from Advantech

High gain low power base station RF ICs from Triquint

NXP's new GaN process technology supports towards a "universal transmitter"

Solar cell battery charging IC for mobile phones

80V power MOSFETs from ST for solar micro-inverters

Radiation hardened power MOSFET first time from a European manufacturer

MEMS tech enables temperature measurement by pointing the IR sensor to the object

NXP offers plastic packaged RF power transistors with cost advantage

Holtek launches 32 bit MCUs based on ARM cortex processor core

3D linear position sensor for automotive & industrial apps

PDK for 0.18µm HV CMOS technology for austriamicrosystems' foundry

2D Hall type position sensor for measuring long distances in automotive and industrial apps

Mentor's HL synthesis tool now supports TLM

BittWorks II Toolkit from BittWare for signal processing apps using FPGA

EPON ONU from Cortina supports IPv4/IPv6 co-existence

Multi-output WLED/RGB driver for backlighting LCD monitors and televisions

EDA Simulator Link 3.3 from MathWorks with new FPGA-in-the-loop

75-Ohm RF SPDT switch for broadband applications

PLL with Integrated VCO can generate an RF frequency between 35 MHz to 4400 MHz

ADI releases enhanced RF design software tools to support its latest RF ICs

NXP debuts its NFC partner program in China and Taiwan

60GHz device supporting WiGig and IEEE802.11ad specs developed by Panasonic

100-150V rated PowerTrench MOSFET from Fairchild in industrial-type packages

Avnet to distribute Aldec's Active-HDL in Asia

TDK-Lambda power supply selection app on iPhone and Android

New intrusion motion sensing IC from Zilog for security apps

Module integrates both switch and LNA for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE base stations

RF front-end module for WiMAX radios can co-exist with other wireless interface

20A, 25A, and 30A rated SMD fuses in 3812 size

SLEC from Calypto does C to C, C to RTL and RTL to RTL equivalency checks

TSMC incorporates Berkeley's Analog FastSPICE in its AMS Ref. Flow 2.0

16 Gbps PCIe Gen2 to 16 Gbps RapidIO Gen2 bridge chip from IDTI

White LED drivers for driving up to six high current WLEDs for signage lighting

Synopsys collaborates with ST in taping out ST's 20-nm test chip

OMAP4470 app processor packs processing power, graphics and display functions

The 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 combo chip from Ralink

IEEE802.3ba- and MSA-compliant IC for 100 Gigabit Ethernet CFP optical interfaces

Radio SoC from Holtek for Walkie-talkie

TI introduces isolated DC/DC converter for low-noise 2-W power supplies

Wi-Fi Bluetooth and FM in single chip from Qualcomm Atheros

ARM Cortex M3 based MCU with built in LCD controller

1G to 10G scalable EPON IC from Broadcom

TDK to mass-produce its See-through HD organic electroluminescent display

Two New GPS frequency and timing modules from Bliley

NetLogic to volume produce XLP316L multi-core processors

Enhanced R&S ETL TV analyzer for ATSC Mobile DTV

May- 2011

HD video/audio wireless chips with processors and transceivers operating at 60 GHz

Broadcom adds new member to its family of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chips

Security processor from Broadcom to authenticate and protect the data

Serial RapidIO development platform using new switches and clocking chips from IDT

New AC-DC converter power management ICs from Holtek

Freescale's ZigBee supporting MCUs MC1323x is now available in production volumes

SMSC is showcasing its digital wireless audio tech at Computex ,Taiwan

PMU IP from Chipus for SoC designs

Ricoh develops electronic paper with improved brightness and color ability

C&K develops vertical and right angle illuminated Tactile Switches

Multi-Channel analyzer for 802.15.4/ZigBee and profiles for SubGHz networks

Micron sampling its Next-Gen RLDRAM Memory

500 MHz 3dB bandwidth quadrature modulator ICs for cellular infrastructure

Compact capacitance meters from B&K measure up to 200mF at 0.5% accuracy

ESI-TRX401 wireless transceiver radio IP for ISM band of 400-960 MHz

JAGUAR family of Android 3.X tablet reference platforms from ZiiLABS

Version 5 of PowerPro from Calypto does faster RTL power optimization

200 Gb network processor with integrated traffic management from EZchip

40Gb/s System-on-Chip (SoC) for coherent optical networking from PMC-Sierra

Low power Gb Ethernet physical layer devices from Vitesse

High-speed in-vehicle data bus assemblies from Molex

3U OpenVPX PCIe and Ethernet hybrid switch for high performance embedded computing

Fanless panel PCs for human machine interface apps

600mA o/p current, 30V buck switching regulator MCP16301 from Microchip

HD display driver IC from Orise made using TSMC's 80nm HV process

TE's NECTOR S line connectors receive UL approval

Accelicon supports Keithley 4225 modules

LIN controlled automotive alternator regulator from Freescale

Analog front end IC from ADI for automotive radars

MOSFETs from Fairchild switch 50 Amps current at 2 MHz

Ramtron starts shipping IBM made FRAM chips

StripFET and DeepGATE MOSFETS from ST for automotive are in production

Two port processor and transmitter ICs supporting HDMI 1.4a

Fairchild offering a tool to select its motion control devices

HD video encoder processor from Sigma Designs

New motor drivers from TI for stepper, brushed DC motors handle up to 5 Amps

HDMI 1.4a protocol analyzer and generator from Agilent supports 4K x2K resolution

Aldec Design Emulator offers 4MHZ emulation speed

Probe Visualizer for verification and debug of FPGA-based prototype boards

Low profile modulator AC/DC power supply from Power-One

AMD launches 2 new G-series APUs for Fanless Embedded Systems

High temperature dual axis accelerometer sensor for rugged apps

Broadcom expands its Gigabit Ethernet IC family with new chips supporting IEEE802.3az

Infineon launches security Microcontroller supporting NFC

Intelligent power switch with active di/dt control for automotive motor driver

NXP's MOSFETs with performance improvement in six key parameters

Quad channel 16-bit ADC from TI delivers SNR of 84.6 dBFS

TI adds new MCU kits for digital power supply design

ADI's "Out of the box" development platform for motor control applications

Single-chip 5-kVrms signal- and power-isolated RS-485 data transceivers

Distance-to-PIM tech based test-gear from Anritsu for BTS testing

NXP Semiconductor demos car communication sys based on IEEE802.11P

NXP to make its IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless n/w software an open source

Infineon's new power semiconductor devices speak energy efficiency

New ballast controller from ST meets ENERGY STAR requirements

New optocouplers from Avago in SO6 package 40% smaller than DIP

Power-One launches new-look 2.0kW single-phase solar inverter

Westcode's two new packages for thyristor packs more power

22V latch-up proof quad switches from ADI for industrial and automotive apps

60V N-Channel MOSFET with RDS (ON) of 2.5 milli Ohms

Atmel extends its cryptoAuthentication family supporting AES

DVB-C2 software coder for R&S SFU signal generator

HB LED in PLCC-2 package encapsulated in a heat-resistant silicone resin

Online PCB design environment by Cadence for ORCAD users

1000-lumen LMR4 LED module from Cree delivers 66-lumens/W efficiency

RoHS-compliant solderless LED sockets from TE

Linear's 8A step-down µModule regulator certified by TUV Rheinland

Digital signage media player from Advantech based on AMD G-Series APU

Switching ICs from Power Integration offer zero stand-by power

LED Driver IC for automotive head lamps and DRLs

1.95mm SIM card connector for space constrained phones

NAND flash controller IP supports ONFI 3.0

1080P video engine with built-in HDMI transmitter

Digital temperature sensor take a footprint of less than 1 squre mm area

Image sensor from Panasonic captures uneven brightness and color

Resistive touch panel controller from Fujitsu supports dual touch

Octeon II based 40G ATCA packet processing module for LTE Networks

Media processor for Android 3.0 based tablet computers

Single/dual-channel wideband passive mixers for communications apps

80 to 220 MHz frequency range VCXOs for telecom and embedded apps

7mmx 7mm DAC from ADI deliver data rate of 1.2 GSPS at low-noise of -164 dBm/Hz

ST's MEMS sensors for sensing linear, angular and magnetic motion with altitude readings

Viper probe cards for testing wafer-level chip-scale packaged devices

Parade expands USB 3.0 product line with dual repeater/redriver chip

Processor companion chip with FRAM, RTC and TCXO

16 bit MCU with 16KB FRAM from TI for data logging and wireless remote sensing apps

Quantenna chips wirelessly deliver HD video to multiple TVs in home

3mmx3mm 18-V hot-swap controller with programmable FET SOA protection

TI releases WCSP packaged 93% efficient wireless charger IC

Mil/Aerospace grade ceramic-stacked capacitors from Kemet

Bosch uses Cadence Vituoso for unified custom/analog flow

The new floating point co-processor from BittWare for FPGAs

1200W rectifier for the network power systems from Power One

Fully managed openVPX 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch from GE-IP for HPC and n/w apps

Software-defined digital-up-down-converter supports 48 channels for wireless apps

32GB capacity SSD drives in BGA package with SATA AND PATA interface

New version of IO Libraries suite software for PXI instruments from Agilent

IXYS and GMCH partner in manufacturing power semiconductor devices for electrics cars

Eval boards and Reference kits from Atmel supporting ZigBee interface to MCU

ARM Mali 200 powered new embedded processor from ST crunch video data smoothly

DDC's new high accuracy ½ size PCIe synchro/resolver output card

New version 9.1 of Tina; spice based analog design software from TI

Gen purpose ARM Cortex M3 Core based 32-bit MCUs supports precision motor control

PC-Based air interface drive test and analysis tools for wireless data network deployment

Waveform signal generator software from Agilent for testers

DisplayPort 1.2 source compliance and validation software from Agilent

300W Micro-Inverter and DC/DC Power Optimizer for solar power conversion

Embedded module for connecting and sharing any USB device on a network

GNU based coding tool suite from Mentor for Embedded software dev

LSI shipped more than 750,000 storage adapters based on 6Gb/s SAS technology

Cadence's tool suite ensures tight handshake between vlsi board and sofware dev

Atmel launches new MCU kits named Xplained supporting its range of MCUs

Wipro's Tarang partner with Canada's CSA for certifying products

Software for DC parametric testing on discrete semiconductor devices

Intelligent safety watchdog IC chip for automotives

High-speed serial interface for ADC and DACs by NXP

The Qualcomm AR Android SDK available for smart phone developers

New Cadence Allegro 16.5 release strengthens connectivity

2 Amp sync step-down DC/DC converters from Torex

SystemVue 2011.03 from Agilent for wireless SoC designers

Monolithic 320V isolated analog switch array replaces mechanical relays

Non-isolated step down LED driver IC for LED tube and bulbs

Water resistant LEDs for outdoor screens

Geo-magnetic 2 modules for three-axis sensing of linear and magnetic motion

Direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs with advantage of size and power saving

Wireless node platform developed around the low power ARM7 Cortex M3

Advanced Mezzanine Card based on TI's TMS320C66x and Virtex-6 FPGA

Free plug-in software for configuring TI's MSP430 microcontroller peripherals

Double Oven OCXO for communications & GPS applications

Toshiba develops 7.0-inch LTPS TFT LCD for automotive and industrial apps

Software kit, Linux support and libraries for TI's C66X DSP family

Apr- 2011

MEMS Oscillator devices for flash memory based storage drives

Poly-phase power metering ICs from IDT offer wide dynamic range

New MEMS Microphones from ST for mobile devices

Free PCB design software from RS Components

G-Series processors from AMD get RTOS support from Express Logic

AC/DC converters deliver 11 Amps at 5V and 2.5 Amps at 24V for medical electronics apps

LDMOS RF power transistors supporting PCS and TD-SCDMA standards

Quad-band transmit modules for the multi-mode 3G entry handsets

LED lighting circuit reference design from Power Integrations

MCU chip withstands temperature of 210 Deg C

NAND flash memory compatible high-speed SATA controller from TDK

25-W digital audio power amp for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers

Low power 12bit ADC consumes 660 MW at 500 MSPS

Embedded multi-time programmable NVM in 40nm

ICs and software for designing capacitance touch interface to TI's MCUs

Lenovo uses Dialog Semiconductor's PMOLED driver ICs in its S800 feature phone

LED charge pump backlight driver IC featuring independent control of nine LED current sinks

Toshiba launches glass-free 3D Notebook computer in Japan

Atmel launches capacitive touch controllers with integrated haptic effects

Controller IC for Solid State LED lighting

Atheros Launches Industry's First HomePlug Green PHY Emulation Platform

10/100 Ethernet device server allows connecting RS232C serial device to an Ethernet network

Synopsys' CustomExplorer Ultra for mixed-signal verification of SoC

$790 priced Oscilloscope from Tektronix for EE students and first timers

Majority of Semiconductor fabs are in seismic zone

VeriSilicon selects Verdi automated Debug system from SpringSoft

FPGA development kit for $99 from Lattice Semiconductor

Altera sampling its 28nm FPGA packing 3.9 billion transistors

SMPS power supply reference design from Infineon for PC/servers is 92.35% efficient

Intel and Micron's new 20nm process produce 8GB flash chip measuring 118mm2

Semiconductor packaging innovation by EoPlex to produce a "super QFN"

Silicon Laboratories introduce two USB MCU families for range of apps

OCP interface' 2-D burst and power management features adopted in OMAP 4

MIPS processor core powers new GPON chips from BroadLight

XMOS' processors are used in digital audio systems in train cars

Cypress Semiconductor supports PSoC 3 with new kit and software

Anobit licenses Analog IP from Cosmic Circuits for designing memory controllers

New ARM Cortex-M0 based MCUs from NXP with USB and smart card interface

Software tools for analysis of digital media files on a PC

USB pluggable DSP development kit from TI

0.8mm x 0.8mm CSP packaged hall Effect switch from Diodes

MIPI RFFE IP Core from Arasan

Aesthetically designed LED lighting connectors from TE with easy terminations

Airspan Networks selects NetLogic's XLP multi-core processors for its 4G LTE base stations

Lighting-class LED array for omnidirectional bulbs or directional downlights

Cortina adds new member to its 40G/10G optical transport processor family

American Megatrends introduces dual controller SAN for disaster recovery needs

AWR's software used by NI to develop its Vector Signal Analyzer

Dot matrix LED control driver IC from Holtek for LED panel display/control design

MCU kit for brushless DC and permanent magnet synchronous motors

Agilent's Vector Network Analysis tool for Tera Hertz measurements

NXP has shipped 0.5 billion ABS speed sensor modules

Intel Atom D525/D425 based embedded industrial computer with Integrated display interface

Freescale Semiconductor to market Fuji Electric's IGBTs for Electric vehicles

Mentor Graphics' new spice simulator 'Eldo Premier tool'

FE module for wireless mobile devices combine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios

Precision op amp from ADI offers zero drift and lowest voltage noise in the industry

Acer choose Atmel maXTouch touch controller chip for its Android tablet

IEI embedded boards to support Intel BLDK for a fast OS booting

Holtek HT16C23/HT16C24 high pixel count I2C Interface LCD Driver

10 Amp PCB mountable DC/DC converter modules from National Semiconductor

MEMS based oscillators from SiTime are better than quartz oscillators for tablet PCs

TI receive certification from the USB-IF for its USB 3.0 4-port xHCI

Cadence DDR4 IP offerings: PHY IP; controller IP; memory models; verification IP; tools and methodologies

Cree's LMH6 high-bright LED module delivers 2000 lumens at 74 lumens per watt

100-V LDO and 60-V DC/DC controller from TI designed to withstand high-voltage

New 3 phase brushless DC motor pre-driver IC from Allegro

Commercialized ceramic capacitors from Murata for automotive

Toshiba introduces new embedded-NAND flash memory with ECC function in 24nm

Kilopass makes testchip of its 2T antifuse using TSMC 28nm HKMG process

Sidense' OTP NV memory meet the assessment requirements of TSMC's IP9000

Analog AFE IC from TI for ECG/EEG packs full of functions and performance

Elpida develops 4-Gb DDR2 Mobile DRAM

CSR adds Wi-Fi to its automotive-grade chips

Android application for collecting and monitoring sports data from ANT+ devices

Analog switch array IC packs four 320V bidirectional relays for telecom apps

Improved FPGA module with USB2.0 interface for system prototyping

MATLAB Coder software generates C/C++ program code directly from MATLAB algorithms

New LED from Cree replicate the uniformity of incandescent light bulbs

High-rel RFID chips from NXP Semiconductors with segmentable user memory

EtherNet/IP-based remote I/O modules from Advantech

1.5 Amp LED driver for low voltage LED lamps

Acme's Net-Net SD SBC is interoperable with Alcatel-Lucent's SIP solutions

Outdoor wireless mesh optimized for Video from Aruba Networks

KLA-Tencor develops tools to characterize 3D shapes of semiconductor ICs

Axiomtek launches wide-temp Intel Atom N450/D510 based embedded computer

HD video surveillance chipset jointly by Altera, Apical, AltaSens

30V, 40 mA, 16-channel LED driver for LED video wall apps

Texas Instruments licenses EtherCAT for embedded ARM core based chips

Programmable metrology devices for low-cost AFE

2Gb DDR4 DRAM from Hynix Semiconductor is twice faster than DDR3

Data reduction and security solution for primary and cloud-based storage

Integrated gate driver ICs for automotive BLDC motor-control apps

AMD Geode processor based single board computer from Kontron

Web-based line sweep and documentation tracking tool from Anritsu

4x4x1mm3 measuring 3-axis analog-output gyroscope for mobile devices

Low temp optically clear epoxy for electronic components

RapidIO switch IC from IDT supports eight x4 ports at up to 6.25 Gbaud per lane

High speed logic gates families from Diode Inc

Diodes packs 3 of its MOSFETs in less space consuming DFN3020 package

uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III kernels supports IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v 6.20

austriamicrosystems release 0.18µm HV CMOS process for volume production

Synopsys' USB, HDMI, PCI Express, DDR and SATA IPs for TSMC's 28nm process

Holtek New HT48R06xG and HT46R06xG MCUs with OPA and Comparator

ANADIGICS' hybrid line amplifiers for Shanghai Qianjin Electronics' Optical Receivers

Smart power semiconductor tech from ST to reduce power consumption

Battery simulator designed for testing of battery powered devices

Low-cost 8-bit MCU for low power embedded apps

Mar - 2011

LIN transceiver IC with on-chip voltage regulator in 3x3mm package

Xilinx sampling its 7 series 28nm FPGAs

Digitally controlled IF VGA with low noise figure of less than 3.0 dB

Transistors for UHF and FM broadcast with improved thermal properties

Backhaul System from BridgeWave for picocells

Xincomm' LTE baseband chips to use CEVA DSP Core

Digital video recorder and IP camera reference designs from TI

10/12 bit 250 MSPS ADC and 14-bit 400 MSPS DAC VLSI IP from Synopsys

8-bit, 20-pin MCUs from Microchip with remote firmware update

High-fidelity class AB audio amplifier ICs delivering 100dB Signal to Noise Ratio

16 bit, 1.25-GSPS DAC consumes 250 mW per channel

Clean out the clock jitter using National Semiconductor's LMK04800 ICs

Design Guides/reference manuals on CapSense by Cypress

Rugged and low power consuming MEMS oscillator from SiTime

NetLogic supports Windows Embedded 7 for its embedded processors

Semiconductor IP startup Uniquify granted patent related to DDR2/DDR3 timing

New video IC from Chrontel delivers HDMI, LVDS, HDTV, DVI and VGA Outputs

Set of IC chips for solar PV inverter design optimizes power conversion

Aeroflex enhanced its PXI test sys with LTE TDD Measurement suite

High side current monitors for load current sensing

Voltage detector with independent sense input and own supply

Quantenna's 4x4 MIMO 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset stream video over Wi-Fi

3DTV development tool from Mentor visualizes 3D pictures

WLAN fitted medical-grade computer terminals for POC use in hospitals

3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wirelesse exclusively from Sprint

Ultra-compact digital signage player powered by AMD's G-series Fusion APU

Agilent's 89600B vector signal analysis software can test IEEE 802.11ac signals

Charge pump based LED driver for portable devices

RJ45 modular jacks integrated with magnetics to support 10GBase-T

Delta Launches New DPR 850B Rectifier

Docea updates its power modeling software

EMC Filters for solar PV inverters up to 1500Amps

5GHz WiFi modules with integrated power amplifiers from RFMD

10 Gbps CMOS Multiplexer/Demultiplexer switch from NXP

5.25" SBC with Intel Atom D425/D525 processor and Quad PCIe

Class H VDSL line driver with adjustable quiescent current

VHF/UHF LNAs for mobile devices

Applied's new DUV laser scanning detects 40nm particles on wafers

FPGA development learner board for embedded system applications

Wireless router to bridge ZigBee wireless sensor networks and the Internet

XMOS launches new development tool with graphical run-time analyzer

Power factor correction ICs from IR for wide range of apps

Akustica to unveil its MEMS device at Globalpress Electronics Summit 2011

SoC designer Amlogic employs Synopsys' CustomSim tool

New enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon FETs from EPC

BTU to debut dual-lane solder reflow ovens with independent lane speeds

National Semiconductor launches architect to design processor power supply

Semiconductor equipment supporting pre- and post-processing of low K dielectric

Component inspector system for tape and reel packaging from KLA-Tencor

Unisem added new 12-inch semiconductor wafer prober

360 Degree enhanced unified custom/analog flow from Cadence

ST's new power semiconductor package SMBflat offers high current in small size

UL-60950-1 safety certified 10/15 Watts DC/DC converters from Recom

Aeroflex adds 3GPP DC-HSDPA rel-9 support to its TM500

ADCs with independently controlled voltage references

DisplayPort 1.2 Dual Mode HDMI Demultiplexer ICs from Parade Technologies

Soldering products for low volume, high mix applications from APS Novastar

DC/DC controller with balanced current sharing between channels

Typemock's new concept 'adaptive bug prevention' in software development

New energy-measurement system on chip (SoC) from Maxim

Radio SoC with ARM-9, modem, an RF transceiver and audio in single chip

Freescale's Qorivva MCUs for automotive safety electronics

High IF sampling 14-bit, 170Msps, 210Msps and 250Msps ADCs

Mentor's new Calibre RealTime offer instantaneous DRC

Murata offering software and hardware for a smart LED lighting system

Xilinx updates its FPGA software 'ISE design suite' to support 7 series

Full-bridge PWM controllers with integrated MOSFET gate drivers

VDSL2/ADSL2+ processor from Ralink supports designing VDSL sys on 2-layer PCB

Anritsu tools help Gennum to demo its XGPON and 10G EPON chip set

Current sense amplifier ICs with zero drift

11-Gbps and 6-Gbps optical receivers with on-chip photodiode and TIA

High temperature withstanding instrumentation amplifier IC from ADI

Kit from IEI to extend the VGA cable as long as 100 meters

Increasing use of MIPI interface between camera and processor

Tools from Synopsys and Mentor for Xilinx' FPGA design synthesis

Fiber-optic transceivers with 14.025-Gbps from Avago

Wide temperature din-rail fanless embedded system based on AMD LX800 processor

Azimuth Systems introduces OTA test solution for testing LTE devices

ON Semiconductor's new power ICs for ac/dc adapters of consumer electronics

Terabyte of solid state storage in a single 3U VPX slot from X-ES

11-Gbps and 6-Gbps integrated optical receivers from ADI

AMD: The new Radeon 6990 is the fastest graphics card in the world

Flash memory controller for smartphones for 2/3 bit-per-cell NAND flash

Mobile phone charger IC with low stand by current

10-bit magnetic rotary encoder with integrated wake-up & power-down feature

Barco launches first 2Kx2K main display with replaceable LED backlights for Air Traffic Control

LVDS to DisplayPort converter ICs compatible with WUXGA resolutions

FPGA platform for 100G OTN both by Xilinx and Altera

New LTPS LCD display manufacturing equipment from Applied Materials

ARM Cortex-M0 based system-on-chip (SoC) radios from Energy Micro

Synopsys introduces a tool to check chip designs for litho bugs

Signal repeater ICs for SATA

ISM band range RF module supporting wireless transmission range of 500 meters

Precision digital temperature sensors with registers and Serial EEPROM

Chip to protect MCUs from hacking

ISM band RF transceiver ICs featuring range beyond 10 kms

MEMS gyro with rotation sensing rate of ±50,000°/sec

Two high-MIPS video processors for designing HD video equipments

PCI Express connector from Fujitsu for harsh conditions

Bobcat core based AMD G-series processors for high-end embedded systems

Infineon's New 16-bit controllers XE16xL and XE16xU for motor control apps

8 bit MCU with CAN consumes less than 20nA while sleeping

32 bit MCU for HVAC, power window, door seat control in cars

2 channel, simultaneous-sampling SAR ADCs for power electronics apps

DigRF V4 test solution with dual-capture for RF IC and wireless equipment developers

Low power ARM Cortex based STM32L MCUs with increased memory densities

Key-input LCD control & driver IC

Touch key flash MCU with 56 pixel display panel driver

3.6 KV rated dual thyristor and diode module form IXYS

ARM Cortex A9 and FPGA in single chip for embedded board design

Quarter-watt LEDs from Cree for distributed lighting applications

Synopsys DesignWare IP to support final release of PCI Express 3.0 Specs

Updated certification evidence for IEC 61508 for Wind River's VxWorks

Cadence announces Verification IP catalog for emerging on-chip interconnect protocols

Cortina: Industry's smallest footprint, quad 10G EDC PHY chip

New devices for galvanically isolating interface between MCU and power switch

Car body electronics MCUs from Freescale embed cryptographic engine

Express Logic launched downloadable app modules for ThreadX RTOS

32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 based MCUs with high performance analog for medical apps

February- 2011

2.5-GSPS 14-bit DAC for designing wireless and cable apps

DC - 8 GHz ultra-low phase noise synthesizer from Hittite

Genode version 11.02 supports softcore CPU in FPGA based SoC chips

Low-power RF transceiver for operation in the global 2.4 GHz ISM band

200 mA CMOS LDO in WCSP4 Package takes only 0.63 mm2 mounting area

HD video Camera development kit and reference design by Lattice Semiconductor

Synopsys' DesignWare data converter IP for SMIC 's 65nm process

National Semiconductor packs class D, class G amplifier and ALC in a small size chip

New version of power supply design software from PI in multiple languages

Complex processor for wearable medical electronics operate from 0.4 V

10GBASE-T PCI Express network adapter for cloud and enterprise servers

Touch screen controllers from Atmel supports button, slider and wheel functions

Mains power operated LED driver ICs costs 0.7$ each

PGI line of high-performance parallelizing compilers and development tools for Linux

PXI RF vector signal analyzer with improved performance

48-pin ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller from Energy Micro in QFP package

Handheld LTE test gear from Rohde & Schwarz

New thermal processing equipment for solar PV manufacturing

Low power car navigation sytem SoC IC chip with high media processing power

Three phase sensorless fan driver IC from Allegro

Agilent releases new version of its 3D electromagnetic simulation platform

Sync PWM step-down converter with a max load current of 3 Amps

Isolated half-duplex differential line transceiver with integrated transformer driver

Analog IC design kit from TI for Indian EE students

Real Intent says its Ascent Lint is 10x faster than legacy lint tools

RFMD's RF3482 WiFi chip for TI's WiLink 6.0 and WiLink 7.0 platform

RFMD unveils new front-end modules for 3G/4G

Battery monitoring IC for hybrid/electric vehicle

SemiSouth announces volume availability of high power SiC JFETs

Kyocera's children's mobile phone secures kids

New semiconductor wafer machine can process twenty 300 mm Wafers in single batch

OpenCL University Kit from AMD for computer science students

97% efficient 12A and 15A synchronous regulator ICs for powering FPGA and processors

ST will give 7000 microcontroller discovery kits to the 'embedded world' attendees

3065A RF combiner from Aeroflex for RF test system

Vishay showcases its products at EFY Expo for Indian electronics industry

1.1µW power consuming ambient light sensor ICs from Maxim

Rugged rack-mountable Ethernet switch supports up to twenty-four 10/100Base-TX

Multi channel LED driver ICs for LCD TVs and displays

Zero noise electric cars gets sound generator for the safety of pedestrians

LTE eNBF reference design from Aricent optimized for Freescale Semiconductor

Entry level scopes from Agilent

154dB dynamic range Image Sensor from Melexis for driver assistance systems

Precision 24-bit ADC from Nuvoton for measuring instruments

New portfolio of 14-bit ADC IP-cores from Cosmic Circuits

New chip from Broadcom offers WiFi Direct Bluetooth BLE and FM

Secure microcontroller family from NXP Semiconductor for counterfeit protection

33 000µF Aluminum caps with screw terminal can work 5000 Hours at +105°C

SBC in PICMG 1.0 form factor based on Intel Atom D425/D525 processor

Dual display multimedia box and the compact chassis from IEI

Improved serial and parallel NVRAM operate from 2.7V to 5.5V

Two new LTE base station SoC chips for designing scalable and portable sys

LSI upgrades its processor chip for gateways, servers and base stations

Agilent lauches 3 new LTE design verification and conformance Systems

Low-cost and low-power spectrum scanning device from IMEC

10 gigabit Ethernet (10Gb) smart network adapters from Interface Masterse

Ultra-small LDO voltage regulator chip from Seiko

High voltage LED lamps for retrofit lighting applications

RF demodulator operates in the frequency range of 750 MHz to 1150 MHz

TI chip for 3G/4G costs less than FPGA

Digital Camera quality HD CMOS Image sensor for mobile phones

Multicore DSP with eight 1.25 GHz DSP cores with 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPs performance

New femtocell SoC chip from Picochip supports eight users

850 nm infrared emitter featuring a parabolic lens

Audio chip from ST can deliver quality audio even from damaged speakers

8-Channel analog multiplexer for mil/aerospace applications

Test gear for Jitter tolerance and 4Tap pre-emphasis testing for 28 Gbit/s interconnects

Low quiescent current LDOs for portable devices

New HDL debugging technology called Mirror-Box from Aldec

1.0 to 2.5 W thin film chip resistors with TCR of ± 25 ppm/°C, ± 0.1 % tolerance

10 ppm accurate MEMS based oscillators with femtosecond Jitter for networking apps

Class-G headphone amplifier with an integrated DAC and power rails

Current sense amplifiers with ADC and op amp/comparator

Electronic current limiters tolerating AC mains power contact

LTE Baseband SoC chip from Israel based DesignArt Networks

IntervalZero releases new version of its real-time embedded software

Design capacitive touch screen displays using single-layer multi-touch controller from IDT

Intel Atom based 3.5-inch embedded Board from Axiomtek

TI brings to market new OPA opamp members for high-impedance sensor measurement

Arasan develops the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) memory IP core

JEDEC-compliant memory buffer for DDR3 LRDIMMl

GPS LNAs from Maxim offer low 0.75dB noise figuret

4-port and 8-port PoE manager chips from Microsemi

January- 2011

RF envelop detector options for 3G/4G/LTE/ WiMAX

Carry your base station along with your phone

Reference design and kit for occupancy/motion based lighting control

While TI expands in low bit MCU market microchip expands in high bit market

Reference design and kit for occupancy/motion based lighting control

While TI expands in low bit MCU market microchip expands in high bit market

LDO features low quiescent current of 210 micro amps and PSRR of 60 dB

Hittite Launches 14 Gbps 2 x 2 crosspoint switch for fibre channel & infiniband networks

Heterojunction FET for 20 GHz Satellite Broadcast receivers

10G transceiver chip and low power laser diode shunt driver IC from Ensphere

Altera rolls 28nm FPGAs; Arria V, Stratix V, Cyclone V and also HardCopy V

Configurable analog front end ICs enable simple and configurable sensor circuit design

GPS chip from ST Microelectronics for portable devices

Bluetooth transceiver operates from a coin cell batt by drawing low currents

3.2 Watts audio class D amplifier measures 1 square mm in footprint

Laser device to produce microwaves in the range of Tera Hertz by JILA

ST's new STB chip supports NDS, VideoGuard and DVB-CSA3 descrambler security

AMD accelerates in embedded market by launching APU

Rectifier offer 0.63Vf at If of 12 Amps with 120 V voltage limiting

Digital MEMS microphone with I2S interface

3A 24V Vout DC/DC converter modules in PCB mountable package

New 14/16 bit DACs consume less than 80µA quiescent current

Optically isolated SCR AC-power relay with zero-cross circuitry

LED lighting specific temperature sensor chip from Seiko

Micrel cuts power consumption by half in its 5 Port Switch-On-a-Chip

High noise-immune bi-directional logic gate optocoupler for industrial communication apps

Cosmic Circuits unveil 30 ADC IP cores in the speed range of 200 KSPS to 20 MSPS

ARM Cortex-M0 processor based MCU and CAN Transceiver in single chip

New USB data logger from Pico Tech packs range of USB measurement inputs

2mmx 2mm Sync type DC-DC switching regulator delivers 4 Amps

Bandwidth engine chip ups throughput of networking systems by 4x

Synchronous DC/DC Controller chip for 48 V telecom and industrial applications

High speed delay and pulse generator for trigger/gate pulsing apps

TI's new low-cost floating-point Piccolo MCUs with powerline comm. support

Chip allows portable device charging from notebooks while they are in sleep mode

Wireless module from Murata supports WiHD standards

TVS diode for protecting USB 3.0 from voltage transients

Dual silicon tuner for cable STBs from NXP Semiconductor available in volumes

Kit from TI to integrate Internet radio in consumer electronic devices

MIPS launches new platform with Android, Flash, Skype for consumer apps

Bluetooth 3.0 transceiver for human to machine interface apps

10G EPON Optical Network SoC chip from Broadcom

2.4-GHz ZigBee network processor with integrated ZigBee PRO software stack

Dual output sync type DC/DC controller from ADI supports 50 Amps o/p current

DisplayPort-to-RJ-45 Adapter jointly by IDT and ICT-LANTO

NI's new PXI express module features AC/DC coupling for sound and noise measurements

ANT+ and Bluetooth transceiver chips in a single module

Freescale's new tech to cut AC power to AC/DC adapter while it's idle

Intel Core2 Duo based fanless embedded computer supports dual displays

300 Amp high power solid-state power controller

Intel Core i7 processor based touch-screen panel featured industrial computer

Intel Atom D425/N455/D525 based SBC with DDR3 and 2.2 TB of HDD support

Ashling's Linux debugger supports MIPS based applications

Ambarella' new camera chip made to support Android based smart cameras

Bluetooth module reference design for notebooks, netbooks and tablets

GPS/GNSS low-noise amplifier with low noise figure of 0.65dB

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