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New Products Acrhive (2nd half 2010)


Elpida sampling 4-Gigabyte DDR3 SO-DIMM

High performance PC oscilloscope from Pico Tech

Medical electronic equipment targeted 400 W digitally controlled power supply

Power management controller and MOSFET driver chip for AC/DC adapters

Test signals for EMC compliance testing of digital TV receivers

NXP Semiconductor's TV Tuner chip blocks wireless network interference noise

Tiny isolated DC/DC converter from Analog Devices

Analog + digital VGA amp for "fast-attack" AGC circuits in 2.5G/3G/4G systems

Hysteretic control DC-DC converter chips from Panasonic

Metal Film Resistors with temp coefficient of ±5ppm/°C and tolerances of 0.01%

MHL/HDMI-to-HDMI Bridge chip from Silicon Image

LSI's processors in Telrad gateway are MEF Compliant

100G OTN Muxponder solution with 10-40G framer/mapper PHY and OTU4 multiplexer

Three brave VLSI boys venture out to simplify IC design process

High-rel EEPROM IP blocks designed to withstand temperature up to 170 Deg C

Quad-port single-chip 10G Ethernet converged controller chips from Broadcom

3x3mm QFN packaged DC/DC converter for FPGA/DSP systems deliver 6 Amps

Fairchild Semiconductor's PFC/PWM Controller for slim SMPS design

The 4mm² size ADC converter chip with dual channels

RF envelop detector for 3G/4G/LTE/ WiMAX systems to boost power amplifier

MIPS based SoC for high performance HD 3DTV Set top box design

NFC gets going with more new chips and Android support

ARM Cortex processor based development board for $199

Gain block amplifiers from Avago for wireless base-station equipment

AuthenTec launched FIPS 140-3 compliant true random number generator

Spectrum analyzer from R&S handles 40GHz without external mixers or downconverters

2D to 3D video conversion chip for smartphones and tablet PCs

CAN-bus adds vehicle status information to position tracking.

PowerPC core based single/dual core SoC can "Doze," "Nap," "Sleep" and "Deep Sleep"

Digi's cellular gateway for monitoring remote assets

650V Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes from Cree reduce diode losses in power supplies

LeCroy's software turns your computer as capable oscilloscope

A new chip by Picochip supporting dual mode LTE/HSPA+

Hall-sensor IC for 360° navigation sensing in human-machine interfaces

Automated test software for PCI Express 3.0 transmitter compliance

Digital radio co-processor from NXP Semiconductor for car entertainment sys

Free voice processing software modules by TI for C55x and C64x+ DSPs developers

TI upgrades OMAP processor for mobile phone design

128 KB automotive grade FRAM chips from RAMTRON drop-in replace EEPROMs

LDO Regulator deliver 1 Amp with 0.5 V dropout

Samsung applies TSV tech to 3D stack multiple DDR3 DRAMs

Automotive targeted buck-type DC/DC converter can deliver 1 Amp

Infineon and NXP enhance their security ID chips with tech upgrade

IP core from Synopsys for MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI) Host Controller

MCU chip for smartcard and security ID card apps with layers and layers of protection

Update on the kits and boards for FPGA based DSP board design and development

Kits supporting color 5.7" VGA (640 x 480) or 6.2" (640 x 240) LCDs from Kyocera

Magma's new version of Talus with 5x faster turn around time for designing 20nm range SoCs

ELMOS unveils high-speed partial CAN transceiver

Metal-core-based, cold white LED power modules from Vishay

Dimmable LED driver for 10 Watt to 100 Watt LED lamps

High voltage electroluminescent lamp driver IC for laptop keyboard backlighting

ST's ARM Cortex based MCUs at different prices for range of applications

Maxim's new ADC driver integrate gain resistors to reduce parasitics

4Gb LPDDR2 DRAM with speed of 1,066 Mbps from Samsung

20W+ capable radiation hardened MOSFETs for HiRel space applications

2.9-5.5V, 4A sync DC-DC regulators in WLP package with integrated MOSFETs

Flash type voice MCU for home appliances

Single SEPIC DC/DC converter and 6 linear regulators in a LGA packaged DC/DC module

New Hall-Effect linear current sensor IC from Allegro has overcurrent fault output

802.11 b/g/n WLAN module with USB 2.0 interface in compact package

15GHz RF detector with fast response time of 7 ns

Nanoscale mechanical testing using Agilent's Nanoindentation technique


The small size HDMI 1.4a receiver supports 3D video in portables

MCU picks up analog signals from automotive sensors measuring physical movements

Infrared receivers from Vishay for remote control systems with high noise immunity

NXP launches 30V MOSFET featuring RDSon of 1.4mOhm at 4.5V

MOSFETs stacked to deliver 12 Amps in 10 square mm package

New DAQ toolbox from MathWorks supports NI's CompactDAQ hardware

Sinusoidal output filters from Schaffner reduces losses in AC motors

Tyco develops 0.50 series of miniature receptacle terminals for thin-type computer units

Chips for 3D HD video camera; next wave in digital cameras

15VIN, 2.5A sync buck-boost converter from Linear for noise sensitive designs

New PCIe card from LSI with performance up to 240,000 sustained IOPS

Clock buffer families from TI with additive jitter of less than 100 fs RMS

Smart charging control IC for portable electronics devices to charge from USB port

Hot-swap controller and power monitor from Analog Devices for 2-20V input supplies

Amplifier from ADI for apps where signals are interfaced to single-supply ADCs

Design evaluation kit from Infineon for development of IO-Link comm systems

Occupancy sensing MCU from Zilog

TI releases its new ARM9 based Sitara MPU for industrial applications

Custom programmable IMC-Hall-Sensor from Melexis for EV

Digi introduces multi-function wireless programmable terminal server

Two new linearity gain blocks from Avago operate in frequency band of DC to 6 GHz

Avago unveils new optical components for high performance computing apps

Universal TFT/OLED LCD display driver board from Amulet supports up to 800x600 resolution

Digital I/Q data recorder from Rohde & Schwarz stores 1 Tbyte data for analysis of RF signals

Continuous Computing releases Trillium Monitoring Software product line

Cavium enhances its OCTEON II Multi-core Family with four new processor families

New boundary-scan test solution from Corelis for companies with restricted resources

KYOCERA develops "Solar Cycle Station" for electric-assisted bicycles

Modular PXI single-channel voltage/current source from Agilent for automotive electronics test apps

Low quiescent current hysteretic boost DC-DC converter from austriamicrosystems for light loads

New motor driver evaluation platform from TI for spinning motors

2.6A, 36V buck switching regulator from Linear Tech with dual linear controllers

Dual-core processor from Synopsys for HD audio apps

Synopsys announces new version of LightTools illumination design and analysis software

3A MOSFET/IGBT gate driver optocoupler from Fairchild Semiconductor

USB-compliant, Li-Ion switching chargers from Fairchild with USB On-The-Go

3-channel, 200V driver IC from IR for class D audio applications

IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor from Vishay with frequency range up to 750kHz

12-bit, 8-channel DAC from TI for multi-channel, high-density applications

Dual voltage supervisory ICs from Analog Devices for dual supply processors and FPGAs

New MHL transmitters from Silicon Image for power sensitive mobile devices

New XMC module from Extreme supports eight +28V general purpose I/O channels

Multi-output white LED driver from Allegro for LCD backlighting

Atmel expands ARM Cortex-M3 Flash MCU family with SAM3N series

Holtek releases a remote control encoder with RF transmitter device series

Two new octal ultrasound reciever ICs from Analog devices for medical apps

New family of SAW IF filters from Vectron optimized for emerging LTE applications

Low G-sensitivity clocks and oscillators from Vectron for millitary, industrial and harsh environment apps

Four new 16-bit IO link MCUs from Renesas support slave device operation

ARM unveils AMBA 4 protocol-compliant system IP for CPU and GPU Systems

3-axis Vibration sensor with built-in DSP features

Fujitsu Semiconductor releases 44, 32-bit general purpose RISC MCUs

Non-dimmable CFL driver ICs from NXP for 230V and 110V fluorescent lamps

New magnetic sensors from Toshiba for on-off Switches

Fully programmable radio SoC chip from Analog Devices

IAR Systems latest embedded software workbench supports C++

25 V and 30 V MOSFET in high current density handling PQFN package

New connectivity platform from CSR is ready for Wi-Fi Direct certification

4-channel MOSFET driver ICs from Supertex for high speed and high output current apps

Atmel unveils open source license AES-128 immobilizer protocol stack

Crystal oscillator from Vectron acheives RMS Jitter of 50fsec

PCB mountable 100 and 150 watt AC-DC converters from TDK-Lambda

New load switches from Fairchild Semiconductor for mid-voltage apps

Single-stage LED lighting PWM controller from TI for general lighting applications

Vishay launches its asymmetric dual TrenchFET power MOSFET in PowerPAIR package

32-bit AVR MCUs from Atmel with floating point unit

Semtech adds proximity sensing devices to its capacitive touch sensor ICs

DDC adds data reconstruction functionality to its bus analyzer software

Chips for designing LED based automotive headlamps

Mixed signal FPGAs from Microsemi operate in temp range of -55°C to +100°C

Precision op amps from Maxim with Vcc up to 36V

Microchip launches stand-alone I2C Real-Time Clock/Calendar family

Automotive engine's oil and coolant temperature sensor from TDK-EPC

Current sensors from TDK-EPC measure up to 200 - 300A in electric and hybrid cars

Texas Instruments releases high power DSP SoC for handling 4G data

PLAD surface mount TVS devices from Microsemi meets new avionics safety standards

Ramtron and austriamicrosystems jointly release the MaxArias Wireless Memory kit

Two UARTs from Exar with integrated level shifters

Synchronous PWM buck converter from Exar with a maximum load current of 2A

SiGe based optical switch from Fujitsu cuts power consumption by half

Toshiba introduces 256 GB solid state disk drives

Sharp adds three new members to its memory LCD family

New 65nm embedded flash platform from Microsemi

New power detector from Maxim with RF step-response time of 140ns

ZILOG launches new embedded platform "Encore ZDS II version 5.0"

600 V driver IC and NPT IGBT for high frequency DC-DC apps

Intersil releases new power module for defense applications

New current transducers from Micronas for automotive and industrial applications

Multichannel power-supply management ICs from Maxim with fault-logging capabilities

600 V, 47A, n-channel MOSFET from Vishay with on-resistance of 0.07 Ohms

2-channel, 2MSPS, SAR ADCs from TI for portable data acquisition

100V isolated flyback DC/DC controller from Linear Operates up to 150°C

2MHz, synchronous buck DC/DC Controller from Linear

Power-off protection switches from ADI for data and communications systems

New HBLED driver IC from Micrel for lamps and other lighting apps

SX8122 from Semtech enables popular 555 timer IC to operate from AAA battery

Ethernet switching chip from Broadcom for 100 Tbps scalable systems

4 A, 6 A and 9 A, POL voltage regulators from IR

Agilent's new versions of IO Libraries Suite for PXI

Synopsys unveils DesignWare STAR ECC IP for high level of protection

Low/wide input synchronous buck DC/DC controller from Linear for 3.3V-powered PoL apps

Board-to-board connector from Tyco delivers +15 Gbps performance

Intel Corei7 based PCI SBC from Extreme Engineering

Xilinx launches two new aerospace and defense qualified FPGA families

CIC releases new version of SignatureOne Ceremony Server for SaaS and Cloud based solutions

Four new LED drivers from Toshiba for backlighting applications

PoL power supply ICs from TI with 90 milliamps per square mm current density

Intersil's two new chips manage health of the Li-Ion batteries in electric vehicles

Handheld digital multimeters from Agilent for industrial applications

SBC supporting socket LGA775 from IEI

4-channel video decoder and audio codec from Maxim for security applications

NXP’s new Dual-Core Cortex-M4 and M0 is DSP and MCU in single device

Icera releases two LTE and HSPA+ platforms based on its 40nm soft baseband processors

Display controller platform from Epson for electronic reading devices

New power supplies from ADATA for PCs

10G EPON chipset from Gennum packs transceiver chip and TIA amplifier

USB 3.0 device controller from Faraday obtains USB-IF certification

Automotive qualified 3-axis low-g accelerometer from ST



NXP introduces a 2-pin plastic leadless package with solderable, tin-plated side pads

2-channel, ESD protected, unidirectional LLT from Maxim

Microchip licenses MIPS32 M14K family of cores for its 32-bit PIC32 MCUs

60V input synchronous buck DC/DC controller from Linear Tech

ST releases a single chip widescreen capacitive touchscreen controller for slim phones

NetLogic Microsystems released XLP multi-core processor development kit

Broadcom releases its GPON-based residential gateway SoC solution

NV SRAM module from Maxim with embedded RTC and battery in a PowerCap package

New RAD-Hard solid state relay from IR for space-qualified applications

TI unveils three families of 36-V single, dual and quad op amp

3 phase, sensorless, brushless DC motor driver IC from Allegro

Broadcom launches DOCSIS EoC for EPON solution

Lattice releases PAC-Designer 6.0 design software

New modules from Sierra Wireless for automotive application

Liquavista create flexible electrowetting display prototype

Cavium launches NITROX III security processors with integrated 16 to 64 cores

Digital Core Design launches new faster core for its Dhrystone 2.1 benchmark program

RF Micro Devices introduces product families of integrated configurable components

Microchip and Powercast develops RF energy harvesting kit for wireless sensors based on PIC MCUs

New accelerator from LSI for video processing in data center

New I²C interface clock IC from Holtek

200W power supplies by TDK-Lambda for industrial, automation and T&M apps

Analog Devices introduces a demodulator for broadband applications

Fairchild Semiconductor introduces MOSFETs in Dual Cool package for better power dissipation

Op Amps from Microchip with a gain-bandwidth of 1.2 MHz for high-rel applications

TI introduces two new hotswap devices

Synchronous boost controller from Linear with up to 98% efficiency

Exar releases BitWackr for Windows and Linux offering scalability of 250TB

ADI's energy metering IC with theft protection

New multi-channel LED drivers from Intersil reduces undesirable backlight-induced visual artifacts

Two new MOSFETs from Vishay for implantable medical applications

Military grade rugged computer and MR mission recorder from Barco for use in vehicles

High flash memory density MCUs from ST with up to 512 Kbytes on-chip

Acme Packet introduces SBCs for delivering Voice over LTE

Software and hardware system from JTAG Technologies for board-level and system designers

Intel Atom based fanless embedded system from IBASE

Device to measure high DC/AC current up to 900A from LEM

Low dropout linear regulators from Plessey Semiconductors for POL applications

New power amplifier modules from Avago to extend GSM/EDGE handset talk time

Fanless touch panel computer for small-size infotainment applications

2D/3D graphics SoC from Fujitsu for instrument cluster and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Freescale releases smartphone-class processors for in-vehicle applications

Inertial satellite sensors from Freescale for airbag safety systems

Integrated IQ modulator from TI with tuning range of 300 to 4800 MHz

New 32-bit MCUs from STMicroelectronics with external SRAM and flash interface

Digital isolator chip with transformer driver and PWM controller in a single package

New audio platform from CSR for Bluetooth mono headset

Tiny shunt battery system from Linear for Li-Ion/Polymer batteries

8-core Freescale QorIQ P4080 processor based VPX SBC From GE targets unmanned vehicles

New processor modules from Kontron based on Cavium's OCTEON II processor

Digital and mixed signal oscilloscopes from Tektronix delivers sampling rates of 100 GS/s

New modular IP streamer/server for remote video monitoring apps in defense

Maxim introduces LNAs for high data rate wireless protocols

Power Integrations unveils latest version of its power supply design software

New smart feeders from APS Novastar for vision based pick and place machines

R&S enables network analyzers to handle frequency range up to 500GHz

ANADIGIC's RF amplifier supports operation up to 1GHz

Silicon Image unveils new HD video decoder IP core for decoding 4Kx2K 3D at 60 fps

National Instruments releases new version of NI LabVIEW FPGA IPNet

Diodes releases two new dual channel devices for point-of-load converters

Digi International introduces new utilities for Itron ERT meters

New baseband processors from picoChip for LTE small cell systems

Single output compact bulk power AC-DC power supplies from XP Power

SAT introduces new RF interference detection and geolocation solution for military test ranges

Atmel adds another SiP device to its family of LIN devices

New LTE wireless modules from Sierra provides wireless access at download speeds of 100Mbps

New software developer's kit from Alcatel-Lucent for its smart desk phone

New fanless touch panel computers from Axiomtek for small-size infotainment applications

Alcatel-Lucent enhances its mobile backhaul solution

MathWorks enhances its Polyspace embedded code verification products

TriQuint Semiconductor’s motion sensing chip powers Delphi’s Automotive radar

14-bit ADCs from ADI drives dc to 1.35-GHz signals consuming 115 mW of power

RF transceiver and RF receiver ICs from Atmel for the automotive and consumer markets

New MCUs from NXP delivers 32-bit active power consumption at 130 µA/MHz

32-bit MCU from Fujitsu with integrated graphics controller for rich displays apps

New ARM based DSP and control processors in single core and new Sitara MPUs from TI

400mA, 0.2V to 5V I/P rated sync boost converter for energy harvesting apps

NetLogic's knowledge-based processor decides1.6 billion times per second

Wind River introduces Wind River Linux 4 version for embedded software apps

Home n/w solutions from Atheros support Wi-Fi, HomePlug AV powerline and Ethernet

LTE eNodeB reference design jointly by Tata Elxsi, CommAgility, and Radiocomp

New IC from Ralink combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth funtionality on a single chip

Registering clock driver for DDR3 DRAM module apps

DDC demos TTP running over a MIL-STD-1553 physical layer

ARM Cortex based voice processing IC from Nuvuton

4 channel constant current LED drivers from Allegro for automotive applications

315 Amp power MOSFETs from IR for hybrid automotives

TI's bluetooth SoC for ANT apps enables coin size remote system design

CAN interface chip with built-in DC/DC converter and LDOs

Cyclone FPGA based industrial networking hardware kit and IP cores

Mentor Graphics offers UI dev. platform for Android developers

PoL voltage regulators from IR in PQFN package can deliver 14 Amps

NXP to test its 3.5G telematics solution to decongest Singapore's traffic

Lattice's new chip cuts cost and complexity of on-board power management

6MHz, 800mA/1A, digitally programmable buck regulator from Fairchild Semiconductor

Octal T/R switches from Maxim for ultrasound imaging

Dual-mode 40G and quad-channel 10G backplane PHY solution from NetLogic

New 10.4-inch VGA TFT display with 1500:1 contrast ratio

Two new dual channel DIOFET devices from Diodes for POL converters

Vishay introduces four new n-channel power MOSFETs with on resistance of 0.38 ohms

Ser/Des chipset with HDCP from National for automotive infotainment systems

New standard size rotary switches from NKK with 6-pole configuration

Differential amplifier from Linear drives DC to 100MHz signals

IXYS unveils GenX3 IGBTs with SMPD power packages

NI adds LTE test capability to its PXI RF test portfolio

New 6.5 digit PXI DMMs from Agilent

New energy metering chip from NXP for non-billing electricity metering applications

New IP cores from Xilinx meets AMBA 4 specifications

New line of microwave signal generators from R&S with frequency range of up to 110 GHz

Single channel equilizers from Intersil delivers video images over a distance of 1.67km

AEC-Q100 qualified SoC from CSR for automotive apps

24-bit ADC from Maxim offers 23.9-bit effective resolution

75V/500A power MOSFET from IXYS merges TrenchT2 technology into SMPD packages

Phihong introduces new series of 30W, 3 wire input desktop adapters

Multi-topology LED driver from Diodes for HB lighting systems

Small size fingerprint sensor from AuthenTec

New line of 1080p SoC H.264 video processors from Cavium for 3D wireless display functionality

Signaling conformance test system from Agilent for 3GPP LTE user equipment

Robotics evaluation board from TI for use with Micrium's RTOS

New surface mount capacitors from Vishay features DC leakage current down to 200 nA

Quartz gyro-sensor based inertial measurement unit from Epson Toyocom

24W wall-mount adapter from Phihong for portable equipment and access devices

New PMC, PCI, cPCI/PXI and PCI Express MIL-STD-1553 cards from DDC

New gyroscope from ADI is immune to vibrations

New USB UARTs from Exar

September- 2010

Free software development tools from TI for ARM developers involved in DSP coding

Audio engine from ST for STM32 MCUs

Diodes announces two 9-channel LED drivers for backlighting applications

Agilent Technologies unveils new 67 GHz VNA

New platform for medical technology devices from Infineon

Network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz with a frequency range of 10 MHz to 110 GHz

2GB DDR3 SDRAM from Elpida made using 30nm process

New RF/IF VGAs from ADI packs four discrete RF/IF blocks into a single device

Analog front end chips from TI enable blood flow velocity display in ultrasound images

Intersil unveils first member of its 40V JFET-input precision op amps

LED Driver from National can drive current to two independently dimmable strings of LEDs

2MHz, 500mA synchrounous buck regulator from Fairchild

Ambarella's SoC chip for still and video cameras captures 500Mpixels/second

New PacketPro multicore processors from AppliedMicro for embedded applications

Fujitsu to ship its next-generation supercomputer named 'K'

Synopsys ups its Synplify FPGA Synthesis Software With 4X faster runtime

16-bit ADC from ADI offer sample rates of 250 MSPS

Video display interfaces suites from Lattice Semiconductorfor HDMI, DVI and 7:1 LVDS interface

Tri-core app processor from Marvell handles dual stream 1080p 3D video and graphics

New ethernet extender from Axiomtek offers Ethernet conectivity of up to 2.6KM at 1Mbps transmit rates

1 GHz SBC from WinSystems for headless space- and power-limited systems

ST's latest power-supply IC for AMOLED displays is: STOD03A

100W buck-boost DC/DC uModule with 4.5-36 VIN, 0.8-34 VOUT

New charge port coupler cordset from Delphi for electric cars

New signal processing board from BittWare based on Altera's Stratix IV FPGAs

Micrium introduces µC/TimeSpaceOS

New ReadyStart platform from Mentor Graphics for embedded systems development

6 Amp dual buck regulator from Intersil for range of apps

CUI unveils new 1.5A switching regulator

10Gbps intelligent network adapters from Cavium based on its OCTEON processors

3.5 inch embedded boards from Axiomtek powered by dual-core Atom processors .

RF Monolithics' 900 MHz FHSS module for sensing, telemetry and control apps

Delphi develops sealed PCB electrical center for automotives

SpaceWire router IP-core from Aeroflex

0.7mm² UHF/VHF LNA ICs enable mobile phones with DTV feature

NXP Semiconductors' ARM Cortex-M3 based MCU LPC1800 boasts high performance

Freescale Dual-Core QorIQ P2020 processor based single board computer

INNOVENTIONS offers memory tester for DDR3 DRAM

DC/DC converter from Semtech is as simple as LDO

Microsemi's ASIC design group develops chip for smart metering .

600W, UHF range RF transistor from NXP Semiconductor for broadcast transmitters

Maxim's precision OP AMP for low-side current sensing in power modules

High linearity power amp from IXYS operates in 4.4 to 5.1 GHz frequency range

10-mohms to 50-mohms, 0.5W, current-sensor resistor for DC/DC converters

Digital monitor IC from Linear monitors system temp, voltages and currents via I2C interface

New surface mount TCXO from CTS with CMOS output

CSR's new software framework enhance wireless experience in Windows based PCs

Agilent unveils ADS 2011 RF design software for multi-technology design

8-bit MCUs from Fujitsu with Embedded FRAM .

Noise-free power amps from ST for vehicles with auto engine start/stop

SmartFusion FPGA reference designs from Actel for motor control applications

New RF switching module from IXYS operates up to 30MHz in class D and E mode

PGI CUDA C compiler for x86 devices from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA

Dual-channel dual-phase synchronous buck controller from National Semiconductor with ECM control

Voltage protection controller IC from Linear Tech with -40V to 60V protection range

Agilent's N4917A can test 850 nm multimode transceivers.

New 40Gbps coherent optical-communication devices from Inphi

Two 16-channel whiteLED driver ICs from austriamicrosystems enhances TV viewing

3D LED DTV from Hisense converts 2D content into a 3D viewing experience

New 150 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 based MCU from NXP Semiconductor

Step down DC-DC converters from Exar deliver up to 1A output current/channel

3 new wireless kits from TI using Stellaris ARM MCU with wireless connectivity solutions

New optical high speed serial Mezzanine board from Conduant

New industrial grade qualified A/D type flash MCUs from Holtek

New 8-bit PIC microcontroller family from Microchip for energy-monitoring apps.

New step down converter from TI for energy harvesting and low-power applications

15A DC/DC uModule regulator from Linear Technology

Oclaro supports 100Gb/s transmission speeds with its new modulators

Fujitsu adds new member to its USB 3.0-SATA bridge IC family

Android based video phone system from Ittiam

Super barrier rectifier diode with 25% lower Vf drop compared to std diode

New magnetic sheets from TDK-EPC

16-bit 1Msps serial SAR ADC from Linear Technology

STMicro upgrades its STM8L MCU family to support touch sense and 128 bit encryption

USB 3.0 to NAND flash controller chip from VIA

Unified software platform from BroadLight for GPON and Ethernet gateway applications

Lime Microsystems launches RF Quick Start Kit for femtocell design

New design tool from National Semiconductor to optimize power supply for FPGAs

Dual port Class H VDSL line driver amplifier from Analog Devices

Satellite silicon tuner from NXP for both FTA and operator STB applications

Linear battery charger from Maxim with automatic USB enumeration

ARINC 825 compliant CAN controller from Holt with integrated transceiver

ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit processor based MCU evaluation kit from ST

200MHz to 6GHz direct conversion I/Q modulator from Linear Tech

New SmartFusion development kit from Actel

Isolation Memory Buffer from Inphi for data center servers and cloud computing

Actel FPGAs with cryptographic cores offering DPA Resistance

Fully symmetric RF switch from Peregrine

Software test executive from Corelis for JTAG testing

New CAN tranciever from TI

8 channel temperature sensor from Maxim

Oclaro releases dynamic spectrum 2x1 wavelength selective switch

8-pin resonant half bridge control ICs from IR

I/O chip from ST connects to Intel's Tunnel Creek used in auto-infotainment apps

Blackfin DSP from ADI deliver 800 MMAC/400MHz consuming 88 mW of power

Power management chip-set from Maxim for Intel Atom based "Oak Trail"

Two new gate driver IC families from IXYS

SD UHS card compliance test tool from Agilent for portable consumer electronics

LED driver from Diodes Inc for low voltage illumination products

16-bit microcontroller from TI operates from single 1.5V battery

Brion unveils a software tool for ASML's extreme ultraviolet scanners

Fujitsu develop magnetic resonance-based wireless charging for mobile phones

Op Amp from TI drives 16 bit ADCs with very low distortion

High voltage gate driver ICs from Fairchild Semiconductor with improved noise immunity

Vortex86DX chip based single board computer from Advantech

Linux version of Full-flow analog IC design suite from Tanner EDA

New logic analyzers from Tektronix

Laser navigation sensor with integrated Bluetooth from Avago for wireless mouse applications

1GHz DSP core from CEVA

Quality sound delivering MEMS microphone at condenser microphone's price

Small junction box from Tyco Electronics for PV industy

Kontron's COM Express compact kit for Wind River VxWorks 6.8 operating system

New dual isolated 70V, 15mA schottky diodes from Central Semiconductor

Low-power DSPs with power spec of 0.15 mW/MHz

New JPEG 2000 IP cores from Barco

Femtocell hardware reference design from picoChip

Broadcom introduces new ISDB-T product family for South American digital TVs

8 channel ultrasound Tx/Rx chipset from National Semiconductor for portable medical electronics

30V P-channel power MOSFET devices from IR

High voltage zero-drift bi-directional current sense amplifier from Analog Devices

New long side termination thick film chip resistors from Vishay with power rating of 1.0W

1 microsecond to 33.6 seconds pulse generator IC from Linear Tech

USB 3.0 SATA RAID storage devices from Fujitsu

New PLC development kit from TI

Agilent releases nine measurement applications for its signal analyzer

TV SoC from ST for 3D TV and 3D graphics

1.8A dual channel regulator from Semtech for POL applications

TI introduces a 2.4-GHz SoC for ZigBee remote controls

MathWorks introduces new MATLAB and Simulink product families

8GB and 16GB NAND Flash memory from Samsung for Smartphone applications

Wireless USB chipset from Samsung supports data transmission from mobile to tethered CE devices

Fanless Intel Core2 Duo based industrial computer board from Axiomtek

New SDI cable equilizer from National Semiconductor for longer reach of broadcast video signals

White, non-diffused 3mm LED using InGaN tech from Vishay offers high luminous intensity

Audio codecs using FLEXSOUND audio processors from Maxim

Audioscrambler and sub-audio signaling processor from CML

Hardware test platform from Agilent for LTE user equipment

COM module from ADLINK using Intel core i7 processor

2.4GHz multichannel FSK tranciever IC from austriamicrosystems

2-channel proximity/touch sensor IC for passive RKE systems from Maxim

240Hz FRC IC from Trident to enhance 3D display

Trident releases new digital TV SoC using its ESR technology

Zuken introduces new version of its PCB design software

Elpida and Spansion introduces charge trapping 1.8V, 4-Gigabit SLC NAND Flash Memory

New digital lighting package from Barco for powerful lighting

New antenna IC from Atmel for cars

8-bit MCU with USB 2.0 from Microchip

Suite of management tools for Exar's family of 10GbE adapters

New CAN/LIN ICs for in-vehicle networks from NXP

New production planning software by Fujitsu for manufacturing industry

Interface Masters introduces quad gigabit Ethernet NIC based on Intel's Ethernet controller

10GbE iSCSI HBA solution for VMware vSphere 4.1 from Broadcom

62 & 80 Watt rated AC/DC external power supplies from TDK-Lambda

DeviceVM bridges Apple's iPad with Windows PC remotely

Device named DIOFET from Diodes Inc integrate Schottky diode and MOSFET in single package

New buzzers for mobile applications from CUI

Aug 2010

AWR releases new RF system design software named VSS 2010

NI introduces the VeriStand 2010 real time testing and simulation software

Trident's 3D TV chip to use Sensio's 3D technology

New LED lighting architecture from National semiconductor

Achronix and Opticom jointly develop platform for high speed optical data communication

36V, 200mA LDO from TI for precision analog applications

Updated VxWorks MILS platform with high assurance network stack and Linux Guest OS

Wind River introduces the VxWorks Cert platform combing 2 of its existing safety critical platforms

Multistate, dual-channel, digital IF/RF VGA from Maxim

Programmable 7 channel dual string LED driver IC powered by single cell Lithium-Ion cells

Two-slot 6U VPX (VITA 46) conduction-cooled chassis from Extreme Engineering

3U PICMG 2.11 cPCI power supply from Extreme Engineering

3G/4G/LTE wireless baseband processors from Mindspeed

40Gbps AdvancedTCA Platform from Advantech using NetLogic's XLP processors

AEC-Q200 qualified micro-chip NTC thermistors from Vishay

Applied Materials' new vapor deposition tech supporting 20nm semiconductor fabs

Citrix Systems integrates adapters from Cavium Networks in its four new NetScaler platforms

VSN Systemen selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW to power the MPU of its OpenTSP portfolio

New TV SoC IC for 1080p HD iDTVs from STMicroelectronics

New UHS-II PHY IP core from Arasan chip

New USB 3.0 compliant SATA bridge ICs from Fujitsu

Bulldozer and Bobcat processors from AMD for new wave of computers

Synopsys's DesignWare MIPI M-PHY IP in 40-nm is available

New single/dual/quad rail to rail SiGe operational amplifiers from Linear tech

New IC to perform MPPT for Solar PV applications from NXP Semiconductors

White LED charge pump backlight driver from ADI

600V automotive qualified MOSFET and IGBT driver ICs from IR for gate drive applications

Series of Class 1 and Class 2 Bluetooth modules from Fujitsu

New LED dot-matrix driver from austriamicrosystems can drive 144 LEDs

Low drift MEMS vertical gyro from MEMSIC

Hot swappable, dual I2C digital isolator from Analog Devices

Two new digitally controlled DC/DC converter reference designs from Microchip

6-Gbps single-lane SATA redriver/equalizer with active power consumption of 290mW

Stamp size 64GB memory drive in BGA package from Sandisk

New SDK from AuthenTec for creating fingerprint sensor applications

Handheld spectrum analyzer from Anritsu with frequency coverage up to 43GHz

RoweBots' Linux compatible RTOS for Actel's SmartFusion FPGAs

Current-mode PWM controller with active-clamp architecture and spread spectrum operation

New digital signage platform from Axiomtek with 42-inch HD wide TFT LCD

Three new PICMG 1.3 backplanes from Axiomtek

New 4G/LTE band 7 duplexer from Avago

New SC cut crystals for telecom, satcom, space and defense apps

Automotive power MOSFETs for Class D audio systems from IR

New tiny WLAN power amplifier from Microsemi for cellular handsets

Fan speed management MCU from Maxim for data center servers

Hemisphere GPS releases two new precision antennas

Four new power amplifier gain blocks from Avago

New PCI-104 board with CAN bus interface, 24 channel digital I/O and SRAM module from Acrosser

Two new high voltage latch-up proof, quad SPST switches from ADI

12-/10-bit mixed signal front ends from ADI for wireless and portable radio equipment

New MP grade 500mA micropower low dropout regulator from Linear Tech

LED backlight driver IC from AnalogicTech can drive string of 88 LEDs

Avago introduces two FBAR Filter technology based band pass filters for 4G WiMAX/LTE Handsets

Windows 7 compliant Libero IDE from Actel

New N-channel schottky diode from Fairchild Semiconductor

Configurable bi-directional voltage translator for I2C interface apps

New wireless USB port replicator from Toshiba

32V, 4A synchronous step-down battery charger IC for Li-ion/Polymer batteries

ispLEVER Classic is upgraded with Synopsys Synplify Pro with the HDL Analyst

Digital PWM IC with 800V bipolar power transistor for AC/DC converters

DaVinci DM37x video processors with ARM Cortex processors

New Intel Atom processors for network storage devices used in homes

Class G and class H head phone amplifiers from austriamicrosystems

Measure RMS power in wirless sys using Linear's new LTC5587

New passive power injector with 60W PoE midspan from Phihong

Small and low cost USB charger from Phihong

8-bit microcontrollers with built-in comparator and op amp from Fujitsu Semiconductor

New IGBT selection tool from IR

Bi-Stable LCD tech uses 99% less power than traditional twisted nematic LCDs

Optical network tester from JDSU performs jitter and wander measurements

Voltage reference IC with 0.05% accuracy

Dual output power supply chip for active matrix OLED display from TI

Authentication IC with user programmable nonvolatile memory from Maxim

VCXO at 155.52MHz for telecommunications applications from CTS

PoE is extendable to 200 meters by using PoE extender chip from Microsemi

2 Amp smart Battery chargers for 1/ 2 Cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer type in portables

Holtek's new VFD controller and driver IC

New 2-cell supercapacitor chargers from Linear Tech

Agilent releases GDDR5 test application and BGA probes

TN/STN LCD driver ICs from Holtek

Cable marking printer from Tyco Electronics

ADI creates platform to bridge its ICs with Altera's FPGAs

Actuator controller for piezo and polymer actuators in touch enabled devices from Maxim

Linear RMS RF power detector from National Semiconductor for 3G and 4G mobile handsets

Low power FSK transceiver from austriamicrosystems for BAN/MBAN

Toshiba disk drives embedd self-encryption tech to secure the stored data

AM/FM variable gain low-noise amplifier for active car antenna applications from Maxim

N-channel chipscale power MOSFET from Vishay

New USB MCUs with system oscillator circuit from Holtek

Single port 10 base-T/100 base-TX PHY transceivers from Micrel

Signal encoder ICs for remote control system applications from Holtek

16- and 12-bit DACs from Linear with full scale O/Ps of 2.5V and 4.096V

TSMC employs Magma's physical verification software for its 28nm PQV test chip

2-port vector network analyzer from NI in PXI formfactor

New software from B&K for creating complex test signal waveforms

Low voltage adapter for boundary-scan controllers and low voltage JTAG designs

Power IC for electric vehicles cuts battery-management system's cost from $250 to $50

Isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator to simplify DC/DC converter design

Semtech and Microchip's combined reference design for wireless remote keyless entry

Single channel hot-swap controller with 10-bit ADC and I²C interface

Current sink LEDs for backlighting of LCD displays and keyboards in mobile electronics

Synopsys develop IP supporting GLOBALFOUNDRIES's 28nm High K Metal Gate tech

Mobile display shipments grew 31% y/y and reached $5.4billion in Q2'10

CIC integrates electronic signature tech into CSC's insurance processing system

New DAQ devices for USB from NI with improved I/O handling

30MHz 1-and 2-channel function/arbitrary waveform generators from Agilent

Family of RF test cables from Aeroflex / Inmet

12-Bit 500MSPS ADC from Intersil draw 5 times less power than others

Power management IC for i.MX, PXA, ARM, OMAP based processors has 8 regulators

NI's LabVIEW 2010: faster compilation, FPGA support and more partner support

40nm GPON fiber access processors from BroadLight

ST Microelectronics releases STB decoder IC targeting markets such as India

DDR3 DIMM socket connector from Fujitsu removes dust and flux while mating

Cortina Systems' PHY chip with hybrid DSP analog arch. reduces latency

Intel Atom based I/O rich embedded box computer with 6 COM ports from Axiomtek

Weatherproofing solutions from 3M to protect connections at cellular sites

Vishay's new SMT Infrared receivers for LCD shutter glasses used with 3D TVs

PCB mountable 5 Amps DC/DC power modules from National Semiconductor

Class D amplifiers with anticlipping circuitry and voltage limiting from Maxim

Microwave office design suite from AWR

New 2Gigabit DDR2 mobile RAM from Elpida using 40nm process

Advantech releases two products using Cavium's OCTEON II processors

Virage adds new product line to its SoC infrastructure IP portfolio

GE to release digital receivers and trancievers based on Xilinx' FPGAs

36W, class 2, universal desktop adapters from Phihong

July 2010

New hardware programmer for Actel's flash FPGAs

Design software for desiging digital power sys using Exar' s chips

Packet processor card from GE for high volume IP network applications

Dual 16-bit 105 MSPS ADC from ADI for data acquisition systems

240 Amp MOSFETs from IR with on resistance of 2.6 milli ohms for automotive apps

Altera introduces Stratix V FPGAs with support for RLDRAM 3 memory

2:1 multiplexer/switch from NXP Semiconductor with speeds of up to 8Gbps

IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant single port PSE controller from Maxim for POE applications

Analog audio subsystem with integrated noise reduction from National Semiconductor

80 MSP 14-bit ADCs with JESD204A serial interface from ADI

New audio IP from Synopsys using 40-nm and 55-nm process technologies

New DDR3 memory controller interface for consumer electronics from Rambus

20V DC/DC non-synchronous switching regulators from ADI

Tiny op amp with quiescent current of 45 micro amps

New MCUs and MOSFET for automotive applications

New software development tool from TI to generate prototype software for TI DSPs

New SBC series from IEI built on Intel's 45nm core architecture

New single-gate logic family with open drain logic from Diodes Inc

N-channel 0.357mm thin power MOSFET from Vishay

AMD introduces software drivers for desktop computing with 3D Internet potential

Aeroflex and Boeing SSED jointly develop 90nm RHBD digital ASICs

AMD Geode based embedded computer from Advanced Micro Peripherals

Cadence and ARM to jointly develop an optimized system realization solution for ARM processors

Radiation hardened FPGA from Xilinx enable last minute design changes

40V, 200mA schottky diodes in SOT-963 packages from Central Semiconductor

Power Integrations releases 2 new standby power supply reference designs

RF diagnostic chamber from Rohde & Schwarz simulates free space

Lattice Semiconductor introduces 90 reference designs for processor interface apps

New measurement platform from Agilent for signal-intelligence applications

25 Amp capable synchronous DC-DC controller from Micrel

Microchip' Microstick: a low cost development board for dsPIC33F and PIC24H microcontrollers

SMD wrapround thin film chip resistors from Vishay for aerospace applications

6A DC/DC uModule regulator from Linear Tech for ATCA and medical systems

Samsung starts production of 2GB DDR3 DRAM

Boost type tiny DC/DC converters from Semtech

HD radio chipset from STMicroelectronics certified by iBiquity

New 150V Low RDS(ON) MOSFET from Fairchild

1200MHz to 1700MHz dual downconverting SiGe mixer from Maxim

New U.S. govt certified optical networking platform from Fujitsu

Single-phase buck DC/DC Controller from Linear

ULDO RAD-Hard voltage regulators for space applications from IR

New open source embedded system dev board based on TI's OMAP processor

Evaluation board for laser diode driver IC from IXYS

PGI compilers and tools for Visual Studio 2010

New series of red, amber, yellow and white power SMD LEDs from Vishay

New automotive qualified PIN photodiodes and NPN planar phototransistors from Vishay

LED lamp in camera phone programmable as torch or flash by using ADI's LED driver IC

Synchronous buck controllers from ADI with valley current mode architecture

New antenna from AR offers a size reduction of nearly 75%

Power MOSFET family from IR for battery charge and discharge switches

Load management switches from Fairchild for embedded systems

New ASIC technology from Fujitsu for digital media encoding

2.5A buck converter from Maxim enables high clock speeds in application processors

Test solutions for EMC measurement applications from Agilent

New device from ST integrates multiple functions on a single microphone interface chip

Triple output LED driver form Linear drives 24 500mA rated LEDs

New 500V MOSFET family from IXYS

New HB LED driver from Maxim in boost, buck-boost and buck configuration

New Diamond software for FPGA design from Lattice

12-bit SAR ADC from TI uses only 5 microwatts to smartly scan 4 ADC channels

New 1.4MHz, 1.5A step down converter from Diodes Inc

Long lasting snap-in high voltage Aluminum capacitors from Vishay

RAID IP cores from Silicon Image for consumer electronics application

New series of multi-output Backlight LED Drivers from TDK-Lambda for LCD displays

BiCMOS photoelectric smoke detector from Allegro with a battery life of 10 years

WCDMA single-band power amplifiers from ANADIGICS

Software to control WLAN/Bluetooth test sets from Anritsu

Anti-sulfurated resistors from Yageo

SABRE 3D electroplating system from Novellus for WLP packaging market

New transils from ST for efficient surge protection

24-bit DAC with integrated stereo line driver from Cirrus for home audio applications

New FPGA variant from Altera with 6.375-Gbps transceivers and 1.25Gbps LVDS support

Cascadeable EUI-48 I2C serial EEPROM device from Microchip

Single and duel cell fuel gauge ICs from Maxim to estimate Li+ battery state of charge

New development platform for digital signal processor from TI

TI adds softwares, tools and training to MCU digital power portfolio

New development software for FPGA boards from Altera

RF transistors for LNA stage in wireless communication equipments

New PFC capacitors from TDK-EPC

Vishay extends its Tantalum chip capacitors with 75V rating

LDOs from Diodes achieves 2% accuracy over industrial temperature range

Dual, monolithic RF VVA from Maxim with a linear dynamic range of 44dB

PCIe frame grabber from ADLINK offers full 1080p HD video steaming

3D planar EM simulation software for antenna analysis

6Gbps capable single port SAS/SATA protocol analyzer from LeCroy

New four-port PoE midspan from Microsemi

DC/DC converter from Linear drives up to 30 LEDs

2.4GHz reference design for remote controlled toy cars from Nordic

Multichannel DAC with dynamic power control from ADI

11-bit, 200 MSPS low power ADCs from TI delivers up to 65 MHz of signal bandwidth

Security manager from Maxim draws only 1.5µA in standby mode

IXYS and Clare introduce family of 4A dual-channel gate driver ICs

New low power communications processor form TranSwitch for broadband applications

3MHz 500mA synchronous buck regulator from Fairchild Semiconductor

2A/1.25A, step-down dc to dc switching regulator from ADI

ZigBee module for smart enegy applications from Radiocrafts

A signal conditioner with a line driver for sensor applications

60V dual self-protected MOSFETs from Diodes offer higher thermal efficiency

Online design tool from IR for electrical and thermal simulation of its Power ICs

Automated surface mount LED pick and place machine from APS Novastar

Electrical energy and power demand analyzer tool from Dranetz

New series of AC/DC power sources with power sink option from AMETEK

New Xtrinsic series of sensing solutions from Freescale

Synchronous MOSFET controllers from Diodes Inc

PFC controller from Fairchild Semiconductor for LCD and PDP TV applications

16-bit MCU from Maxim provides security authentication and consumes 300nA

ARINC 429 Line Driver from Holt powered by a single +5V supply

Multi-band GPS antennas from Pulse for telematic applications

80V power MOSFETs from Vishay with on-resistance value of 5.9 milli Ohms at 10 V

5 Amp hot swap controller from Linear

Six-string White LED driver from Maxim for notebooks and netbooks

Samsung's 'Touch Control' TVs uses Atmel maXTouch controllers for its touchscreens

New OCXO from CTS for telecom network applications

Microsemi extends its CoolMOS family with new superjunction MOSFETs

PSS controller from CamSemi for high power applications

15W and 30W ultra compact DC/DC converter range from XP Power

Micro-module DC-DC buck regulator from Fairchild

1.8V Serial Flash memory chip from Microchip for low power electronic devices

Low-power tiny comparator from ST for portable devices

ADI introduces new HDMI 1.4 transmit IC for portable multimedia designs

Dual full-bridge motor driver ICs from Allegro

Cards and software from Exar for compressed storage of data on disks

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