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Date: 10/04/2017

Kionix unveils a new 3-axis accelerometer

Kionix, a ROHM Group company, has revealed a new 3-axis accelerometer, KXTJ3.

Accelerometers are commonly used for power savings while allowing the system to sleep when there is no motion and then triggering the system to wakeup when motion occurs. Accelerometers are also useful in detecting device orientation relative to gravity, enabling a more natural user-experience and interactivity, and fostering automation by providing awareness and context of a device or its use.

The KXTJ3 is a drop-in replacement for the KXTJ2 and offers improvements such as better noise performance, extended range, and improved interrupt functionality. The product is also said to have a high resolution embedded motion wake-up engine.

Features of KXTJ3:

Resolution modes up to 14g
g-ranges of 2g, 4g, 8g, or 16g
Thresholds as low as 3.9mg
Operate as low as 1.5uA at its lowest ODR of 0.781Hz.
Supports I2C protocol up to 3.4MHz
Has built-in voltage regulator offering stable operation from 1.71 to 3.6V

CEO Nader Sadrzadeh states, "The original idea was to take everything that made our KXTJ2 (Kionix's best selling accelerometer) so successful, and add even more value. With the new KXTJ3, we're offering the market a high performance -- highly reliable accelerometer in a package that is both sized and priced to be embedded in anything and everything, from toys, wearables, remote controls to the SmartHome and IoT."

Adds Sadrzadeh, "It is an incredible time we're in, with sensors in applications such as pet monitors, smart tags, beacons, key fobs -- its almost difficult to find applications that don't benefit from the addition of sensors."


The KXTJ3 is available in a tiny, 2 x 2 x 0.9 mm form factor.