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Inverter and converter design: High Voltage Power MOSFETs


Power MOSFETs are critical components in high voltage switching in AC/DC and DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters. Below is the brief selection guide to select Power MOSFETs for your high voltage power supply design applications.

Key Specifications of MOSFETs

Breakdown Voltage(BVDSS): Is the voltage at which the reverse-biased body-drift diode breaks down and significant current starts to flow between the source and the drain by the avalanche multiplication process, while the gate and source are shorted together. It's usually measured at 250uA drain current.

On-Resistance(RDS): The on-resistance of a power MOSFET is made up of several components such as Source diffusion resistance, Channel resistance, Accumulation resistance, Drift region resistance, Substrate resistance, etc.,

Transconductance(gfs): Is a measure of the sensitivity of drain current to the changes in gate-source bias. It's quoted for Vgs and is influenced by gate width, which increases in proportion to the active area as cell density increases.

Threshold Voltage(Vth): The maximum gate electrode bias required to strongly invert the surface under the poly and form a conducting channel between the source and the drain regions. It's usually measured at a drain-source current of 250uA.

Diode Forward Voltage(VF): Is the quaranteed maximum forward drop of the body-drain diode at a specified source current.

Power Dissipation(Pd): The maximum allowable power dissipation that will raise the die temperature to the maximum allowable when the case temperature is held at 25 Deg Cel.

Continuous Drain Current(ID): The rating of the maximum continuous DC current with the die at its maximum rated junction temperature and the case at 25 Deg Cel.

Parts selection table from key vendors of High voltage MOSFETs (sorted based on VDSS & On-Resistance):

Sl No Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Part Number Breakdown Voltage(VDSS) - Volts On-Resistance (RDS) @ VGS=10V
1 IXYS Corporation IXTF1N400 4000 60 Ohm
2 IXYS Corporation IXTK5N250 2500 8.8 Ohm
3 IXYS Corporation IXTX20N150 1500 1 Ohm
4 STMicroelectronics STW9N150 1500 2.5 Ohm
5 STMicroelectronics STP4N150 1500 5 Ohm
6 STMicroelectronics STFW6N120K3 1200 2.4 Ohm
7 IXYS Corporation IXTA2R4N120P 1200 7.5 Ohm
8 RoHM Semiconductor SCH2090KE* 1200 0.09 Ohm
9 IXYS Corporation IXTA08N120P 1200 25 Ohm
10 Microsemi Corporation APT31M100B2 1000 0.38 Ohm
11 STMicroelectronics STW13NK100Z 1000 0.7 Ohm
12 Fairchild Semiconductor FQA8N100C 1000 1.45 Ohm
13 Vishay IRFPG50, SiHFPG50 1000 2 Ohm
14 Fairchild Semiconductor FQD2N100TM 1000 9 Ohm
15 IXYS Corporation IXTY01N100 1000 80 Ohm
16 STMicroelectronics STW25N95K3 950 0.36 Ohm
17 Infineon Technologies IPW90R120C3 900 120 mOhm
18 Vishay IRFBF30, SiHFBF30 900 3.7 Ohm
19 Fairchild Semiconductor FQAF11N90C 900 1.1 Ohm
20 Infineon Technologies IPI90R800C3 900 800 mOhm
21 Microsemi Corporation APT31N80JC3 800 0.145 Ohm
22 Fairchild Semiconductor FQA13N80_F109 800 0.75 Ohm
23 Infineon Technologies SPB17N80C3 800 290 mOhm
24 Vishay IRFPE40, SiHFPE40 800 2 Ohm
25 Infineon Technologies SPA02N80C3 800 2,700 mOhm
26 Microsemi Corporation APT43M60L 600 0.15 Ohm
27 IXYS Corporation IXTY5N50P 500 1.4 Ohm
28 International Rectifier IRFB812PBF 500 2200 mOhm
29 International Rectifier IRF7799L2TR1PBF 250 38 mOhm


Part Number Drain Current (ID max) @ 25C - Amps Power Dissipation - Watts VGS min - Volts VGS max - Volts Rth Total Gate Charge(Qg typ)
IXTF1N400 1 160 0.78 K/W 78 nC
IXTK5N250 5 960 0.13 K/W 200 nC
IXTX20N150 20 1250 0.1 K/W 215 nC
STW9N150 8 320 89.3 nC
STP4N150 4 160 35 nC
STFW6N120K3 5 150 32 nC
IXTA2R4N120P 2.4 125 1 K/W 37 nC
SCH2090KE* 26 125
IXTA08N120P 0.8 50 2.5 K/W 14 nC
APT31M100B2 32 1040 30 0.12 K/W 260 nC
STW13NK100Z 13.5 350 220 nC
FQA8N100C 8 225 3 0.56 C/W 53 nC
IRFPG50, SiHFPG50 6.1 190 2 20 190 nC
FQD2N100TM 1.6 50 3 2.5 C/W 12 nC
IXTY01N100 0.1 25 3 K/W 8 nC
STW25N95K3 22 400 105 nC
IPW90R120C3 36 417 2.5 3.5 0.3 K/W 260.0 nC
IRFBF30, SiHFBF30 3.6 125 2 20 78 nC
FQAF11N90C 7 120 3 1.04 C/W 60 nC
IPI90R800C3 6.9 104 2.5 3.5 1.2 K/W 42.0 nC
APT31N80JC3 31 833 20 0.37 C/W 180 nC
FQA13N80_F109 12.6 300 3 0.42 C/W 68 nC
SPB17N80C3 17 227 2.1 3.9 0.55 K/W 91.0 nC
IRFPE40, SiHFPE40 5.4 150 2 20 130 nC
SPA02N80C3 2 30.5 2.1 3.9 4.1 K/W 9.0 nC
APT43M60L 45 780 30 0.16 C/W 215 nC
IXTY5N50P 5 89 1.4 K/W 12.6 nC
IRFB812PBF 3.6 78 20 1.6 C/W 13.3 nC
IRF7799L2TR1PBF 35 125 30 1.2 C/W 110 nC


Part Number Package Approximate Cost in 2012 (US$)
IXTK5N250 TO-264
IXTX20N150 PLUS247
STW9N150 TO-247 5.711
STP4N150 TO-220 4.862
STFW6N120K3 TO-3PF 5.059
IXTA2R4N120P TO-263
SCH2090KE* 15.9x20.95(t=5.03)
IXTA08N120P TO-263
STW13NK100Z TO-247
FQA8N100C TO3P 3-LEAD 3.45
FQD2N100TM TO-252(DPAK) 0.79
IXTY01N100 TO-252AA (D PAK)
STW25N95K3 TO-247 12.335
IPW90R120C3 TO-247
FQAF11N90C TO-247/TO-3P/TO-3PF 3.17
IPI90R800C3 I2PAK (TO-262)
FQA13N80_F109 TO3P 3-LEAD 3.45
SPB17N80C3 D2PAK (TO-263)
SPA02N80C3 TO-220 FullPAK
APT43M60L TO-264
IRFB812PBF TO-220AB 0.544
IRF7799L2TR1PBF Surface Mount Can-DirectFET 2.389

Product Highlights:

STMicro's SuperMESH, SuperMESH-3, SuperMESH-5 technology components are available with breakdown voltages up to 1500V, drain current up to 40A, and on-resistance as low as 0.18 ohms.

STMicro's MDmesh-V power MOSFET family (STW88N65M5) features the industry's lowest on-resistance for 650V devices at 0.029 Ohms. TO-247 packaged component costs around 20$.

Vishay recently released the company's E series of MOSFETS that features 30% lower on-resistance than other 600-650V devices. The D-Series MOSFETs from Vishay 400 V, 500V, and 600 V n-channel devices combine low specific on-resistance with ultra-low gate charge and currents from 3 A to 36 A in a wide range of packages.

Fairchild has introduced a new 600V super-junction MOSFETs -SupreMOS for power supplies, lighting, display and industrial applications with low on-resistance and low figure of merit compared to its 600V SuperFET MOSFETs.

Toshiba's new devices in the p-MOS VII series include seven 500V and six 600V MOSFETs, targeted for use in switched-mode power supplies, such as AC adapters in notebook and desktop computers, flat panel displays, and ballasts used in lighting. Additional products are planned that will extend the product family from 400V to 650V and provide a wide selection of electrical characteristics, including drain current, RDS(ON) and gate capacitance of MOSFET.

ROHM announced the development of R5050DNZ0C9 (500V/50A, 34mO) high-voltage power MOSFET featuring the industry's lowest ON resistance designed for power conditioners used in photovoltaic power generation.

Silica's (an Avnet company) CoolMOS C6/E6 high voltage power MOSFETs are designed for better energy efficiency demands which are more suitable for PFC & PWM stages in servers, PC silverbox, lighting and adapter applications.

IXYS has released a new 900V rugged and fast polar series power MOSFETs with drain current ratings from 10.5 Amperes to 56 Amperes, and the operating voltage ranges from 500V to 1200V. These new 900V MOSFET devices combine IXYS' Polar Technology platform and HiPerFET process to provide improved power efficiency and reliability for high-voltage conversion systems that require bus voltage operation of up to 700V.

Infineon Technologies has launched new 650V superjunction MOSFET devices called CoolMOS CFDA designed for resonant power conversion topologies such as battery charging, DC/DC converters and HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lighting, also in hybrid and electric vehicles. Superjunction MOSFETs advantages are: a better light load efficiency, reduced gate charge, lower switching losses, easy implementation and higher reliability.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) and SemiSouth Laboratories jointly demonstrated UniSiC, a 1200V, 90milli ohms MOSFET in a TO262 package.
The UniSiC MOSFET is praised for its low Rdson and gate charge Qg, an excellent body diode with virtually no stored charge and a low diode forward voltage drop. This device can replace conventional MOSFET or IGBT, with standard gate drives but can be switched over a wide speed range - as fast as a Superjunction MOSFET, or as slow as an IGBT. The device is claimed far superior compared to existing IGBTs, Silicon power MOSFETs or even the best competitive SiC 1200V MOSFET.

Click on the part number below to download data-sheet:


Note: There are chances of errors in specifications, please cross check with vendor's data sheets.



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