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Test and Measurement Last update:15 Jun 2016


JEDEC publishes New Test Method to evaluate power GaN devices

TUV Rheinland offering 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless testing and certification for the Indian market

Toy testing & certification by TUV Rheinland in its India labs

Joint standards for device ESD sensitivity testing by JEDEC and ESDA

TÜV Bangalore supports RF testing for ETSI EN 300328v1. 8.1 compliance

JEDEC published e.MMC standard update v5.1

Beware of using counterfeit UL mark

ST opens audio lab in Taiwan for testing MEMS microphones

Automated setup for robust testing of USB2.0 physical layer at subsys Level

Tektronix acquire high-speed communication test specialist Picosecond Pulse Labs

Agilent separates life sciences and electronics biz

Newly opened All Measure Technologies to sell test gear in India

IBM's SiGe RF front end chip tech for Tektronix' 70GHz scopes

TÜV Rheinland India recognized by BIS to test 15 electronics products

Revised version of the IEEE 1800 for VLSI/hardware design is available

UL lab in Italy is approved by LED Lighting Facts program

In 30GHz+ scopes, the differentiator is compound semiconductor material

T&M expert Anritsu opens 100% India subsidiary in Bangalore

Agilent sets up terahertz lab at the University of Leeds

Sudhir Tangri is the new country manager for the EMG of Agilent Technologies India

Test gear maker Rohde & Schwarz acquires SwissQual

Anritsu to display the mm-wave emission testing using its signal analyzer at IMS 2012

Portable quad port Ethernet/VLAN/MPLS/IP/UDP tester from GL

Aeroflex to supply test systems to Qualcomm for automated testing of mobile devices

DEKRA is now the testing institute for 'green products' and EPEAT criteria

Modelithics uses Anritsu's VectorStar VNA for testing schottky diodes

T&M expert Aeroflex opens sales and support office in India

Agilent signs acquisition agreement with Accelicon Technologies

Anritsu claims leadership position in LTE test gear

Differential probes from R&S to measure differential and ground-referenced signals

JEDEC publishes ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2011 for ESD testing

ELMOS Semiconductor selects X-Series test equipment from LTX-Credence to test its chips

JEDEC publishes inspection criteria for microelectronic packages and covers

MIPS-Based Smartphone passes Android CTS

NTAF releases first industry specs for network test automation

Agilent Technologies tops in Wireless test market

UL acquires Springboard Engineering

National Instruments acquires Phase Matrix and AWR

Synopsys & Rohde & Schwarz strategically collaborating in offering tools for LTE design

Mathwork's Simulink verification tools qualified for automotive ISO 26262

F&S: Evolving wireless standards drive the world gen purpose test equipment market

World Oscilloscope market to reach $1.37billion in 2014

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

Agilent's network analyzer and oscilloscope approved for SATA

Agilent and Altair semiconductor partner on LTE testing

New USB data logger from Pico Tech packs range of USB measurement inputs

High speed delay and pulse generator for trigger/gate pulsing apps

NI's new PXI express module features AC/DC coupling for sound and noise measurements

High performance PC oscilloscope from Pico Tech

Test signals for EMC compliance testing of digital TV receivers

AuthenTec launched FIPS 140-3 compliant true random number generator

Spectrum analyzer from R&S handles 40GHz without external mixers or downconverters

LeCroy's software turns your computer as capable oscilloscope

Digital I/Q data recorder from Rohde & Schwarz stores 1 Tbyte data for analysis of RF signals

New boundary-scan test solution from Corelis for companies with restricted resources

Modular PXI single-channel voltage/current source from Agilent for automotive electronics test apps

Agilent's new versions of IO Libraries Suite for PXI

Handheld digital multimeters from Agilent for industrial applications

Device to measure high DC/AC current up to 900A from LEM

Digital and mixed signal oscilloscopes from Tektronix delivers sampling rates of 100 GS/s

R&S enables network analyzers to handle frequency range up to 500GHz

National Instruments releases new version of NI LabVIEW FPGA IPNet

MathWorks enhances its Polyspace embedded code verification products

NI adds LTE test capability to its PXI RF test portfolio

New 6.5 digit PXI DMMs from Agilent

New line of microwave signal generators from R&S with frequency range of up to 110 GHz

Signaling conformance test system from Agilent for 3GPP LTE user equipment

Agilent Technologies unveils new 67 GHz VNA

Network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz with a frequency range of 10 MHz to 110 GHz

INNOVENTIONS offers memory tester for DDR3 DRAM

Agilent unveils ADS 2011 RF design software for multi-technology design

Agilent's N4917A can test 850 nm multimode transceivers.

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

Evatronix and LeCroy partnering in adopting SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology

Agilent acquires certain assets of Signametrics

Unisem has chosen Teradyne's test system for analog and power management test

Rohde & Schwarz signs cooperative agreement with Belgian company NMDG

Rohde & Schwarz adds latest DVB-T2 functionalities to its transmitters

Anritsu's WLAN test set obtains Wi-Fi CWG certification

Agilent and Innofidei collaborate on TD-LTE data dongle RF test

MathWorks adds VLSI design and RF features to its MATLAB and Simulink

Tektronix announce new customer service plan called "Gold Care Plan"

TÜV PV lab in Bangalore simulates sun inside the lab

AUO's solar reliability lab obtains UL WTDP certification

LeCroy starts shipping 8Gbps protocol analyzer

Tektronix acquires BERTScope innovator SyntheSys Research

Agilent and University of Texas collaborate on mm and Sub-mm wave characterization

National Instruments still granting tools to advanced medical device developers

Altair Semiconductor and Aeroflex are collaborating on LTE testing solutions

ABOV Semiconductor buys Teradyne's MCU test-gear

Aeroflex supplies TD-LTE test-gear to China Academy of Telecommunications Research

Campus wide access of MATLAB in 60 plus institutes

Aeroflex won 4G Wireless Evolution Product of the Year Award 2009

Ixia and Rohde & Schwarz partners to achieve advancements in LTE network quality assurance

Agilent partners with CMC Microsystems to provide EDA tools to Canadian academia

Galderma R&D adopts Agilent's Electronic Lab Notebook to automate scientific data management

Aeroflex's deploys Synopsys' unified circuit simulation for its ICs development / verification

Ixia and Agilent partner to provide HDMI 1.4 protocol test solution

Agilent's proposed acquisition of Varian cleared by European Commission

ACCO Semiconductor selects Agilent's RFIC solutions to design its CMOS power amplifier

LeCroy demo Symwave's SuperSpeed USB 3.0-to-SATA storage device at CES

DENSO designed and tested its robotic arms by using NI's measurement tools

Researchers can access MATLAB on TeraGrid

FormFactor qualifies one-touchdown 300-mm wafer probe card for DRAM sort test

Mentor Graphics to unify silicon test and yield analysis

Semiconductor assembly and test services provider Unisem's 3rd Q revenue grew by 11.1%

Aeroflex 3280A spectrum analyzers added with 30 MHz digital demodulator at no extra price

More than 8,000 instrument drivers through Instrument Driver Network from NI

X-FAB adopted Agilent's IC-CAP device modeling platform for DC and RF apps

Agilent's expands its serial J-BERT N4903B for 16x fibre channel transceiver testing

ADI's blackfin is selected by Rigol to power its oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers

New EMI test receiver with a frequency range upto 7 GHz from R&S

New software version for Aeroflex 3900 series digital radio test-set

National Instruments and SolidWorks jointly offering solutions for mechanical design

Rohde & Schwarz enters broadband amplifier market

High bandwidth PXI Digitizer jointly developed by NI and Tektronix

New LTE handset certification platform from Aeroflex and w2bi

UL now has a new lab facility for solar testing in North America

Philips interoperability test lab designed for testing of digital consumer systems' connectivity

Lab-on-chip VereFlu of Veredus Lab is successfully tested on Swine-Flu H1N1 samples

PSG College goes for Agilent's test kit solutions for its EE students

Agilent and Datang collaborate on TD-SCDMA technologies eyeing emerging markets

Symwave praises Agilent's USB3.0 test tool

Tektronix has acquired Ireland based Arantech

Aeroflex has acquired baseband test solutions company VI Technology

National Instruments is platinum sponsor for EcoCAR design challenge

LeCroy voyager verification platform to support USB 3.0

Agilent Technologies RFIC simulation tool support ST Micro's 65nm RF design platform

Fujitsu testing labs to support LTE wireless research and testing

Qualcomm opens test center in Singapore

IP equipment tester Ixia opens new facility in Bangalore, India

KPIT Cummins and VaST team up to deliver virtualization tools for automotive apps

Agilent converts parking space into solar power station

New Products

View and share your Tek scope' waveform on the cloud

Thermal imaging camera for electronics design

Multi-function JTAG board tester fits into ECT fixtures

Clamp meters and multimeters from FLIR integrated with infrared imaging feature

Oscilloscope family from R&S for development of embedded designs

B&K Precision announces two new handheld battery capacity analyzers

New 300 kHz Bench LCR Meter from B&K

The battery simulator and a power supply in one system

Rugged digital multi meters for both maintenance and R&D needs

Not so high priced vector signal generator from Tektronix

Waveform analysis software by Tektronix

Graphical sampling digital multimeter to view waveforms/signals

Test solutions from Tektronix for USB 3.1 Rx and MIPI M-PHY v3.1

Red Pitaya and SmartScope makes your smartphone or tablet an oscilloscope

$3,490 priced Tektronix's portable spectrum analyzer

Lithium-ion battery can be tested within in a minute

The new multi-range DC power supply from B&K Precision

500 MHz Touch oscilloscope from Teledyne LeCroy for US$5000

70 MHz Tektronix scope at Rupees 29000 for colleges

Tektronix Waveform Monitors supports 4K by software upgrade

Upgraded vector signal generator supports frequencies up to 20 GHz

Tektronix' HDMI 2.0 test solutions offers lot more automation

BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester from Tektronix for 100G testig

Temperature and humidity test systems for electronic devices

Test services by UL for solar power plants

Automated HDMI 2.0 compliance test and debug from Tektronix

40 Gb/s BERT for datacom and long haul testing

PicoScope oscilloscopes now run on Linux

Exclusive oscilloscope for power supply design

1 GSa/s and 2 Mpts of waveform memory DSO from B&K

Single platform for emulation and verification of communication protocols

Aeroflex releases multi-strategy test gear for India’s automotive sector

Anritsu introduces improved handheld base station tester

Agilent Integrates Gradient' thermal analysis feature in its EDA tool

Agilent adds new retimer models for analyzing Gb data moving from chip to chip

New analysis software suite from Agilent for its USB protocol analyzers

Waveform monitor with HDMI/HDCP i/ps for video service providers

Hardware and software from Mentor for testing SAS Gen2 devices

Waveform monitor from Tektronix with HDMI/HDCP input

Multi-phase power analyzer from Tektronix uses Spiral Shunt

Tektronix spectrum analyzers at low cost supporting 110 MHz bandwidth

RMS power detector operate upto 10 GHz with a 67 dB range

Board to evaluate eGaN FETs for power electronics design

Single-box generator solution from Agilent for HDMI and MHL tests

Fast read benchtop digital multimeter from Agilent costs $787

Digital audio and video analyzer for HDMI, DVI and mobile devices

LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis solution from Agilent

Rohde & Schwarz video testers supports MHL 2.0 interface

Low priced basic spectrum analyzer from Agilent

Software from Agilent for decoding MIPI Unified and LLI protocols

Digital module by Advantest for high-speed testing of SoC interfaces

Analyzer module to test HDMI, MHL, and other audio/video interface

Advantest introduces electron microscope for use in 14nm to 22m node process

Signal and spectrum analyzer model for mwave applications up to 43.5 GHz

New handheld digital multimeter from Agilent operates at -40C

Rohde & Schwarz releases MLx transmitter to improve DVB-T/DVB-T2 network coverage

Anritsu released LTE Carrier Aggregation testing software

NFC measurement software from Rohde & Schwarz

R&S launches world's fastest EMI test receiver

High-speed multi-IO SPI host adapter generates SPI messages

Shock and drop-proof rugged 7 inch Android tablet for field/industrial use

Oscilloscopes from PicoScope are extended with sampling rate of 1GS/s

Anritsu extended VectorStar sys frequency coverage to 750GHz with 4-port config

Signal and spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz for analyzing IEEE 802.11ac signals

Anritsu’s signaling tester with integrated IMS enables VoLTE and SMS-over-IMS testing

MIPI D-PHY protocol exerciser/analyzer from Agilent for HD mobile applications

RF diagnostic chamber from R&S automatically sets the EUT to the required position

New Vector Network Analyzer from Agilent works up to 50 GHz

Smaller, lighter dual LIN transceiver modules from NXP

Tool from Fluke for fast testing of wired networks

CAN eye-diagram mask testing introduced by Agilent on its InfiniiVision scopes

Handheld portable instruments from GL for testing TDM and IP networks

MathWorks launches DO 178 Process Deployment Advisory Service

High end testing platform presented by Rohde & Schwarz for audio/ video interfaces (HDMI, MHL)

Wireless gateway and measurement nodes by NI

PicoScope 6000 series USB oscilloscopes to offer sampling rate of 5 GS/s

Rohde & Schwarz releases a TV analyzer for testing digital TV transmitters

Tri-wavelength micro OTDRs introduced by Anritsu

PXI vector signal analyzer from Agilent feature continuous data capture

New LCR meter for testing high-frequency passive components from Agilent

4 GHz scope from R&S for analyzing fast clock signals

6.0V Zener and switching diodes in a 0.6mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm package

Triple-o/p power supplies with front-panel programming for electronic manufacturing

EMCORE demos portable Terahertz spectrometer

R&S scope supported with MSO option

Agilent introduce MSR measurement application for its X-Series signal analyzers

Simulink features AUTOSAR capabilities

Agilents' PXA signal analyzer supports up to 900 MHz of IF bandwidth

$995 priced 6-1/2 digit PXI digital multimeter from Agilent

Multi-function USB DAQ modules for test and measurement apps

Agilent enhances its U8903A audio analyzer with AES3, SPDIF and DSI options

MD1260A 40/100G Ethernet Analyzer from Anritsu is now with OTU4 mapping option

New evaluation system for AGIGARAM DDR3 Non-Volatile DIMM unveiled

Multi-mode signaling tester for LTE and mobile devices apps

Test setup from octoScope for OTA testing of wireless devices

Instrument measures resistance in 2/4-point geometry and Hall effect resistance

USB PC scope from Pico offers BW of 500 MHz and sampling rate of 5 GS/s

Aeroflex adds avionics waveforms to its S-Series SGA signal generators

SATIMO's MV-Scan is paired Anritsu's MT8820C for fast LTE OTA testing

Anritsu's VNA provides measurement analysis from 70 kHz to 750 GHz

Agilent adds new member to its RF network analyzers family

MIPI M-PHY Test Suite from Agilent

Agilent's simulation and modeling software for TSMC's Wireless Kit

Compact capacitance meters from B&K measure up to 200mF at 0.5% accuracy

Accelicon supports Keithley 4225 modules

HDMI 1.4a protocol analyzer and generator from Agilent supports 4K x2K resolution

Distance-to-PIM tech based test-gear from Anritsu for BTS testing

Viper probe cards for testing wafer-level chip-scale packaged devices

New version of IO Libraries suite software for PXI instruments from Agilent

PC-Based air interface drive test and analysis tools for wireless data network deployment

Waveform signal generator software from Agilent for testers

DisplayPort 1.2 source compliance and validation software from Agilent

Wipro's Tarang partner with Canada's CSA for certifying products

SystemVue 2011.03 from Agilent for wireless SoC designers

$790 priced Oscilloscope from Tektronix for EE students and first timers

Agilent's Vector Network Analysis tool for Tera Hertz measurements

Aeroflex enhanced its PXI test sys with LTE TDD Measurement suite

Agilent's 89600B vector signal analysis software can test IEEE 802.11ac signals

Aeroflex adds 3GPP DC-HSDPA rel-9 support to its TM500

Anritsu tools help Gennum to demo its XGPON and 10G EPON chip set

PXI RF vector signal analyzer with improved performance

Handheld LTE test gear from Rohde & Schwarz

Agilent releases new version of its 3D electromagnetic simulation platform

3065A RF combiner from Aeroflex for RF test system

Entry level scopes from Agilent

Agilent lauches 3 new LTE design verification and conformance Systems

Test gear for Jitter tolerance and 4Tap pre-emphasis testing for 28 Gbit/s interconnects

SD UHS card compliance test tool from Agilent for portable consumer electronics

New logic analyzers from Tektronix

Agilent releases nine measurement applications for its signal analyzer

Hardware test platform from Agilent for LTE user equipment

NI introduces the VeriStand 2010 real time testing and simulation software

Handheld spectrum analyzer from Anritsu with frequency coverage up to 43GHz

Optical network tester from JDSU performs jitter and wander measurements

Agilent releases GDDR5 test application and BGA probes

2-port vector network analyzer from NI in PXI formfactor

New software from B&K for creating complex test signal waveforms

New DAQ devices for USB from NI with improved I/O handling

30MHz 1-and 2-channel function/arbitrary waveform generators from Agilent

Family of RF test cables from Aeroflex / Inmet

NI's LabVIEW 2010: faster compilation, FPGA support and more partner support

RF diagnostic chamber from Rohde & Schwarz simulates free space

New measurement platform from Agilent for signal-intelligence applications

Test solutions for EMC measurement applications from Agilent

Software to control WLAN/Bluetooth test sets from Anritsu

New oscilloscopes from R&S feature 500 MHz, 5 G samples/sec

New series of RF/Microwave signal generator from Anritsu

New remote access software and waveform transformation toolset for Agilent's DCA oscilloscopes

Wideband microwave up/down conversion solutions by Tektronix and Senaril Tek

New Fluke 5080A multi-product calibrator

Aeroflex to acquire Advanced Control Components

Test solutions for 3G Femtocell products from Agilent

JDSU enhances its network test-gear module with one-way delay test feature

Data Acquisition modules from NI for measurements on PXI Express

New thermistor power meter and AC-coupled power sensor from Agilent

New options for R&SDDF255 direction finder from Rhode & Schwarz

Test tools from Rohde & Schwarz supports frequencies up to 67 GHz

PNA-X Network Analyzer from Agilent measures noise figure up to 50 GHz

Network management software from Rohde & Schwarz to eliminate broadcast faults

Video signal generator from Rohde & Schwarz with Konica Minolta analysis software

32 GHz scopes with low noise floor and jitter

Testing solutions for mobile backhaul networks from Ixia

Enhanced tool from Agilent to design and verify LTE components

Compact audio-analyzers from R&S do parallel measurements

Agilent's tool for testing low-power DDR2 compliance

Free op amp selection tool for filter design from Intersil

Portable RF radio Altimeter test-set from Aeroflex

Fluke's "Made for India Multimeters" with Indian language manual

Magma's new multithreaded and faster VLSI static timing analysis tool Tekton

Rohde & Schwarz's complete test system to do end-to-end test of mobile phones

Optical modulation analyzer from Agilent for testing optical links

New release of MATLAB handles streaming video and Simulink supports larger teams

B&K Precision's 0.03% accurate bench-top multimeter with USB interface

Handheld Wi-Fi testing tool from Fluke Networks detects rogue Wi-Fi networks

MT8221B BTS Master from Anritsu measure all LTE bandwidths and frequencies

TM500 Test Mobile from Aeroflex support multiple handsets

Fibre Channel 8 Gb/s protocol analyzer from LeCroy

New programmable automation controllers from NI operates at extended temperatures

R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester with new features

Agilent's PXA signal analyzer with advanced Embedded LTE/HSPA+ measurement apps

New LTE applications from Agilent targets 4G system-level design

NI adds vision capabilities to its hardware devices

LSI delivers end-to-end wireless infrastructure solutions for mobile networks

Digital radio test set with LTE signal-fading simulator for mobile handsets

Multimedia Test System for production testing of Ford's SYNC system

Agilent adds new phone solution to its LTE drive test portfolio

Aeroflex adds multiple handset emulation capability to its DC-HSDPA Test Mobile

Handheld RF Vector Network Analyzer from Agilent for communication devices

Full-wave 3D electromagnetic analysis enhances Mentor's signal/power integrity solution

30 GHz / 4 channel real-time oscilloscope solution from LeCroy

Simulation design verification tool from LeCroy for PCIe 3.0 protocol analysis

High performance traffic generator and exerciser from LeCroy for PCI Express 3.0

One-button test automation solution from Tektronix spans both SATA and SAS standards

3-channel power meter with high-speed measurement capability

Enhanced PXIe RF modular instruments from NI for automated wireless device test

NI's expanded RF and Microwave test portfolio with PXI programmable amplifier and attenuator

WaveAce oscilloscope series from LeCroy adds 4 channel and 40 MHz models

28 Gb/s 2:1 Multiplexer from Agilent for J-BERT, ParBERT devices

New XMC Mezzanine Card Interposer from LeCroy for PCI Express 2.0 Analysis

QualiPHY DDR3 automated compliance test package from LeCroy

New graphical system design software from NI for Robotics control systems

New Multisim 11 academic and professional circuit simulation software from NI

Synposys offering protocol analyzer for verification of USB 3.0 designs

Improved semiconductor wafer probing solution from Agilent

PXI programmable amplifier and attenuator from NI

LeCroy introduces QualiPHY DDR3 automated compliance test package

Bluetooth test set from Anritsu with low energy testing option

Enhanced DDR test and validation portfolio from Tektronix

Network analyzer product from Tektronix to test data on IP Networks

Phase-coherent multichannel signal generator for testing radar receivers

Vector Analyzer Generator for LTE testing from Aeroflex

LeCroy's physical layer transmitter compliance test application for SAS-2

5 Hz to 3 GHz network analyzer from Agilent for power distribution measurements

Compact USB 3.0 test solution from Agilent for transmitter and receiver test

New test procedures for SATA Revision 3.0 standard from Agilent

10-Gigabit Ethernet Network Analyzer from Agilent for testing and troubleshooting

New statistical mode channel simulator from Agilent for testing digital systems

Extended ZIF probe head from Agilent for PCIe 2.0 test and debugging

New test equipment from Hermon Labs for acoustic testing for wireless handsets

New SystemVue version 2009.08 from Agilent for wireless and Avionic apps

Digital multimeter from Fluke with a detachable wireless display

Advanced CompactDAQ chassis for USB data acquisition from NI

R&S adding DVB-T2 standards to its T&M and transmitter systems

New Embedded USB probe from LeCroy for Inter-Chip and portable electronic device

New protocol testing solution to validate of 4G/LTE wireless SoC/ASIC designs

New digital multimeters from Tektronix for debugging complex electronic designs

Agilent's enhanced process design kit for UMS pHEMT processes

High-resolution VME/VXS digitizer from Agilent for defense apps

New 600 MHz Infiniium 9000 Series osiclloscope models supporting MIPI, SATA apps

Enhanced sound and vibration analysis software from NI

New signal analyzer with frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz added new VHF high-power transmitters family to its product line

NI's PXI interface modules for military and aerospace avionics applications

New 3GPP LTE baseband exploration library from Agilent for EDA platform

LTE base station measurement suite from Anritsu for handheld analyzers

Anritsu's enhanced DVB-T/H digital video measurement capability for handheld analyzers

New spectrum analyzers for radar, electronic warfare apps

Agilent's new integrated optical multichannel attenuators, power meters

Agilent's optical modulation analyzer with bit error ratio analysis capabilities

New network monitoring solutions for IP networks from Tektronix

New handheld network monitor for wireless network verification from Agilent

Agilent's IO libraries suite 15.5 software supports windows vista 64-Bit and windows 7

Agilent's in-circuit test system platform with added external circuit

Agilent's new VME/VXS analog digitizer targeted for military applications

25/100 MHz high-voltage differential probes for floating signal measurements

LeCroy's new single-source suite of superspeed USB 3.0 test solutions

Rohde & Schwarz adds DME options for aeronautical radio navigation services

LeCroy’s mixed signal oscilloscopes for embedded system design and debug

Agilent's One-Box-Tester for 1xEV-DO eHRPD Protocol Stack

Agilent's upgraded its E6474A with new TD-LTE receiver measurements software

Aeroflex TM500 TD-LTE mobile test tool achieved hand-off between multiple base stations

Aeroflex adds 2G and 3G wireless testing features to its PXI 3000 test platform

Aeroflex TM500 TD-LTE Multi-UE add a new feature to test Mobile With Multi-handset capability

Agilent's E5071C ENA network analyzer with 6.5 and 14 GHz options

LeCroy releases new test-tool package for audio I2S interface testing

Agilent's new audio analyzer measures sound-quality influencing factors

Agilent's USB expanded test portfolio supports USB 3.0

Aeroflex adds RF signal generator to its PXI test platform

New enhanced power meters and power sensors from Agilent

Agilent's updated design tool for MMIC and RF module design

Low cost USB 12-bit data loggers for virtual instrumentation applications

JTAG debug probe for testing Texas Instrument DSP platforms

Arbitrary noise generator with pattern generator for testing mixed signal devices

Agilent's new test solutions and services for VoIP, LTE and other wireless broadband

LeCroy's PCI Express protocol test card to support I/O Virtualization

Smaller and affordable spectrum analyzers with 26.4 GHz range

Aeroflex XTS-5000 Auto-Test II to support additional Motorola portable models

Aeroflex test solutions to support NXDN radios used in land mobile radio

Aeroflex 3920 digital radio test set add a new feature to test FM land mobile radios

New VOIP testing solutions to emulate up to 1 million SIP and RTP based end points

Test system to do on-site coverage measurements in mobile radio networks

Pico adds new set of features to its oscilloscope software

Oscilloscope software adds debugging power to test pods

Pico adds reference waveforms, and XY mode features to its scope software

Single instrument packs signal generator, BERT, protocol editor and serial data analysis

LeCroy's XMC mezzanine card interposer for PCI Express analysis

MATLAB data analysis software with Agilent Oscilloscopes

PCI Express jammer tool from Agilent

Agilent to release new Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) platform in Feb

Long-wire ZIF probe tips for DDR, GDDR memory validation

Logic analysis solution for HT3 using an interposer probe

Hardware-based mask limit testing for general-purpose oscilloscopes

USB 3.0 physical layer compliance test application from Agilent

Affordable oscilloscopes from Tektronix for mixed signal design applications

Parasitic reduction tool from Agilent to enhance RFIC simulation speed

5.5-Digit USB modular digital multimeters

Agilent's new USB power sensors with higher-power measurement capabilities

Agilent's new Ultra Mobile PC solution for handheld wireless measurements

Agilent improves the accuracy of time domain response in high frequency spice simulation software

National Instruments add two more DAQs to it’s family of USB DAQs

Aeroflex has launched new GPS based mobile handset test platform

New set of Microwave test accessories from Agilent.

Rack mount LXI Class C compliant Scopes from Agilent.

RF Measurement receiver to optimize and troubleshoot UMTS and GSM networks

Feature rich process control instruments from Vishay Intertechnology

New test mode for WIMAX vendors from Aeroflex and AT4 wirelss. 

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