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E-security/ID Semiconductor Chips Last update: 15 Jun 2021

Top Stories  

PUF to secure embedded flash in UMC made MCUs

STMicroelectronics and ClevX offering jointly developed encryption security

The automatic door lock and unlocker wins Z-Wave contest

ST grows its capability in secure microcontroller market

The safety and security in IOT is as important as life sciences research

Hua Hong shipped more than 720 million java smartcard chips in 2015

Multiple NDEF Records in a single STM’s NFC/RFID Tag

STMicro joins Entrust Datacard to participate in its smart card CVP

ARM buys security VLSI IP expert Sansa Security

RFID NFC Smart package protects brand and prevents tampering

NXP acquires Athena SCS

Contactless payment and US chip-and-PIN adoption drives smart card growth in 2014

ST wins performance award from Vodafone for supplying SIM modules

Sony selects ST's security MCU chips

Belden to acquire cyber security expert Tripwire

ID card chip makers Infineon, Philips, Samsung fined by EU Commission

Cypress to use IDEX' fingerprint tech in its touch controllers

NXP MCU powered SAC e-passports in Germany and Switzerland

INSIDE Secure acquired Metaforic

Asia with 85% share lead in issuing electronic Driving Licenses

SOC security design; fast emerging new area in VLSI design

Microsemi licenses security IP from cryptography research

NFC business cards launched by Bangalore start-up

INSIDE Secure licensed TrustedShow DRM technology from Trustonic

Walls and concrete structures can be embedded with electronics

MIFARE4Mobile is gaining popularity

Researchers find security holes in present encryption tech

Top 3 NFC IC vendors by ABI: NXP, Inside Secure, and STMicroelectronics

Smart card chip market by ABI: 7.99B ICs shipped in 2012, a rise of 12.0%

Virtual security appliance grew 33% in 2012 and to reach $1.3B in 2017

ABI's latest forecast on NFC shipments in 2013: growth of 118%

Infineon supplies its security chips to Taiwan’s e-Passport program

Safety and security telematics users to grow 4x to reach 300 M by 2018, ABI

Twin password ID card by Bundesdruckerei

SIM card shipments in 2013 to increase by 5% to 5.5 billion units, says ABI

Broadcom secures its STB ICs from DPA attacks

NXP and Gemalto are the highest ranked smart card and IC vendors, as per ABI

NXP claims its secure MCUs holds major share in Germany’s eHealthcard deployment

Infineon promotes its DCLB interface for NFC communication

Hardware enforced security based on the ARM TrustZone secure arch

MEMS accelerometer sensor from MaruLSI embeds Kilopass NVM XPM IP

NFC tag IC features UID ASCII mirror and NFC counter

ABI Research places NXP, Ingenico and Gemalto at top 3 in id sys biz

ABI: Traditional uses of RFID to increase by $2.8 billion from 2012 to 2017

Infineon security chips to power S.Africa's SASSA smart cards

Discretix to develop products with CRI's DPA countermeasures

Smart payment card shipment to increase to 3.5B in 2017, as per IMS

Infineon security chip for Malaysia’s new national ID card “MyKad”

Smart card chip platform TESIC from Tiempo silicon proven on TSMC 130nm LP

NXP has 74% share of contactless ticket market, reports ABI Research

ID card technology: Mobile phone, NFC and the design

Tiempo partners with Alcinéo to develop smartcard applications

Mobile access solution for NFC phones from NXP and HID Global

NXP drives MIFARE for broader range of applications

Intersil, Sony and Altronix joining hands to develop hybrid IP video surveillance

NXP and HID Global are collaborating on NFC phones

NFC specs MIFARE4Mobile gained big momentum in 2011

Lightweight cryptography technique CLEFIA from Sony gets ISO/IEC stamp

NFC semiconductor chip market driven by smart-mobile

e-Shakti cards in Bihar to use NXP ID chips

Data transfer on removable secure elements using NFC

Infonetics: Market for desktop and mobile security clients to hit $8.2 billion by 2015

NFC Forum leverages Broadcom's new NFC chips for validation

NFC chip shipments to surpass 1.2 Billion by 2015

NXP adds new NFC ICs for making RFID tags

NFC radio controller chip PN544 from NXP to support Windows 8

MStar to license CRI's CryptoFirewall to use in its multimedia SoC STB chips

Europe advances step further in electronics ID tech

NFC solutions from NXP semiconductor for Google Wallet

Contactless smart cards to grow by 24% CAGR during 2011-13 say RNCOS

NXP and UPM extend collaboration on NFC tags

NXP launches partner program to promote RFID innovation

HID Global to integrate NXP's MIFARE in its contactless ID products

ImageFIRST picks Fujitsu RFID tags for garment tracking

NFC Forum announces 32 new members

RFID enabled surgical sponges to assist surgeons to ensure patient safety

CTIA, Gemalto and ST Microelectronics partnering on secure NFC apps

Passive UHF RFID transponder IC ranking by ABI

AuthenTec DRM secures Alcatel OT-980 Android phone

NXP Semiconductor invests into tech of high business differentiating potential

High hardware cost slowing RFID growth in Asia Pacific says Frost & Sullivan

Market milestones of smart card ICs as analyzed by ABI

VDC Research: Barcode and RFID converging to address enlarging authentication market

austriamicrosystems' RFID chip powers Nordic ID's new handheld computer

Security appliance market in APEJ region grew to US$267.11million in Q2'2010

SIM card market will grow 10% in 2010 reports ABI

Mobile security client software grew 16% between Q1 and Q2 of 2010, says a study

HID Global and Sony to jointly develop embedded contactless smart card reader platform

Atmel sold its Smart Card business in Rousset, France and East Kilbride, UK to INSIDE

NXP's contactless MCU IC to handle fare collection at the winter Olympics

3M making national ID cards for Panama

ABI: 5.2 billion MCU and memory-based smart cards shipped in 2009

New Products   

Facial recognition-based biometric authentication expands to ATMs

Anti-tampering switch series from C&K

Cryptographic controller MAXQ1061 for embedded electronics

Exclusive cyber-security proofing modules from STMicroelectronics

Maxim embeds mutiple security features in its new MCU MAX32560

Secure Hash Algorithm-3 processing VLSI IP core within 28K gates

Flexible transparent rugged cloth RFID withstands multiple washes and ironing

Security processor with 288 purpose-built security cores for cloud

Passive Infrared sensor for reliable intruder detection security system

PN7120 from NXP NFC-enables smart home IOT devices with secure connectivity

Imagination’s OmniShield enables next-generation SoC security

Security camera reference design for quick wake from sleepmode

NFC Tags from STMicroelectronics for IoT

NFC system reference design by ams and ST for mobile and wearable

Java code supporting 3rd gen SIM controller chip from StarChip

IC chip for making your smart phone as your car key

Reference Design Kit from Ambarella wearable police and security cameras

ID card module tech from Infineon support both contact and contactless

Advanced Secure-IC family for cards

Security microcontroller from INSIDE Secure for e-government apps

Security chip from Infineon allows safe connection to e-systems

Camera SoC for intelligent home security sys

Module for securing Smart-Grid

INSIDE Secure upgrades its cryptographic module for mobile phones

PulseWallet integrates Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric technology

Low power non-volatile memory IP for ID/tag chip design

Security processor: 40Gb/s throughput with simultaneous compression

Crypto IC from Altis packs several encryption engines

INSIDE Secure's SafeZone encryption toolkit receives security certification

Infineon's 'Coil on Module' for both contact and contactless cards

NFC tag chip thinner than paper offered by SMARTRAC

EAL6+ certified contactless IC card chip from Sony

NFC tag application developer kit from Infineon for North American market

TVS diodes from Infineon for NFC system Antenna-end

StarChip is sampling SCF335H SIM controllers for USIM Java card applications

Higgs-4 RFID IC from Alien Technology is mass-market adopted

Battery-assisted RFID chip with temperature sensor for multiple apps

New NFC chip from NXP offers increased RF range and higher data speed

NFC controller IC ST21NFCA from ST supports all NFC use cases

Smart card reader MCU chip from Holtek

MCU form Atmel for RFID operate in 100-150kHz range

13.56 MHz proximity contactless reader IC from NXP is compatible with latest techs

SIP NFC chip from Samsung for mobile transaction apps

CIPURSE compliant security chip solutions for public transport apps

Recently launched Galaxy Nexus from Google incorporates NXP's NFC solution

MCU from Atmel with AES-128 protocol stack for car key fobs

13.56MHz interfaced RFID devices from Maxim for access control, e-payment apps

Dual-interface EEPROM allows wireless access of data via NFC and RFID

Smart-Card IC supporting the latest version of Calypso ticketing open standard

Sony enhanced its FeliCa contactless IC chip to support AES

Boot code protection solutions for TI's processor chips

Security processor from Broadcom to authenticate and protect the data

Atmel extends its cryptoAuthentication family supporting AES

High-rel RFID chips from NXP Semiconductors with segmentable user memory

Digi's cellular gateway for monitoring remote assets

Infineon and NXP enhance their security ID chips with tech upgrade

MCU chip for smartcard and security ID card apps with layers and layers of protection

Small size fingerprint sensor from AuthenTec

Contactless smart card IC supporting Rijndael from NXP Semi.


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