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Passive Electronic Components (RLC)

Last update:15 Jun 2021

Daily Top Stories  

Rise in copper price costing on electronics

Flexible PCB growth outpacing rigid PCB growth

Large Current "Power Choke Coil" for automotive ECUs

Higher ripple current, lower impedance conductive aluminum polymer capacitors

Low-Voiding solder paste from Indium

Tunable capacitors by ST for smartphones feature increased tuning ratio

New handbook by IPC for troubleshooting PCB fabrication processes

Flexible electronics: Flexible OLED panels moving closer to commercial feasibility

3-D printing of resistor, inductor and capacitor possible using thermoplastic conductive material

Asahi Kasei and FDK to dissolve the joint lithium ion capacitor business

MtronPTI acquires some filter components assets from Trilithic

Bel Fuse opens R&D centre in China

NEC Toppan Circuit named as Kyocera Circuit Solutions

KYOCERA acquires 100% shares of PCB maker NEC Toppan Circuit

Murata to acquire crystal oscillator maker Tokyo Denpa

Set of design guidelines for printed electronics released by IPC and JPCA

Littelfuse acquires sensor expert Hamlin

Temperature characteristics-free crystal device uses atomic diffusion bonding tech

e-models of KEMETs CBR Series capacitors for circuit simulation

Reduce switching loss thru asymmetrical parasitic inductance in power conversion circuits

Semico: MEMS oscillators to grow at a CAGR of 85.6% during 2011-2016

Murata acquires RF Monolithics

Bourns buys Jensen Devices assets

Muratas electric double layer capacitors achieve service life of 5 years at 70 Deg C

Xilinxs 7 series evaluation kits uses SiTimes programmable MEMS oscillators

KEMET to acquire tantalum manufacturer Niotan

CTS to acquire Valpey-Fisher

Vishay reduces lead-time for MIL-Qualified MLCC capacitors

Murata to own high power amplifier business of semiconductor chipmaker Renesas

Rogers and Hitchi are collaborating to use PCB in high speed apps

SiTime Shipped 50 M units of its MEMS-based frequency devices

CEA-Leti working on 3D-integration of passives on semiconductor

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

Bel Fuse proposes to acquire Pulse Electronics

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

CTS to Acquire Swiss component vendor Fordahl SA

CTS to operate with full manufacturing, sales and service capabilities with in India

Murata has commercialized 0603 size chip ferrite beads

Digi-Key to sell Tusonix line of products from CTS

A team formed in Europe to develop capacitors inside semiconductor chips

Murata takeover Panasonic's multi-layer ceramic capacitor business

ZF Electronics TVS to sell CTS' components in India

Vishay demonstrating its latest resistor's benefits through an online video

Mouser Electronics to distribute Vectron's frequency control products

PCB industry's u-turn trend from multi-layer to double or single layer

KEMET's product library and capacitor models available on Mentor Hyperlynx tool

KEMET consolidates its DC film and paper operations into single business unit

Online switching loss calculator for Vishay's inductors

PCB service providers Optimum Design and RockSolid merge

NXP Semiconductors is selling its Integrated Passive Device (IPD) business

No more Matsushita, its only Panasonic

New Products

World's smallest crystal measures 1 x 0.8 MM for smart phones and wearables

Pulse Electronics releases AEC-Q200 qualified current sense transformers

Supercapacitors to power your IOT

Rugged mil-grade Joystick with tactile feedback from Grayhill

Resettable electronic fuse for plug and play consumer electronics

Soft-termination MLCC chip capaacitors with X8R for automotive

Fujitsu added a new projected capacitive touch panels

Mems oscillator corners quartz oscillator in multiple performance parameters

Hybrid super capacitors by researchers store 4-6 times more energy

Power inductors for automotive power supply design operate in -55C to +150C

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors: Compact snap-in series

OCXOs with correction coefficients and IC interface

5% tolerant variable capacitor with range of 1-63 pico farads

Bonding and sealing epoxy for aerospace applications

2.0 x 1.6mm size quartz crystal for wireless and mobile

1 watt metal plate chip current sense resistor

KYOCERA mass producing very high Q 01005 size ceramic caps

Murata's MLCC with interposer substrate reduces acoustic "squealing" noise

Small and light weight piezo sounder/buzzer for medical devices

Murata release high Q small-size winding-type chip-inductor

Improved flexible electronic PCB manufacturing system from Nordson

22 micro farads ceramic 1206 SMT cap from Murata

Power capacitors rated up to 10 000 F and 4000 V DC

Vectron expands frequency range of its mil grade MEMS oscillator

10F, 25V surface mount 0805 monolithic ceramic capacitor from Murata

0402 surface mount inductor offer Q factor of 20 at 1.0 GHz

CTS' crystal oscillators paired with Microsemis fan-out buffers

22 micro farads 0603 smt ceramic capacitors withstand 105 Deg temperature

Inductors: Compact metal power inductors for mobile devices

TDK extends its 2220 SMT inductors portfolio

Piezoelectric MEMS oscillator perform better than quartz

Films for solar PV panels protect against degradation

Current protection resettable PPTC thermistor

Integrated passives from ST are smaller and perform better

Wide range current transformers meeting UL, ANSI, VDE, CE, and MIL stds

Ultra-high stable TCXO from Vectron

Board Level shields to minimize RFI and EMI

Model PTV09 rotary potentiometer from Bourns in six new configs

Inductor from TDK for use as antenna coil in tire pressure monitoring

0.5 A, 1uH 1005 SMT inductor and a tiny pulse transformer from TDK

ProTek adds new chip-fuses to its family of protection devices

Solid tantalum chip capacitors with ESR down to 0.180 Ohms at 100 kHz

Fusing resistors from KOA safely interrupt open circuits up to 250VAC

Rogers launches high frequency laminate material with improved thermal reliability

0603 size noise filtering chip beads for mobile devices offer high impedance

39 nH inductor in an ultra-miniature 0402 size from Murata

Ultra high precision tolerance 0402-Size chip resistors from KOA Speer

Low jitter MEMS oscillator from IDT with integrated frequency margining feature

1.2x 1.0 mm footprint crystal oscillator due to new material from Tanaka

0402 chip inductor from Murata with Q of 30 at 2.4 GHz

Wirewound safety resistor withstanding 2 kV surge

Fuse and switch integrated power inlet filter from TDK

10 micro Farad 1.9 x 1.3 x 1.5 mm automotive-grade MLCC capacitors from TDK

0.8 mm to 1.0 mm profile tantalum chip caps from Vishay

KEMET unveils tantalum capacitor which opens when failed

Reliable and robust MEMS oscillator from SiTime outperforms Quartz

AEC-Q200 Qualified MPMA resistor networks in compact, surface-mount SOT-23

TDK reduces mounting footprint of its MLCC capacitors by 50%

Tunable integrated capacitors for adjusting RF power in mobiles as per need

LTE antennas released from Taoglas for M2M wireless applications

Maximus ultra wideband antenna from Taoglas for 700 MHz-6GHz operation

32kHz AT-cut crystal oscillator from Kyocera with record current consumption of 80?A

TDK introduces thin-film metal power inductors in 4 case sizes including IEC 1608

World's smallest chip inductor from Murata measures 0.25 x 0.125 mm

World's thinnest electric double-layer capacitors from Murata

Automotive-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors from Murata withstands 150C

0.57 mm coil supplies 0.5A of current in wireless charging for phones

New Gas Discharge Tube devices from Bourns

MEMS oscillators from SiTime for clocking FPGA chips

SMT ceramic capacitors with Q factor >2000 for RF systems

Small sized common-mode noise filter for MIPI, USB 2.0/3.0 interfaces

High temperature heat shrink tape from TE for wire harnesses

High current, 3-phase cylindrical capacitors from Vishay for power electronics

4.7 F/50V ceramic capacitor in 3216 size; largest capacity in its size

TDK develops 1005 size multilayer band pass filter for smartphones

Flexible thermally conductive epoxy from Master Bond withstands 500 Deg F

Murata starts volume production of vibration resistant capacitors

Digitally tunable capacitors from Peregrine to simplify tuning architectures

Vishay launches panel potentiometer with variable resistor and switch in built-in knob

Vishay offers 4 new ceramic chip antennas operating at 868 MHz and 915 MHz

Grayhill releases a new rugged & sealed NavCoder with an IP67 seal

Pickering Electronics released mercury wetted reed relays for Non-RoHS applications

Pansonic's new PCB reduces thickness by 30%, weight by 35%, and the via dia by 25%

130 to 3600 micro Farads, 10 Amperes DC Link Capacitors for large inverter design

4 design kits from Vishay for D/CRCW e3 thick film chip resistors

3D high density capacitor achieves 550nF/mm2, reveals Leti and IPDiA

AEC-Q200 qualified, thin film resistor network introduced by Vishay in SOIC package

1.1 KW power thick film resistor from Vishay in a 57x60mm package

Slim polypropylene film capacitor for solar inverters

Miniature high-rel electrolytic capacitors from Kemet

Very low-leakage tantalum chip capacitors from Vishay

SMT shunt resistor for wattmeters

Kyocera makes AT-Cut crystal unit using photolithographic process

Precision resistor network can operate in temp range of - 55 Deg C to + 215 Deg C

Wraparound thick film chip resistor from Vishay operates at 230 Deg C

SMT chokes with on-resistance of 6 milli-ohms at 8.0 Amps

SiTime' MEMS device can replace crystal based OCXOs and TCXOs

LP digital potentiometers with max 8% resistance tolerance

2.5mmx1.0mm 4-line ESD-protection array with leakage current of < 0.1 A

Murata start volume production of double layer energy devices

InGaP HBT-based VCOs with MTBF of 2,500,000 hours

Multilayer ceramic coils with inductance of up to 180 nH

0.22-10.0 H high current inductor with maximum DCR down to 1.61 milli ohms from Vishay

Smallest integrated RTC/crystal device in the market from ST

VCXOs from Pericom Semiconductor for demanding telecom apps

MEMS based voltage controlled temperature compensated oscillator from SiTime

Crystal unit with a thermistor to replace TCXO in mobile handsets

20A, 25A, and 30A rated SMD fuses in 3812 size

Two New GPS frequency and timing modules from Bliley

80 to 220 MHz frequency range VCXOs for telecom and embedded apps

Double Oven OCXO for communications & GPS applications

Commercialized ceramic capacitors from Murata for automotive

Low temp optically clear epoxy for electronic components

Rugged and low power consuming MEMS oscillator from SiTime

EMC Filters for solar PV inverters up to 1500Amps

Murata offering software and hardware for a smart LED lighting system

33 000F Aluminum caps with screw terminal can work 5000 Hours at +105C

1.0 to 2.5 W thin film chip resistors with TCR of 25 ppm/C, 0.1 % tolerance

10 ppm accurate MEMS based oscillators with femtosecond Jitter for networking apps

Metal Film Resistors with temp coefficient of 5ppm/C and tolerances of 0.01%

IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor from Vishay with frequency range up to 750kHz

Low G-sensitivity clocks and oscillators from Vectron for millitary, industrial and harsh environment apps

Crystal oscillator from Vectron acheives RMS Jitter of 50fsec

New surface mount capacitors from Vishay features DC leakage current down to 200 nA

New surface mount TCXO from CTS with CMOS output

New magnetic sheets from TDK-EPC

New long side termination thick film chip resistors from Vishay with power rating of 1.0W

New buzzers for mobile applications from CUI

New SC cut crystals for telecom, satcom, space and defense apps

Hemisphere GPS releases two new precision antennas

VCXO at 155.52MHz for telecommunications applications from CTS

SMD wrapround thin film chip resistors from Vishay for aerospace applications

New antenna from AR offers a size reduction of nearly 75%

Anti-sulfurated resistors from Yageo

New PFC capacitors from TDK-EPC

Vishay extends its Tantalum chip capacitors with 75V rating

Multi-band GPS antennas from Pulse for telematic applications

New OCXO from CTS for telecom network applications

New Al- electrolytic capacitors from Rubycon

MLCC capacitors from KEMET with performance enhancing leadframes

Chip inductor from Murata support USB3.0 SuperSpeed Signals

Heavy duty capacitors from Vishay with capacitance values up to 2235 F

Wintegra uses Magma Quartz products for verification of its 65-nm Chip

New weatherproof antennas from Pulse for 2.4 GHz applications

New thin film wraparound chip resistors from Vishay

Low power consuming temperature controlled crystal oscillator

High efficiency antennas for wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) networks

Compact ceramic fuses of current rating 315mA and 500mA from Littlefuse

New area submarine optical fiber by Corning for better performance

Video guide on using power resistors from Vishay

New plastic material offering better thermal stability and wear resistance

Chip capacitors from Vishay for space level applications

4 Amps surface mount inductors in 1212 case sizes

Vishay's MC AT thin-film resistor series in new case sizes and better precision

Bourns packs two resettable fuses into a single package

Multilayer ceramic inductor coils with high Q factor of 15.8 in 0402 package

Bulk Metal Z-Foil resistors from Vishay with 0.005% resistance tolerance

New series of multilayer ceramic capacitors from TDK-EPC

Extended high current power film capacitor series from CDE for inverter apps

New series of low-ESR solid tantalum chip capacitors with built-in fuses

Enhanced screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors from Vishay

Tyco rolls out new cost-effective magnet wire terminators

High-precision bulk metal foil resistors from Vishay

New PAT Series of automotive thin film chip resistors from Vishay

Hermetically sealed, oil-filled Bulk Metal Foil resistors from Vishay

PSC series of RF spiral inductors from Vishay for wire bonded assemblies

Enhanced 30-Amps to 45-Amps PowerBridge rectifier series from Vishay

New series of aluminum solid capacitor with conductive polymer from Vishay

Capacitors in ultra stable high temperature dielectric platforms from KEMET

BI Tech's kit packs voltage divider resistors in sample quantities

Thick film resistors with tolerance of 0.5% and TCR of 50ppm/C

105 C withstanding radial aluminum capacitors from Vishay for portable electronics

136D series of tantalum-cased wet tantalum capacitors from Vishay with 0.44-Ohm low ESR

New series of high-speed PIN photodiodes from Vishay

Quad precision thin film surface-mount resistor networks in 5mm x 5mm QFN package

New multilayer ceramic chip antennas from Vishay for portable consumer electronics

New screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Yageo with longer life

Improved crystal oscillator clock modules with LVDS interface from ON Semiconductor

1.0 W, 300 K-Ohms Bulk Metal Z-Foil axial-lead resistors

New user-configurable planar transformer for switchmode power supply from Vishay

New bulk metal foil resistor with low temperature coefficient of resistance from Vishay

High current inductor with space/power saving solution for noise filtering applications

CUI's mechanical encoder series offers over 1000 configurations

63-V solid tantalum chip capacitors from Vishay

Vishay's new current sensing chip resistor with low TCR

Vishay's new thin film surface-mount resistor networks/dividers

CMD's new XtremeESD protection array for HDMI interfaces

Shunt resistance of 100 micro ohms for battery driven-high current applications

Compact single-phase EMC/EMI low-leakage filter by Schaffner

High precision SMT resistor networks from Vishay in BGA package

MEMS Oscillator from Discera now operate in industrial temp range

Wet tantalum capacitors in surface-mount package

TDK developed new gigaspira multi-layer chip beads

Murata commences mass production of Hybrid Crystal Resonator

PCB mountable illuminated subminiature pushbutton switch of 0.4VA rating

MEMS based low power programmable spread spectrum oscillator

Small form factor pluggable cage for Ethernet networking equipment

2 MHz high-current inductors with low DCR

Surface-mount bulk metal Z-foil resistors for AMS applications

New MLCC Capacitor stabilizes ESR values & simplifies circuit design

Water cooled heatsink for high power semiconductors

New EMI filters provide a wide range of electrical noise attenuation

Bulk metal foil surface-mount resistors for military and aerospace

Precision Z-Foil molded surface-mount resistors with flexible terminations

High-voltage, screw-mounting disc-capacitors with values up to 8000pF

Vishay has released a high current inductor and a high tolerant resistor

Low power programmable oscillators with fast start-up

Aluminum capacitor with low impedance of 18 mohms at capacitance values up to 6800 F

Programmable DC electronic loads up to 5000 Watts

New ultra low phase noise frequency generator

Compact panel potentiometers with dielectric strength of 5000 VRMS

1W surface-mount current sensing resistor with high-temperature range

Efficient power-bead inductors for computer power supplies

Kilo Watt range aluminum enclosed power resistors for harsh conditions

High-current inductor in 2020 case size with maximum frequency of 1 MHz

NEW dual VCXO and high frequency TCXO from Vectron

Large case size ceramic chip capacitors with flexible termination

Low-power spread-spectrum crystal oscillator(SSXO)

105 Deg C temp withstanding SMD aluminum capacitors with low impedance

EMI & ESD protection device to handle 10 high speed signal lines is packed as flipchip

EMI suppression 310 VAC film capacitors

Bourns new series of surface mountable thin film chip fuses

Open-circuit LED-fail protector from Littelfuse

Vishay's new VPR221Z high-precision Z-Foil resistor

HVArc guard MLCC capacitors with polymer terminations

Rotary position sensor from Bourns with long rotational life

Vishay's new 4-line bus port protection array with low capacitance

Nichicon's conductive polymer tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors

CTS Corp releases resistor chip array in 0201 package

0.5% tolerance SMT current sensing resistor for high temperature applications

Multichannel EMI filters in leadless low form-factor package from Vishay

New SMD inductors from Vishay can work at frequencies in the range of 1.0 MHz and 5.0 MHz

Vectron has released high performance OCXOs and TCXOs

Epson Toyocom new VCXO measures 3.2mm x 2.5 mm. 

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