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Discrete Semiconductor Devices Last update: 15 Jun 2021

Top Stories  

Diodes to acquire Pericom Semiconductor

Wolfspeed is the new spin-off company of Cree' SiC/GaN semiconductor biz

Semtech cuts its staff-size by 8%

Cree acquires APEI

Easy to learn text book on GaN semiconductor devices

Padmanabha Gowda to head Fairchild Semiconductor India

Solar PV, Inverter, and UPS drives India's MOSFET semiconductor market

Non-IC semiconductor vendor ranking by IC Insights

Transphorm and Fujitsu to merge their GaN power semiconductor biz

InGaAs FinFET devices built on CMOS silicon

Opto, sensor, and discrete semiconductor market update; 1% growth in 2013

RFMD to make GaN RF transistors on 6 inch wafer

Transphorm licenses GaN device patents from Cree

InGaAs FinFET devices built on CMOS silicon

Opto, sensor, and discrete semiconductor market update; 1% growth in 2013

IHS: Magnetic sensors' revenue to reach $1.73B in 2013

ADI sold its microphone business to InvenSense

Is MEMS the best technology for future robot!

RFMD to make GaN RF transistors on 6 inch wafer

Transphorm licenses GaN device patents from Cree

Delta cuts power loss by using SiC MOSFETs from Cree

Diode Inc ups its revenue guidance for 2Q2013

Cree shipped 2M+ GaN transistors for use in cellular wireless

SiC device market keep on growing +38% y-o-y, as per Yole

Freescale shipped 175 Million and more plastic packaged RF power transistors

Semtech grew 20.4% by sales revenue

Diodes completes the acquisition of BCD semiconductor

New design center by CT-Concept to deliver custom IGBT driver solutions

Diodes Inc grows through acquisitions in China's discrete semiconductor market

Dynax Semiconductor to make GaN devices using Aixtron's equipment

Opto-sensor-discrete semiconductor market to grow only by 2% in 2012

Fairchild Semiconductor licenses Infineon's automotive MOSFET packaging tech

Non-IC semiconductor revenues in 2011 is $57.4B, as per estimates

Fairchild Semiconductor not closing its 50+ years old plant in U.S

Document on latest electronics and semicon packaging terminologies

Infineon starts producing power semiconductor chips on 300 mm wafer

IPC updates guidelines for cleaning of PCB and electronics assemblies

Implant-free quantum-well SiGe pFETs for low power and high performance semiconductor devices

Power semiconductor devices on 200mm CMOS-compatible GaN-on-Si, by imec

Semiconductor vendor ranking in 2010; the movers and shakers as per IHS iSuppli

Opto, sensors, and discrete semiconductor revenues to reach $58.3 billion in 2011

Fairchild Semiconductor reported 1Q 2011 sales of $413 million, up 4% sequentially

Fairchild Semiconductor gains SiC expertise by acquiring ranSiC

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

Infineon to source tech to Goldwind for manufacturing IGBT stacks

Hisense awards Fairchild Semiconductor as core supplier

Diodes reports sequential growth of 9.4% in 3Q 2010

Fairchild Semiconductor expands strategic partnership with Sichuan Changhong Electric Co

iSuppli forecasts 20.9% growth in global LCD-TV Shipments in 2010

Microsemi acquires Arxan Defense Systems

Power relays from American Zettler recieves UL long life ratings

Microsemi acquires all assets of VT Silicon

Opto, sensor, and discrete semiconductor market driven by solid-state lighting demand

IXYS integrates SiC with super junction MOSFET targeting fast switching apps

Vishay Siliconix is re-qualified by DSCC to manufacture analog switches and multiplexers

New technology for Si nanowire transistors improves on-state current level by 75%

Semiconductor industry sales forecast for 2010: SIA; 28.4%, Gartner; 27%

On Semiconductor expands its fab facility at Idaho

Robust market demand for semiconductor devices in 2010

Latest semiconductor market stats from SIA and IDC

Infineon and Mitsubishi agree on same package for IGBTs

IMS Research; SiC Schottky diode market to grow over 50% in 2010

Infineon and Fairchild Semiconductor to make their MOSFETs package-compatible

Power transistor market to see big jump in 2010

Ultrafast high voltage rectifiers from Microsemi are DSCC qualified

Infineon and Fairchild Semiconductor settle patent dispute on power transistors

High power three-phase bridge rectifier modules from Microsemi are DSCC qualified

ST Micro engages solidly with Indian power semiconductor market

Digi-Key to distribute Torex' power ICs

Surge protection devices from Emerson meet UL safety standards without need for modifications

Microsemi's high power single-phase rectifier bridge modules are now DSCC qualified

Mitel Networks adds Microsemi's PowerDsine to its DataNet portfolio

Westcode Announces New 'Megawatt' press-pack IGBT transistors

Aeroflex / Metelics wins DSCC Certification for their small signal zener diodes

Microsemi wins $2 million contract to develop SiC RF components for Avionics apps

DSCC qualification granted to Microsemi's SMT power schottky diodes

Microsemi's radiation hardened medium power transistors gets DSCC qualified

Microsemi sold the assets of Semicoa to settle US DOJ Suit

IR quarterly sales revenue up by 16.2%

Infineon again lead in the discrete power semiconductor market

Microsemi's radiation-hardened MOSFETs granted space-level qualification

Infineon and LS Industrial Systems form a JV to make IGBT power modules

Fairchild Semiconductor's quarterly revenues drop by 25%

Fairchild Semiconductor shutting two of its six Fabs

Microsemi's first quarter of fiscal 09 revenue slid only by 3% in comparison to 4Q 08

Microsemi's switching diode family gets DSCC qualified

Fairchild files patent infringement lawsuit against Infineon over few discrete products

A new digital driver interface to drive IGBTs

IXYS to sell Power Efficiency's energy saving motor controllers

Microsemi acquires a power supply company Babcock

ON Semiconductor and Catalyst Semiconductor merging process completed

IMS Research rates Infineon as top power semiconductor vendor

Catalyst Semiconductor proves small analog companies can perform well

Fairchild and Zilker Labs partner to manufacture digital power products

New surface mount package called "Gigamite" from Microsemi for hi-rel RF semiconductor devices

ST Micro and Velox Semiconductor signed agreement to launch new range GaN Schottky diodes jointly.

International Rectifier is getting out Discrete business by selling it to Vishay Intertechnology

Super Barrier Rectifier specialist APD Semiconductor is acquired by Diodes Inc.

New Products

SuperGaN 650 V FET with on-res of 15 milli-ohms for EV

ESD-Clamping Diodes from STMicroelectronics meets size and performance requirements

1200V SiC JBS diodes from ST for wide range of power electronics applications

Toshiba adds more products to its line-up of new-gen transistor arrays

Diodes introduces dual MOSFETS for Automotive applications

Wolfspeed expands C3M SiC MOSFET Platform to 1200V

Schotty diodes from SemiGen features small junction capacitance

24V transient protection array from Semtech defends against 10A surge

SiC power semiconductor devices getting into mainstream

Mitsubishi Electric to sample new power modules with 7th gen IGBT

ST's new super-junction power MOSFETs offer Vds breakdown voltage of 1500V

High-temperature SCRs from ST enhance reliability in motorcycles and other apps

60V Power MOSFETs for sync rectification

New power MOSFETs from ST gets closer to ideal switch

AEC-Q101 qualified ESD protection diodes for industrial/automotive bus interfaces

Mitsubishi installs all-SiC semiconductor power modules in a bullet train in Japan

Pin-head size trenchFET n-channel MOSFET for mobile phones

All-SiC semiconductors achieve 40% power savings in traction application

1200V IGBTs with lowest saturation voltage VCE(sat)

GaN-on-Silicon devices on 200mm wafers jointly by X-FAB and Exagan

1200V high-power SCR thyristor with automotive-grade production quality

600V GaN power transistor in 8x8 mm smaller DFN package

Mitsubishi power semiconductor modules based on its seventh gen IGBT

SiC Junction transistor-rectifier module from GeneSiC

Panasonic makes it MOSFET solid-state relay 'PhotoMOS' even smaller

Mitsubishi expands its high-power semiconductor modules for electric cars

Replace your TO 220 Silicon MOSFETs with GaN for higher power density

1x0.6 mm footprint 33V TVS protector for sensors

SiC MOSFETs from ST for inverter design

Traction power semiconductors by Mitsubishi package compatible with Infineon's devices

New and improved IGBTs M-series 1200V IGBTs from ST

600W 250V RF Transistors from STMicroelectronics

SiC FETs for your 5-10KW range solar inverter design

Low-Profile optocouplers for IGBTs and Power MOSFETs

GaN L-Band radar transistor handle 650 W with a typ 19.5 dB gain

Rad-hard BJTs from ST

NMOS low-side driver replaces darlington transistor arrays in HV systems

The advantages of SiC Schottky Diodes for inverter converter design

Long lasting trench-gate field-stop 1200V IGBTs from ST

ST's diode tech supports faster battery charging

Smart IGBT MOSFET driver photo coupler

New 10 KA bidirectional TVS diodes in SMD from Bourns

ESD protection diode for CAN interface

Clip FlatPower Packaged 10 Amps schottky rectifiers

650V IGBTs from ST offer speed and turn -off efficiency

100-V N-channel MOSFETs with 2.3 milli ohms on-res

Plastic-packaged GaN power transistor for high-rel apps

Smaller and tougher 650V and 800V MOSFETs from ST

650V SiC diodes in common-cathode or series configurations

0.0016 ohms RDS(on) 20V p-channel MOSFET

All-SiC inverter from Mitsubishi consume 55% less power than IGBT

50 V moisture resistant RF power transistors

20 V MOSFET in 2.4x2x 0.4mm CSP MICRO FOOT package

600V trench-gate field-stop IGBT features smooth and tail-less turn-off

ESD Protection Diode for high-speed wire interface

Voltage transient protection diodes for NFC antenna

FETs from CEL for satellite and wireless equipment

High current gain bipolar transistors from ST as good as FETs

Toshiba adds 10 A SiC schottky barrier diodes

650V automotive MOSFETs in TO-247

Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers from Vishay offer Vf of 0.34V at 3A

Super junction MOSFETs with 650V rating

Tiny 0.7x0.7mm 400mW BJT NPN and PNP transistors from Diodes

Toshiba expands LV N-MOSFETs used in Li-ion battery protection circuits

Ultrathin Schottky from Diodes Inc target thin mobile devices

40 KHz+ operating ultrafast diodes with fast recovery time and low Vf

New LDMOS power transistors in plastic package for TD-LTE

STripFET VII DeepGATE MOSFETs from ST for energy efficient switching

SiC 1.2 kV, 50 A module equivalent to silicon modules rated at 150 A, available now

200 V, 10-40 Amp Diodes from Power Integrations based on merged-PIN tech

New MOSFETs in TO-220CFM package for 90 to 265V AC/DC converter designs

MDmesh V super-junction MOSFET from ST for consumer and industrial electronics

Four 60V N-channel MOSFETs in MLP package for 12/24 V AC applications

MOSFETs from NXP for PoE designs

GaAs RF power amplifiers from Triquint Semiconductor in flange package

Development board based on EPC's eGaN FETs

TVS component for mobile devices offer multiple protections

Thermally and mechanically robust 30-100V range MOSFETs for Automotive apps

100 V, 55 Ampere Trench MOSFET in DPAK+ package for automotive electronics

Panasonic maximize the transistor performance for 60GHz operation

Board to evaluate eGaN FETs for power electronics design

Ultra-small 20 V, 0.5/1 Ampere schottky rectifiers from NXP Semiconductor

1.5 KW TVS diode from Protek for voltage surge protection

Trench power MOSFETs from Toshiba for automotive power electronics

1100-1400V rated shorted-Anode IGBTs for induction heating appliances

IRs 300V Power MOSFETs for 110 V solar inverters

0.72 milli-ohms MOSFET to use as ORing FET in power supply units

IGBT for the strobe lighting of digital cameras

Low on-resistance automotive power MOSFET from Toshiba

1x1x0.55 mm tiny MOSFET series with on-res of 43 milli-ohms

DFN6 packages ESD protection diodes for high speed data bus

600V N-channel MOSFETs for AC-DC SMPS design

40V MOSFET from Fairchild ideal for power steering applications

30- 2700 amperes capable thyristor from Honeywell for heat treatment applications

NXP offers family of LDMOS power transistors designed for small cell

170 V TMBS rectifiers from Vishay for telecom power supplies

Full-bridge MOSFET controller for use with external N-channel power MOSFETs

Power MOSFETs from STMicro for Green-energy and Eco-design applications

6-9.4 Amps, 2mmx2mm, P-channel MOSFETs for power supply circuits

300V, 185 mohms on-res, automotive power MOSFETs from IRF for piezo injection

SMT TVS devices in SlimSMA and DO-221AC package

30V power MOSFETs for DC/DC converters with improved FOM

Schottky barrier diodes from ROHM for electric vehicle reduce IR losses

TVS diodes from Infineon for NFC system Antenna-end

Super Junction MOSFETs from Renesas with on resistance of 150 m-ohms @ 600 V

BiSy single-line ESD protection diode from Vishay in LLP1006-2L package

Torex introduces 10 new TVS diodes for high speed signals and power lines

3.3 x 3.3 mm power MOSFETs from NXP in LFPAK33 operate in extreme conditions

Linear releases a dual ideal diode controller replacing two Schottky diodes

IGBT power modules with advanced IGBT chips reduce power equipment size

Worlds first 2 x 2 mm MOSFETs with tin-plated solderable side pads from NXP

NXPs new LDMOS RF power transistor offer up to 115 MHz bandwidth

Airfast transistors from Freescale for both small and big base stations

Half-bridge topology RF power MOSFET from Microsemi offers 92% efficiency at 1kW

Power module from IR packs PWM Controller and MOSFETs for audio applications

1.5V P-channel thin MOSFETs from Fairchild for mobile applications

New generation 1200 V NPT IGBT from Microsemi

600V fast-switching rugged IGBT from IR for automotive power supply applications

Power clip asymmetric dual MOSFET from Fairchild for power supply design

1200 V Field Stop IGBTs introduced by ON Semi for high efficiency power conversion

30 V n-channel power MOSFETs from Vishay offers low on-resistance

N-Channel power MOSFETs from Vishay with 0.130 ohms of on-resistance

Infineon's superjunction 500V MOSFETs for consumer and lighting applications

30V PowerTrench MOSFET released by Fairchild in 3.3x3.3 PQFN package

25V, 1A transistors from Central Semi in miniature TLM621 package

Infrared receivers from Vishay for universal 3D TV shutter eyewear

General purpose bipolar switch 'A1250' released by Allegro

Low profile DFN2020-6 packaged MOSFET from Diodes for thin systems

Fairchild's 60A driver MOSFET module for dc/dc converter in ultrabooks

IGBT from IRF for electric/hybrid cars with softstart feature

NXP launches 1006-size, 390mV Vf schottky rectifier for mobile devices

650V superjunction MOSFETs for efficient resonant power conversion

Integrated MOSFET plus driver from Fairchild Semiconductor for ultrabooks

1.45mm profile, 1 Ampere MicroDIP bridge rectifiers from Fairchild

6.0V Zener and switching diodes in a 0.6mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm package

SOP-8 packaged P-channel power MOSFETs with low on-res

1700V SiC schottky diodes from Cree both in bare die and TO-247-2 package

MOSFETs from Infineon and Fairchild are made pin and package compatible

Infineon unveils 1 milli-ohms 40V power MOSFET in SuperSO8 package

SPICE model for SiC MOSFET power devices from Cree

Schottky Rectifier in a package of 0.37-mm thick with side solder pads

SiC Schottky diodes and power transistors in single package for industrial apps

1200V SiC cascode power MOSFET performs far superior than others switches, claims AoS

TVS Diodes designed for protection of internal electronic circuits

650V Power MOSFETs from ST boasts best efficiency

AEC-Q101-qualified 2 Amp power transistor packed in leadless DFN package

2-3 Amp capable power transistors in 2x2-mm package

22 A to 47 A rated N-channel MOSFETs with on-res of 64 m ohm to 190 m ohm at 10 V

50V programmable 6-channel automotive low side MOSFET pre-driver IC

Cree adds latest 1200V SiC Schottky diode in surface mount TO-252 D-Pak

LDMOS RF power transistors operates upto 2GHz at a 10-15% increased efficiency

600V Diode rectifiers with 52% thinner PowerDI-5 package saves 43% board space

1200 V IGBTs for induction heating and resonant switching apps

Power enhanced RF power LDMOS transistor from Freescale for ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB-T

0.41V VF Schottky diodes in 0.32mm-thin package for battery operated devices

50A to 180 A, 40V P-Channel MOSFETs for automotive power management

2 Amp rated power transistor and N type Trench MOSFET in a 2mmx2mm package

Piezo haptic driver packs 105-V boost converter, power diode, and 50-V to 200-V diff amp

IR offers dual HEXFET MOSFETs in 2mmx2mmx1mm measuring PQFN package

100V half-bridge gate driver GaN power FETs from National Semiconductor

NXP's small-signal MOSFETs with low on-resistance of 18 milli ohms

25milli ohms on-resistance complementary MOSFET pair for DC motor control apps

Control and synchronous MOSFET, and a Schottky body diode in PQFN package

80V power MOSFETs from ST for solar micro-inverters

Radiation hardened power MOSFET first time from a European manufacturer

NXP offers plastic packaged RF power transistors with cost advantage

100-150V rated PowerTrench MOSFET from Fairchild in industrial-type packages

MOSFETs from Fairchild switch 50 Amps current at 2 MHz

StripFET and DeepGATE MOSFETS from ST for automotive are in production

NXP's MOSFETs with performance improvement in six key parameters

Infineon's new power semiconductor devices speak energy efficiency

Westcode's two new packages for thyristor packs more power

60V N-Channel MOSFET with RDS (ON) of 2.5 milli Ohms

1200W rectifier for the network power systems from Power One

IXYS and GMCH partner in manufacturing power semiconductor devices for electrics cars

Software for DC parametric testing on discrete semiconductor devices

LDMOS RF power transistors supporting PCS and TD-SCDMA standards

Diodes packs 3 of its MOSFETs in less space consuming DFN3020 package

Transistors for UHF and FM broadcast with improved thermal properties

New enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon FETs from EPC

3.6 KV rated dual thyristor and diode module form IXYS

SemiSouth announces volume availability of high power SiC JFETs

Heterojunction FET for 20 GHz Satellite Broadcast receivers

Rectifier offer 0.63Vf at If of 12 Amps with 120 V voltage limiting

Optically isolated SCR AC-power relay with zero-cross circuitry

TVS diode for protecting USB 3.0 from voltage transients

650V Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes from Cree reduce diode losses in power supplies

20W+ capable radiation hardened MOSFETs for HiRel space applications

NXP launches 30V MOSFET featuring RDSon of 1.4mOhm at 4.5V

MOSFETs stacked to deliver 12 Amps in 10 square mm package

3A MOSFET/IGBT gate driver optocoupler from Fairchild Semiconductor

25 V and 30 V MOSFET in high current density handling PQFN package

4-channel MOSFET driver ICs from Supertex for high speed and high output current apps

Vishay launches its asymmetric dual TrenchFET power MOSFET in PowerPAIR package

PLAD surface mount TVS devices from Microsemi meets new avionics safety standards

600 V driver IC and NPT IGBT for high frequency DC-DC apps

600 V, 47A, n-channel MOSFET from Vishay with on-resistance of 0.07 Ohms

NXP introduces a 2-pin plastic leadless package with solderable, tin-plated side pads

2-channel, ESD protected, unidirectional LLT from Maxim

New RAD-Hard solid state relay from IR for space-qualified applications

Fairchild Semiconductor introduces MOSFETs in Dual Cool package for better power dissipation

Two new MOSFETs from Vishay for implantable medical applications

Diodes releases two new dual channel devices for point-of-load converters

315 Amp power MOSFETs from IR for hybrid automotives

Two new dual channel DIOFET devices from Diodes for POL converters

Vishay introduces four new n-channel power MOSFETs with on resistance of 0.38 ohms

IXYS unveils GenX3 IGBTs with SMPD power packages

75V/500A power MOSFET from IXYS merges TrenchT2 technology into SMPD packages

600W, UHF range RF transistor from NXP Semiconductor for broadcast transmitters

Super barrier rectifier diode with 25% lower Vf drop compared to std diode

New dual isolated 70V, 15mA schottky diodes from Central Semiconductor

30V P-channel power MOSFET devices from IR

Device named DIOFET from Diodes Inc integrate Schottky diode and MOSFET in single package

600V automotive qualified MOSFET and IGBT driver ICs from IR for gate drive applications

Automotive power MOSFETs for Class D audio systems from IR

New N-channel schottky diode from Fairchild Semiconductor

New IGBT selection tool from IR

N-channel chipscale power MOSFET from Vishay

240 Amp MOSFETs from IR with on resistance of 2.6 milli ohms for automotive apps

N-channel 0.357mm thin power MOSFET from Vishay

40V, 200mA schottky diodes in SOT-963 packages from Central Semiconductor

New 150V Low RDS(ON) MOSFET from Fairchild

Power MOSFET family from IR for battery charge and discharge switches

New 500V MOSFET family from IXYS

New transils from ST for efficient surge protection

RF transistors for LNA stage in wireless communication equipments

60V dual self-protected MOSFETs from Diodes offer higher thermal efficiency

80V power MOSFETs from Vishay with on-resistance value of 5.9 milli Ohms at 10 V

Microsemi extends its CoolMOS family with new superjunction MOSFETs

Diode Inc offering discrete semiconductors in ultra small SOT963 packages

New TVS diodes from NXP offer power rating of 600W

Power MOSFETs from Infineon for AC/DC adapters

MOSFETs from Diodes Inc for VoIP communication equipment

New 40V to 250V power MOSFETs from IR

1.5 Amp 20V tiny transistors from Diodes of size 1.1 mm x 1.4 mm

Vishay enhances its online MOSFET thermal simulation tool

Power MOSFET block from TI handles 40A of current

400V, 0.8A SCR in SOT-23 package from Central Semiconductor

NXP's discrete semiconductors in leadless packages

18W and 30W GaAs FETs from Toshiba operate in the 12.7 to 13.2 GHz range

New 4-line BiSy ESD protection diode array from Vishay

High power IGBT optimized for lower frequency operation

New IGBTs and modules from Infineon for range of applications

2nd gen SiC schottky diodes from Infineon in TO-220 FullPAK Package

New MOSFET package from ST Micro and Infineon to enhance power density

ICs to drive MOSFET/IGBTs in automotive electronics systems

High current schottky diodes from Cree for power modules

NXP's power MOSFETs in LFPAK for automotive applications

P-channel 12-V power MOSFET with on-resistance of 41 milli ohms at 4.5 V

IGBT module for driving AC motor is worth 30 discrete parts

Set of power MOSFETs for DC-DC conversion in computer systems

MOSFETs capable of handling 100s of Amps of current for automotive power electronics

New MOSFETs for LCD TVs from Fairchild Semiconductor saves external diodes

Diode modules with 11KV and 6.5KV blocking capability from Powerex

Clare's new gate driver IC for driving high voltage MOSFETs and IGBTs

Microsemi's new transistor for LCD TV power supply design

New 800V TRIACs from Renesas with high commutation characteristics

800V TRIACs from Renesas for controlling power supply switching in AC circuits

High frequency GaN power stage devices from IR for multiphase and POL appss

Low-loss schottky rectifier diodes from ST Micro for power supplies

New power MOSFETs from IR for ORing and Motor Drive apps

Sub-2mOhm, 25 Volts MOSFET from Fairchild Semiconductor

900 Volts rugged power MOSFETs from IXYS

Single/dual-chip schottky rectifiers from Vishay with forward voltage of 0.57 Volts

8KV ESD protection diodes for LED lamps from CMD

600-V, 0.190-Ohm on-resistance Super Junction FET Power MOSFETs from Vishay

High power density power MOSFETs from IR for automotive applications

200V and 250V power conversion MOSFETs from Infineon

600V IGBT RC-Drives family from Infineon targeting home appliances

Reverse conducting thyristor for use in regulators of motorbikes

Four new 100-V TMBS Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers from Vishay

Miniature quad switching diode array from Diodes tolerates phone line transients

Low on-resistance, 12-V p-channel MOSFET targeting handheld electronic apps

New PIN diode switch elements and attenuator diodes in plastic SMT package

Efficiency enhancing MOSFET drivers from Analog Devices

0.55mm thick MOSFETs from Fairchild Semiconductor

N-channel MOSFETs from Diodes for VoIP apps

Toshiba adds new devices to 30V MOSFET family for sync DC-DC converter apps

Toshiba added new MOSFETs with low on-resistance for load switching

Synchronous Buck MOSFET drivers from Microchip with high latch-up immunity

200V optically isolated MOSFET gate driver IC from Clare with self-biasing

A 5A/750V high efficiency rectifier from Diodes for switch mode power supplies

A 3-channel ESD-protection diode array from Maxim for portable devices

New automotive-qualified miniature PIN photodiodes and phototransistors from Vishay

A 1200V low-loss IGBT series from STMicro reduces energy loss in motor-control ckts

5A, 40V surface mount Schottky Bridge Rectifier from Central Semiconductor

New space qualified clock with Swept Quartz from Vectron

MagnaChip Semiconductor unveiled 7 types of MOSFETs for notebooks

1500W rated surface-mount automotive TVS in TO-277A package

New family of RF MOSFETs from Microsemi in a thermally-enhanced SOE package

Improved crystal oscillator clock modules with LVDS interface from ON Semiconductor

Littlefuse's diode-array SP3002 now in DFN-6 and SOT23-6 pacakges

40V, 200mA VCE (SAT) transistors for handheld apps from Central Semi

Vishay's p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET for Electronic/Portable apps

30 V, 0.99 mOhm MOSFET for servers/routers from Fairchild Semiconductor

600-V Hyperfast tandem rectifier IC from Vishay

ESD protection device with 100V breakdown for LED lamp applications

20/30V, N/P channel MOSFETs for notebook computers from Toshiba

Low on-resistance super-junction MOSFETs for high voltage power supplies

Microsemi's new 28V, 300W, 175MHz RF MOSFET

60-V Power MOSFET with low on-resistance of 6.1 milliohms from Vishay

Fairchild's new low on-resistance 20V P-Channel MOSFET

N-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs of 30-V, 20-V from Vishay

IR's 150V and 200V MOSFETs with low gate charge for industrial applications

IRs 25V IRF6718 in new large can DirectFET MOSFET targeting DC switch applications

Vishay's new 1 Amp, 200 Volt ultrafast rectifier

Vishay's low-profile rectifiers feature ESD protection up to 25 KV

12-V power MOSFET with on-resistance 1.2 milli ohms

Miniature Solid State Relay handle 120mA current with 35 Ohms on-resistance

15 MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated for LCD TV and Monitor Backlighting

NXP Semiconductor brings down the on-resistance of MOSFET below 1 milli ohm

New pHEMT transistors and HBT broadband MMICs in SMT packages

New dual load switch from Fairchild Semi for multiport USB devices

New Dual MOSFET for synchronous buck application in DC/DC converters

New 200 Volts analog switch IC from Clare

900V switching MOSFET for high power applications

P-channel 30-V MOSFET with 2.6-milli ohms for portable electronics systems

New family of rectifier diode modules from Microsemi

IXYS broadens voltage range of its power rectifiers to 300V-6KV

TRIACs withstanding 150 Deg C temperature with low gate sensitivity of 10 mA

Low on-resistance switching-MOSFETS for PC SMPS

100 Amps range IGBT modules with integrated sensing and driver electronics

Small size IGBT Module handling 10-50 amps and withstanding 1200 volts

Quad MOSFET in H-Bridge for DC motor controls and Inverters

Low on resistance MOSFETs for 48V power supplies

New 25V and 30V MOSFETs for buck type DC/DC converter applications

Power MOSFETs of rating 950V with larger safe operating area

High current trench MOSFETs for high power applications

N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs in SOT-963 packages

Vishay's new small size schottky rectifiers with forward drop of 0.35-V

200V, 10 A SBR rectifiers in small packages

IXYS GenX3 IGBT family now with 1200V VCE voltage

By launching MEMS based oscillator SiTime enters VCXO market

New 6.5kV phase control thyristor for mega-watts range power control applications

2200V rectifier diode for solar photovoltaic systems

45V and 100V schottky diodes in D-Pak package with current rating 6- 20 A

Silicon carbide schottky diodes for power conversion systems

Power-MOSFET technology with best on-resistance per area

Energy efficient low VCE(SAT) transistors for portable electronics

1A and 9A MOSFET gate driver ICs from Fairchild Semiconductor

Silicon carbide schottky diodes eliminates power supply switching losses

GaN HEMT microwave transistors for telecommunications applications

Miniature solid state relay handle 1.2 Amps current with 0.25 Ohms on-resistance

Schottky diode rectifiers with low forward voltage drop of 390 mV @ 1 Amp

TrenchFET Power MOSFET in MICRO FOOT chipscale package

Half-Bridge MOSFET in ISOPLUS i4-PAC packaging providing 25000Vrms isolation

Power transistors for S-Band pulsed radar for defense applications

Gallium Nitride (GaN) power diode with a new junction structure

Half-bridge MOSFET driver with very low impedance for DC-DC converters

MOSFETs with 60 % improvement in package current rating

20 V and 30 V power MOSFETs for low switching losses & faster switching

Enhancement mode MOSFETs for high voltage pulsers and amplifiers

Rugged LDMOS transistor for L-band radar applications

InP Laser Diode at 1400 nm to 2000 nm for medical applications

Enhancement mode MOSFET with low conductance & switching losses

Wideband high-power RF transistor family with power-band technology

Low profile MicroFET MOSFETs for portable equipments

P-Channel MOSFET in CSP for slimmest cell phones

3mmx3mm bridge rectifier for Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) applications

MOSFETs with low on-resistance and low on-resistance times gate charge

MOSFET power switches for automotive lighting applications

Microsemi's silicon carbide transistors for VHF & UHF radar applications

TDK's high-attenuation Band Pass Filter for 2.4 GHz WLAN and Bluetooth

Open-circuit LED-fail protector from Littelfuse

Power MOSFETs from ST Micro with low on resistance

Toshiba's new DTMOS II family of 600V power MOSFETs

Microsemi launches new family of IGBTs and recovery diodes

ST Microelectronics launches miniature voltage suppression diodes

Allegro's darlington transistors for professional audio systems

Fairchild's new FET Multi-Chip Module packs driver with N-channel MOSFETs

ST Microelectronics released new power MOSFET for lighting applications.

Fairchild introduces three new power modules for below-125watt inverter motor drive applications

20 GHz HJ FET from NEC is with 0.7dB Noise Figure.

Hi performance FET devices in MLP package from Fairchild

2mm x 2mm sized micro FETs from Fairchild perform better than other similar sized FETs

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