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Computer ICs Last update: 9 Jun 2021

Top Stories  

Acer uses Insyde services for its Snapdragon based Spin 7 notebook

PC market which now includes tablets see stellar growth in 2020

ARM acquires HPC/supercomputer software specialist Allinea

Supercomputer with performance density of 1.5 PetaFLOPS/m3

Use of Microcontroller chips in embedded computer market to grow faster

Full HD over USB: Demo by DisplayLink connecting four 4K HD monitors

When every needy-one has smartphone,PC, and HDTV; VR gets in with spiky growth

VLSI design companies press the throttle lever of cache coherent interconnect tech

Lenovo to make enterprise products for its Europe customers in Hungary

Personal computer still remains a top computing platform

Top three vendors of tablet computers in India: iBall, Samsung and Datawind

Gartner: Worldwide server shipment grew 8% and revenue by 7.2% in 2Q 2015

In the slowing PC market, Apple loses to Lenovo

TrendForce: Monitor shipment to decline by 4.8% and notebooks by 6.4% in 2015

Tablet/notebook hybrid devices heading for a high growth of 70% in 2015

AMD inches ahead of Intel in notebook processor performance by launching Carrizo

UEFI BIOS & memory failure detection for Intel client and server platforms

7.3 million chrome OS notebooks sales forecasted for 2015, a growth of 27%

PC market continue to slide in the first quarter of 2015

Cloud rain and plant; Cloud data and IoT

Gartner: 2.8% growth in PC, mobile and tablet shipment in 2015

Rockchip licenses Arteris FlexNoC IP for its RK series app processors

64 bit ARM processor core based supercomputer design is planned

PC market forecasted to recover growth in 2015

Toyota and Panasonic connect smart-car to smart-home via cloud

80% of Mobile PC and modem conn in emerging markets, as per a study

Sony sells its VAIO brand PC business

Communications, computer, and consumer: 1,2,3 of chip market

Declining PC market, reasons many

Gartner estimates IT spending of $3.8 Trillion in 2014

Avago to acquire LSI for $6.6 Billion; quite a powering acquisition

Worldwide server market estimation in 2013

6th consecutive fall in PC shipments across the world

Combination of gaze and touch to control your laptop

Globalfoundries ramping up production of Rockchip's 28nm tablet SoCs

Unix servers down by 38.8% in shipment in 1st Q 2013, finds Gartner

Commodity hardware and Linux OS helps in building supercomputers at low-cost

Combination of gaze and touch to control your laptop

Globalfoundries ramping up production of Rockchip's 28nm tablet SoCs

Unix servers down by 38.8% in shipment in 1st Q 2013, finds Gartner

Market researchers estimate decline of PC shipments in 2013

60 GHz chip based WiGig powered mobile computer docking station

Education market to boost netbook sales, as per ABI

IHS: Shipment of micro servers in 2013 to grow by 230%

Toradex develops new architecture for embedded computers

Ultra-slim PC market to reach 44.2 M unit shipments in 2013, as per DisplaySearch

TrendForce: Top 10 LCD monitor brands shipment decline in 2012

145 Million tablet computer shipment estimated in 2013

Can Intel replicate the assembled PC like market in smartphones!

68% notebook PCs quadcore based by 2016 compared to 13% in 2012

Windows 8 fail to provide launch boost for the PC market

Data center security appliance to grow to $2.7 billion by 2016, forecasts Infonetics

Low cost and mainstream PCs are more in demand compared to high-end, as per IHS

Notebook shipment down by 4.6% and ultrabooks estimated to grow by 30%

9 out of 10 media tablets made by contract or outsourced manufacturers in 2012: IHS

Tablet display shipments in 2012 to go up by 56% globally, reports IHS

PCs account for 49.0 percent of DRAM shipments, the downtrend continues

Canalys: Global client PC shipments rose 12% y-o-y in Q2 2012

Karbonn tablet priced Rupees 6999 is powered by MIPS processor

Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 predicted to change the mobile market

SSDs yet to shake up HDD use in PC and notebook market

3x more shipments of PCs in China compared to worldwide

LCD monitor market going down in 2012, as per WitsView

AlI-in-one desktops and ultrabooks are on fast-growth path

Late entry into industrial computer domain costs AMD's growth

Tablets to exceed Notebooks shipments by 2016: NPD DisplaySearch

ZiiLABS and Symphony Teleca demo camera application in a tablet using openCL

Notebook PC manufacturing is becoming less profitable

Data center equipment fell to $2.2 billion in 1Q12, down by 6% from 4Q11: Infonetics

Octasicís high-density VoIP solutions selected by Digium for new line of media gateways

Touch screen ultrabook penetration rate of 24.8% by 2015, predicts TrendForce

Dell Copper ARM server powered by Marvellís SoC

Sony to tranform its mobile gaming and TV biz

Rs.6499 tablet by Micromax is going to be a hit

Tear down and BOM analysis of new LTE integrated iPad

Personal cloud touted as a replacement for the personal computer by 2014

Whether Windows8 and Ultrabooks create new growth in PC market?

AMD to acquire SeaMicro, a microserver expert

Toshiba to acquire 3.5 Inch HDD machinery and IP from Western Digital

Gateway and thin client are estimated to reach 4.2M in 2012 from 0.34M in 2011

MWC: Stiff battle-like competition between mobile phone OEMs

Tablet screen size: not one-for-all is market opportunity

Tablet gaining popularity in office environment

Mobile-device overtakes computer as top consumer of semiconductor devices

CES 2012 is more of convergence tech than a consumer

ebook readers sales by units grow by 108% in 2011

Higher resolution for tablet PCs is the trend in LCD panels as per study

Server shipments in 3Q11 grew 7.2% y-o-y

Qualcomm collaborate with bookseller Kyobo to launch $310 e-reader

Tear down analysis of Kindle tablet from IHS finds tricks in low cost design

Tablet world is powered by ARM processors

Gartner: Global PC shipments grew 3.2 percent in 3rd Q 2011

Mobile PC shipments is forecasted to increase 27% Y/Y, to 276.9 million units

Steve Jobs; Excellent human who pioneered in making the machine more human

In-Stat: Tablet shipments to reach 250 Million units in 2017

Gartner: Western Europe PC market declined by 19 percent in 2nd Q 2011

Intel put on the platter $300 Million with the cool and thin processors chips

Apple and Android tablets race to serve the growing market demand

IHS iSuppli finds Apple's iPad tablet is design efficient to beat its competitors

Wireless applications to consume more semiconductor devices than the computers

The semiconductor device content in tablet to approach $14B by 2015, estimates In-Stat

IHS iSuppli: Nearly half of notebooks shipped in 2015 to feature quad-core processor

Gigaset uses Dialog's VOIP chips in its phones

The LCD panel shipments for tablet computers grown 28% M-o-M in May 2011

Tablet form-factor analysis: 9.7 and 10.1 Inch vs 7 Inch

Tear down analysis of Samsung Chromebook by IHS iSuppli

PC shipments of 81.3 M units in the 1st Q2011, down 0.3 % an year ago

Gartner: Worldwide server revenues grew by 17.3% in 1st Q 2011

PC sales in Q1 2011declined due to tablet growth

DisplayPort-enabled PC equipment shipments to see a growth of 154.6%

Semiconductor vendor ranking in 2010; the movers and shakers as per IHS iSuppli

PC market continue to drive the global semiconductor market

Notebook/netbook shipment slowing from 30% Y/Y growth in 2010 to 27% in 2011

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

Netbook can turn into tablet offering a new formfactor in portable computer business

Semiconductor chips for tablets: Analysis after iPad2 launch

In-Stat: Tablet shipments to surpass 58 million units in 2014

Apple iPad commands 90% market share

Apple keeps hold on its mobile apps and the content to generate revenue

SoC design software packages ready for 28nm process of common platform alliance

Hard Disk Drive market is still not affected by SSD due to cost factor

One Billion GeForce chips shipped by NVIDIA

LCD Display panel industry to face the demand-supply risk of Tablet computers

Study says 10GbE NIC/LOM shipments to surpass 16 million ports in 2014

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

The innovation tracks of smart phone and notebook converged as tablet computers

DisplayPort and HDMI to obsolete VGA and other analog video interface by 2015

Worldwide server market revenues grew by 13.2% to reach $11.8 billion in 3rd Q 10

Cloud up in the air pouring content to handheld computers

Worldwide content security gateway market grew 10% in 3Q10 to reach $715.2 millios

LSI's MegaRAID software used by IBM's ServeRAID M5000 6Gb/s controllers

The PC specific processor sales grew modestly in 3rd quarter 2010

AMD demos monolithic processor chips with both CPU and GPU

PSSC Labs selects LSI's SATA+SAS RAID controller cards for its PowerWulf Cluster computing systems

ABI: 11 million media tablets and 43 million netbooks to ship worldwide in 2010

NVIDIA provides CUDA supprt for OpenCV

IMS: Wireless PC peripheral to grow fast over the next 5yrs

ASUS uses AMIMON's WHDI technology for its WiCast PC to TV connectivity kit

User study: 90% of Apple iPad buyers will be existing Apple owners

Dual core Atom based netbooks are launched

Pen-like grip wireless mouse uses Nordic Semiconductor's chips

India's $35 tablet: 35 billion+ US$ revenue from 1 billion+ sales

ABI Research: Tablet shipment to touch 11 Million in 2010

Worldwide shipment of Blu-ray players to exceed 62.5 Million in 2011

Market researcher ABI estimates Linux-based OS' share to grow by 62% by 2015

Toshiba and Intel launch tablet PCs for education in Japan

Semiconductor industry sales forecast for 2010: SIA; 28.4%, Gartner; 27%

Amimon ships more than half a Million PC to TV connecting wireless ICs

IDC report: Enterprise cloud server hardware market to reach $12.6 billion by 2014

Cloud computing powered data backup services revenue to grow by 27.9% by 2015

Technology distributor Avnet readies its partners for cloud computing wave ride

Robust market demand for semiconductor devices in 2010

Latest semiconductor market stats from SIA and IDC

The market growth to continue for semiconductor industry in remaining quarters of 2010

Pocket projectors heading for strong growth in 2010

New mouse technology employs natural movement of hands for 3D browsing

Remote system recovery and admin feature for industrial computers by IEI

New iPad for a battery-weakened iPad; an excellent business strategy by Apple

Apple's iPad is just a drizzle; heavy rain of tablet PCs highly predictable in 2010 and 2011

Fujitsu's USB 3.0-SATA Bridge IC wins USB-IF compliance certification for SuperSpeed USB

Qualcomm and HP showcases Android-based smartbook device

Netbook growth to trigger additional growth in external monitors; Isuppli

Ready reference design from Freescale Semiconductor for tablet smarbooks

Eurotech wins 1.2M USD contract to supply embedded computers

Broadcom acquires Dune Networks to get into cloud computing

Intel invest to built 1000 times more powerful of current supercomputer

Intel and NEC join hands to develop supercomputer technologies

Intel and AMD race neck to neck in supercomputing domain

Quanta selects Tilera's 64-core processor for cloud computing

Notebook and netbooks propel Intel back into growth path

Cavium's NITROX PX security adapters deployed in Hitachi's blade server systems

Smartbook was the top attraction at Freescale Semiconductor's event in Bangalore

LSI retained its top position in Host Bus RAID Controller market with further growth

LSI and Terascala partner to drive storage sales used in high-end computers

DisplayLink's USB graphic display interface ICs shipment-counter crossed 1 Million

The semiconductor devices and components for thinning laptops

AMCC RAID controllers are used in Boston's SAN storage product

Dell and HP adopt Broadcom technology to remotely manage enterprise PC network

It's a small computer, network computer and also called plug computer

Dell has chosen SiSM671/968/307DV chipset for it's Thin-Client PC

Cypress Semiconductor's new module can download a movie to a phone in a minute

Synopsys timing analysis tool to support multicore

Intel's new processor to pack graphic part and main processor in single chip

Detailed study of possibility of a $20 Laptop computer

A new finger vein authentication called "mofiria" from Sony for laptops and phones

Intel's another legend Craig Barrett to Retire in May

Technology to transfer data from DRAM chips to processor @ 1 terabyte per second

AMD's 4th quarter 2008 revenues down by 35% compared to 3rd quarter

Wireless USB to VGA kit wins CES innovation award

AMD's supercomputer for delivering multimedia content to digital gadgets

Freescale steps into laptop market by introducing silicon and tools for netbook design

Fujitsu and WinMagic together deliver security solutions for disk drive content

Hardware-based anti-theft technology for notebook computers and businesses

Hitachi GST and Intel to jointly develop Solid State Drives (SSD)

Amid the flat and weak market Fujitsu produced record disk drives

Quad core Shanghai's performance to boost AMD's server processor business

Market survey finds consumers prefer to surf net on mobile device instead of PC

LSI's RAID-On-Chip is opted by leading computer vendors

AMD appoints Ramkumar Subramanian as sales and marketing VP of India

India is playing important role in WiMAX success

Broadcom acquired digital TV business from AMD

Security tools for any unauthorized data transfer through USB flash drive

Intel releases guidelines to PC makers to get Energy Star stamped

Fujitsu continues to drive disk drive density to new levels with it's latest technology break through

The enhanced PCI express proposal gets the name “Geneseo”. 

New Products   

Intel new processors for the diverse and growing PC market in 2021

Display Link and Targus launched first universal dual-video docking station

SBC for Hi-Rel command and control applications

Dialog's 98% efficient PMIC for notebooks shrinks space by 50%

eASIC reprogrammable technology with Intel Xeon processors for cloud sys

64 bit ARM servers: Both chips and systems now in supply

Advantech's suggestions for Windows XP embedded users

ARM's SBSA spec standard for ARMv8-A based 64-bit server design

High speed docking station chip-set supports dual 2K display and Gb Ethernet

Connecting ARM mbed to Axeda Machine Cloud is made easy

Add voice recognition/speech-to-text feature to your SOC design

AMD to make server chips by embracing both x86 and ARM instruction set

New low power server processors X1150 and X2150 from AMD

eATCA system architecture from Advantech improves blade density

NVIDIA to provide WHQL-certified Windows 8.1 drivers to OEMs

Add voice recognition/speech-to-text feature to your SOC design

AMD to make server chips by embracing both x86 and ARM instruction set

New low power server processors X1150 and X2150 from AMD

eATCA system architecture from Advantech improves blade density

Nuvoton unveil embedded super I/O chip for mother boards

HD web cam chips from Sonix supporting Haswell architecture

$70 BOM tablet reference design from TI and AllGo

Android 4.0 tablet from Action Semiconductor and Ramos targets India market

Convert your HDTV display device into a computer by plugging a dongle

100 Gbps full duplex network processor introduced by Broadcom

$45 Tablet-like computer designed by U.S. based Indian Prof. is offered to AP students

Broadcom's 3 chips for Android Ice Cream Sandwitch

Mobile App from SonicWALL connects iPad and iPhone to network resources

TPM device for motherboard to protect against hacking

iPad and iPhone can be enabled with USB connectivity using Silex Tech

Embedded DisplayPort 1.3-compliant TCON with PSR tech from IDT

Hardware monitoring IC chip supports PECI 3.0 interface

Toshiba launches glass-free 3D Notebook computer in Japan

Cortina adds new member to its 40G/10G optical transport processor family

10GBASE-T PCI Express network adapter for cloud and enterprise servers

Intel Atom based PICMG 1.0 full-size CPU card from Axiomtek

6 Gb/s SATA III repeater ICs from Parade Technologies

VGA to STANAG 3350 converter module from Advanced Micro Peripherals

Atom processor based rugged computer from Adlink

Video ICs to convert LVDS to DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI or VGA interfaces

New motherboard based on Intel Core i7/i5 processor platform from IEI

Dual-channel buffer for re-driving SAS/eSATA/SATA signals

Toshiba achieves hard disk drive storage density of close to 1 Gb per square mm

64-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Ethernet Switch for data centers

New graphics card from AMD supporting DirectX 11 gaming

High-integrated PMIC with integrated EEPROM for TFT LCD notebook panels

Eurotech's compact, low power embedded system based on Intel Atom Processor

First embedded computer with DisplayPort for digital signage applications

Intel Atom based PCI single board computer from AAEON in half size form factor

15" XGA TFT LCD fanless Industrial Panel PC with IP66 rating from Advantech

Fanless Panel PCs from Advantech offers high performance with low power consumption

Eurotech's Intel Atom processor based Catalyst FX embedded system

Intel Atom based fanless ETX computer module

New LSI SAS 9200 series 6Gb/s SAS host bus adapters with SATA+SAS connectivity

NEC launches USB 3.0 SOC Design Solution

Exar's new processor chip for enterprise storage applications

ATI Radeon HD 5800 series with DirectX 11 compliant graphics cards from AMD

A single-chip VGA port protector IC for PC-based applications

Compact COM Express module with Intel Atom N270 and 945GSE/ICH7M Chipset

Advantech's ETX CPU module with twin SATA (SOM-4487) for embedded apps

New fanless embedded console server from ACROSSER

250MHz ARM9 based embedded computer from Technologic

New Engenio 4900 disk storage system from LSI

Advantech's new ARK-6310-3M04E Intel ATOM based embedded computer

Intel Atom based single board computer for portable embedded computer applications

Embedded computer RuffSystem 840 from Adlink targets rugged applications

Fingerprint solution for notebooks/netbooks from AuthenTec

New PCI Express to PCI translation bridge IC

Low priced new MB86C30A USB 3.0-SATA Bridge IC

8.0 GT/s PCI Express 3.0 interface IP for system-on-chip (SoC) from Synopsys

New hard disk drive read channel IC from LSI

PCI Expess 3.0 PHY IP core for SoC designs in 40nm process

Industry's first DisplayPort to VGA adapter IC

ADI's new USB isolator IC for safe interface among medical electronic devices

New USB power switch for hot swapping USB interface

Lanner launches Intel Atom based industrial PC

New 3-Gbps SDI equalizer with low jitter noise

Improved VGA multiplexer IC with low on-capacitance and on-resistance

Realtek's LCD DisplayPort monitor controller IC pass VESA CTS 1.1 certification

New system-on-chip controller for multifunction printers

Energy efficient graphic processors for new gaming experience in notebooks

512GB solid state drive using 43nm Multi-Level Cell NAND

Serial Attached SCSI enterprise hard disk drives which double the capacity

Microcontroller for wireless keyboard/mouse

ECP2M family development kit for fast PCI express design

7400 series Xeon server processors from Intel

Pericom's new Display-Port(DP) & PCI Express switch families

AMD's new stream processor delivers a performance exceeding 1 Tera Flop

Tegra: the world's single chip computer

Front Monitor Diodes from Atmel

Intel has unveiled very low power consuming quad core processors

Fujitsu launched 40-GB hard disk drive for automotive applications

Winbond's new embedded controllers for laptops with SPI flash interface and IR port.

NXP Semiconductor (Old Philips Semiconductor) has released  a wireless USB device controller for wireless USB applications.

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