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Batteries Last update: 9 Jun 2021

Top Stories  

Fire-proof, long life, -30 Deg C capable aqueous li-ion batteries developed

Lithium ion batteries turning cost-effective for stationary storage, as per Lux

Panasonic develops flexible batteries for wearables and smart cards

Sony to transfer battery business to Murata

1.2 million secured by Dukosi to accelerate smart battery technology

Tesla deal makes Panasonic a big leader in EV batteries with 39% share

Higher surface area carbon for supercaps and batteries created by Stanford scientists

Aluminum battery tech safer, last longer and charges faster than Li-Ion

Vanadium batteries based energy storage by US company for rural India

Cylindrical batteries in transportation applications to grow by 30% in 2015

Owning and swapping batteries in electric cars by companies

Panasonic to build a huge Li-Ion battery factory in US

U.S. FDA recognize two UL battery safety standards for medical devices

Dream battery for your mobile and car is getting close to reality

ESDM component supply chain: Rajamane's battery packs and enclosures

TrendForce projects cylindrical Li-battery price to down by 2.8% in 4Q13

Panasonic to increase the production of Li-ion batteries for Tesla electric car

Battery technology to drive electric car market

Saft inaugurates new battery factory near Bangalore, India

Industrial offers untapped growth potential for Lithium-ion Batteries

ANSYS working with GM, NREL and ESim to improve vehicle batteries

Mass production of Lithium-ion battery system from Panasonic for home energy storage

IBM partners with Asahi Kasei and Central Glass on new battery tech

Honda's Fit EV battery electric car tested for smart charging by IBM

Hybrid bus powered by ultracapacitors and diesel engine

Battery trend in mobiles is fast moving from removable to internal

Intersil targets immediate-possible high-volume markets

Magnesium and Antimony based low cost batteries researched by MIT

Lithium polymer battery production to increase by 30% in 2012, as per a study

Panasonic supplies Lithium-ion batteries for Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Less demand for Lithium batteries results in ASP drop

Panasonic to supply lithium-ion batteries to electric automaker Tesla

Nano-sized batteries to power mobiles: Rice researchers build battery in a nanowire

Sony to ship 1.2kWh lithium-ion battery modules for power backup

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

Graphene based material for anode electrode of Li-ion batteries enable charging in minutes

Panasonic's global dry cell battery production reaches 150 Billion

Need for advanced battery charging systems on the rise says ABI

A123 Systems opens a big Lithium Ion automotive battery plant in North America

Panasonic's lithium ion batteries to power solar cars in solar car race 2010

Panasonic's new Lithium-Ion battery plant to produce 100 million batteries per year

New Innovation to boost efficiency of fuel cells from MIT team

MAXWELL awarded with $13.5 million contract to supply ultracapacitors

Drop by drop collection of very low voltage with energy harvesting technology

Nanotech based lithium battery for power tools

Maxwell ultracapacitor to provide burst power to start cold diesel engines in buses

LG Chem and ST jointly making Li-ion battery suitable for electric/hybrid cars

New Products   

Maintenance free solid-state battery free of metallic lithium

B&K Precision announces two new handheld battery capacity analyzers

Targray adds electrodes to its Li-Ion battery portfolio

Lithium-ion battery can be tested within in a minute

Electro deposited Nickel foil for batteries and ultracaps

Li-Ion battery protection controller IC for mobile devices

Paper thin battery for IoT and wearable

High temperature coin Lithium rechargeable Battery from SII

Ni-Cd batteries from Panasonic operate from -40C to 60C

Graphene nanoribbon double the Lithium Ion battery capacity

Lead Acid battery monitoring IC from TI measures capacity 95% accurately

Battery management IC for monitoring Li-Ion and Lead-Acid batteries in EVs

TIs multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge for lithium batteries

Small intelligent battery sensor IC from ZMDI for automotive, industrial and medical

Hybrid energy storage is half supercapacitor and half lithium battery

3D high density capacitor achieves 550nF/mm2, reveals Leti and IPDiA

Electric double layer chip capacitor from Seiko for electric storage

Replacing Lead-Acid Batteries with Ultracapacitor Tech webinar on Mar 20

Intersil's two new chips manage health of the Li-Ion batteries in electric vehicles

Lithium ion based 1.2kWh battery module for UPS

Dual input Li+ ion battery charger IC for phones and cameras

Direct methanol fuel cell system from Panasonic with high power output and durability

High-capacity lithium-ion battery cells to power notebooks and electric vehicles

Lithium-ion battery module with high-energy storage solutions from Panasonic

Single/ dual-cell Li-Ion, lithium-iron-phosphate chargers with overvoltage protection

Lithium ion secondary battery with olivine-type lithium iron phosphate

Multiple cell lithium-ion battery pack monitor IC for electric and hybrid vehicles

1Amp single cell Lithium-Ion battery charger IC of size 2x2 mm

Atmel's cryptographic battery authentication IC for portable gadgets

Mercury free alkaline batteries from Sony

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