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Date: 11-06-17

MCU market growth momentum to continue due to automotive and smart everything

Microcontroller (MCU) market growth momentum to continue due to Automotive, IoT, smart factory, and smart everything market trends and tech trends such as security, higher processing power requirements. Quick and easy development support taking priority, according to latest Microcontroller Market Research report 2017 by EMITT Solutions.

Though IoT growth has begun, it still hardly entered its best growth, however the big-growth is expected sooner rather than later. Same thing can be said about Automotive market. Smart factory driven Industrial market seeing more growth and so is the higher growth in industrial and automotive grade MCU market.

With the rise in demand in processing performance and  high security requirements, Microcontroller chips market offers better opportunity for new innovative MCU chips.

When looked at the microcontroller vendors analysis,  NXP moved up to top most after acquiring Freescale. Microchip moved to 3rd ranked vendor after acquiring Atmel. There are also increasing number of MCU vendors from China.

ARM based microcontroller chips ranked at the top by processor architecture. Intel enters this market through SoC like chip which can replace many of the high –end MCU chips. FPGA based programmable SoC is also doing well.

The full microcontroller market and technology research analysis report 2017 is available from EMITT Solutions at a price of US$ 3800/-.

To learn more visit www.emittsolutions.com/section/market-analysis/microcontroller-market-research-2017.html

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