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Date: 22-03-17

Murata’s Peregrine Semiconductor acquires MIT startup Arctic Sand

The Murata owned Peregrine Semiconductor acquired power semiconductor startup Arctic Sand Technologies, incubated in MIT. Arctic Sand Technologies is developing small sized and low power consuming power ICs, where it’s technology basically saves the design from producing heat. Early in 2016 Murata led investor group funded Arctic Sand with US$19 Million.  It is reported that Peregrine acquired Arctic Sand for US$ 68 Million.

Arctic Sand’s patented TIPS (Transformative Integrated Power Solutions) technology uses switch capacitive techniques for DC/DC conversion basically allowing use of smaller inductive components, resulting in increased efficiency and an overall higher power density factor compared to today’s competing technologies used in mobile/portable and data centre powering. TIPS platform reduces energy loss by 50% via solutions a fraction the size of competitive products. The market for DC/DC converters runs into 10s of Billions $S. Arctic Sand’s first commercial product, an LED backlight driver IC for mobile computing platforms, increases power conversion efficiency by about 10% - in a 33% thinner form factor, and with no increase in circuit board footprint.

“Arctic Sand is the epitome of an innovative startup,” says Jim Cable, chairman and CTO of Peregrine Semiconductor and global R&D director at Murata Manufacturing. “With this acquisition, Peregrine and Murata gain Arctic Sand’s disruptive technology, strong IP portfolio and world-class team. With a vision to revolutionize the power electronics industry, we’re building the power integrated circuit (IC) ‘dream team’. We will now leverage Peregrine’s semiconductor expertise to accelerate the adoption of Arctic Sand’s technology and their ability to ship in volume. With this acquisition, we’re one step closer to dramatically smaller, lighter, faster and more efficient power solutions.”

Arctic Sand’s power ICs can be enhanced further by utilizing Peregrine’s SOI semiconductor expertise and can be used in Murata’s  DC/DC power supply  modules by  making use of high quality passives such as resistor, inductor and capacitors which are essential in DC/DC converter modules.  

“Bringing together Arctic Sand’s low-power semiconductor technologies and Murata’s technologies will allow us to lead the way in providing products that satisfy the needs of customers in growing markets where there is demand for small footprints, low profiles and power savings,” says Norio Nakajima, executive vice president, Communication & Sensor Business Unit/Energy Business Unit, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 “This highly synergistic acquisition will enable Arctic Sand’s disruptive technology to gain widespread market traction,” says Gary Davison, CEO of Arctic Sand Technologies, “With the added strengths of Murata and Peregrine, we can bring game-changing innovation to a power electronics market that desperately needs it.”


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