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Date: 22-11-16

Webinar on Victory Process 2D, a semiconductor chip process simulator

Dr. Misha Temkin, a Senior Applications Engineer at semiconductor EDA software vendor Silvaco's TCAD Division in Santa Clara, California is presenting a online-seminar (webinar) on "Victory Process simulator" This webinar will show how to use the two-dimensional version of Victory Process (VP2D) either instead Athena or as transition to full 3D simulation. Victory Process is a IC chip layout driven 1D, 2D and 3D process and stress simulator covering etching, deposition, implantation, diffusion, oxidation and stress simulation capabilities. Perfecting the design using simulation saves huge time and resources at deeper nodes such as 10nm, 7nm and down.

Dr. Misha Temkin has written 2 books and 20 papers on Ion Implantation theory and simulation, a key technology in semiconductor chip manufacturing/ fab.

Attendees can learn Key differences between Athena and Victory Process, How to translate legacy SUPREM-based decks to VP2D using DeckBuild utility A2VP and more.

Webinar is on December 8, 2016 at time 10:00am-11:00am (US PST)
For more details and to register visit: http://www.silvaco.com/webinar/innovative_alternative_to_SUPREM-based_simulators_ensuring_robust_3D-solutions.html

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