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Date: 11-11-16

Telit's IoT event on 16th and 18th in Chennai and Bengaluru

The IoT developers in Bangalore and Chennai can come to know about Telit's products by attending the IoT Developers Conference scheduled to be held on 16th & 18th November of this month in Chennai & Bangalore respectively.

Developers, designers can learn about various products such as IoT cloud based VAS applications and Telit's range of Cellular communication technologies, GNSS & Short-to-long range wireless applications (IoT) with special focus on latest technologies in the development of Automotive Telematics and Smart City applications by attending the event. Developers and designers can get more useful data from discussions and put their ideas on how to support IoT deployments successfully.

Mr. KyungJun Lee, Senior Director Marketing Telit APAC said, "The application of IoT in various fields within India has seen innumerable benefits for both the service providers and customers. These have been achieved at a minimal cost coupled with greater efficiency improvement. The upcoming Smart City program by the Government of India would further showcase the strength of IoT applications within various Smart City applications."

Mr. Ashish Gulati, Country Head India added, "This annual mega conference is a much awaited event in the field of IoT technology. Developers from across India get together to increase the awareness about IoT technologies and their use cases across various sectors. Telit solutions are well tailored to suit India market offering highest standards of performance at the most competitive cost that makes it a unique combination in the field of IoT technology globally."

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