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Date: 04-11-16

High speed merging: Inphi to acquire ClariPhy

The high-speed mixed signal semiconductor supplier Inphi to acquire another high-speed chip maker ClariPhy. Both are in to the high speed networking area with complementing product offering.

Inphi is in to the areas such as optical interconnect components which includes Trans-impedance Amplifiers (TiA), Modulator Drivers, and Data Center Interconnect products such as ColorZ for DWDM and Networking Interconnect products such as Serdes, PHY and OTN Processors, where as Clariphy makes ultra-high-speed systems-on-chip (SoCs) for multi-terabit data networking. Clariphy offers coherent solutions to transfer data at very high speed.

Inphi says acquisition with Clariphy will offer it to gain expertise in supplying products for high-speed optical networking area. By gaining the coherent DSP technology Inphi says it can offer coherent DSP, TiA, drivers for long haul, and metro and direct detect PAM DSP-based solutions for DCI edge between data centers, and NRZ and PAM short reach solutions for inside data centers. On the semiconductor device front, after acquisition Inphi expects to wider range of products in this domain.

“With the acquisition of ClariPhy, we are completing our product portfolio as the leading component and platform supplier for optical networking customers,” said Ford Tamer, president and CEO of Inphi. “The ClariPhy coherent DSP complements Inphi TiA, driver, optical PHY and silicon photonics components to provide system OEM and module customers high-performance and low power platform solutions. Following closing, we expect to have platform offerings for long haul, metro, DCI edge, and intra-data center applications. We believe this will provide customers with faster time-to-market, proven quality, and competitive cost.”

Inphi also shares in its release the total available market for 100G & 200G coherent optical network hardware will grow at 18% Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR), from $3.2 billion to $7.4 billion, from the period of 2015 to 2020, this analysis is based on the IHS study. The opportunities in the cloud is seen as a biggest drive over for this move.
Nariman Yousefi, ClariPhy’s CEO is expected to run the Coherent DSP business unit after the acquisition.

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