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Date: 28-10-16

HP offering Intel powered HPC platform in India for researchers to test software

HP and Intel India launched high performance computing (HPC)-as-a-service in Bangalore for Indian customers. This facility will allow research institutes and academia to test their software applications on the latest high performance computing platform from HP which is enabled by Intel processors.

Customers are also given the choice to access the facility through cloud connectivity. The researchers who were working in big data analytics, simulations of complex processes and large-scale research projects can leverage this facility.

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) to train new users and developers and also further train experienced developers to improve their skills in parallel computing architecture and vector processing capabilities of the latest Intel CPUs.

The facility uses HPE’ Apollo 2000 and 6000 server platforms built on Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi x200 processors, and Intel Omni-Path interconnect technology.

The storage infrastructure is supported through HPE Apollo 4520 systems. Customers can request computing power online through a self-service portal where the inventory of configurable infrastructure is available for customers to select and form compute clusters to run their applications.

“There is a growing need amongst research and academic institutions for high levels of computational power to process large volumes of data, solve highly complex mathematical problems, and repeat calculations for multiplicative situations,” said Vikram K, Director, Servers, HPE India. “The HPE-Intel CoE, with the HPE Apollo portfolio and Intel technologies demonstrates our commitment to deliver the best tools, manpower, expertise, and now HPC-as-a-service. The CoE provides a great opportunity to engage with our customers and better understand their HPC requirements.”

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