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Date: 26-10-16

Honeywell collaborates with flowserve in providing IIoT solutions

Honeywell Process Solutions automate and harness data from more than 10,000 manufacturing sites. Some of them use Flowserve made fluid control devices such as pumps, valves, seals and such components. To make the IIoT possible across the systems where Flowserve and Honeywell jointly collaborate to capture a data in a secure form, analyze the data and deploy the information to benefit the operations. Collaboration is part of a program called Honeywell INspire.

“The key to an effective IIoT ecosystem is to have three things,” said Andrew Hird, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Process Solutions’ Digital Transformation business. “First, you need to have secure access to the data being collected; secondly the capability to analyze that data; and finally, you need domain knowledge to understand how to deploy information to benefit the operation. Flowserve’s domain expertise in flow control solutions that include pumps, valves, seals and services is unmatched globally, which makes the Honeywell-Flowserve IIoT ecosystem unique for our customers.”

Flowserve supplies pumps, valves, seals, automation and services for safety critical industrial applications such as power, oil and gas and chemicals. Its devices and services are to control the flow of liquid and gas in wide range of industries, IIoT helps to control and improve the systems.

Honeywell is collaborating with Flowserve in collecting and analyzing the data and processing the information collected and act on that by applying range of domain knowledge from a vast ecosystem of equipment vendors and process licensors.

The objective is to save its customers from unplanned shutdowns, maximize output, minimize safety risk and optimize supply chain strategies. The information collected can give insights and helps the data for monitoring and analysis.

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