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  Date: 26/10/2016

Echeloní processors chosen by ABBA Logic for its access control products

ABBA Logic has used Echelonís 6050 processors, which results in reduction of number of processors required in their devices while increasing the number of secure physical access point that can be controlled by one controller used in embedded IIoT solutions. Echelonís 6050 processors not only improves the speed but also IP connectivity and reduce the size and manufacturing costs of new control panels, according to Echelon.

The new panels from ABBA work with sophisticated managed automation security controls (MASC) HMI software to offer integrated security and building control solutions. ABBA Logicís access control and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) offered to security integrators with off-the-shelf customizable support that can be used with different software front ends without any large service commitments .

The applications where ABBA Logic product used include correctional facilities, police stations, courthouses, airports, schools and other such facilities where high levels of security are required.

ABBA Logics could able to create an extensible IP network-based solutions by using Echelonís devices.

Rick Ashmus, owner of ABBA Logic comments, ďWe use Echelonís products to create a subnet off the customersí network. We also dropped the number of processors needed per control panel from four down to two. This increased the speed of operations, and we saw a 50 percent reduction in the overall cost of the product.Ē Ashmus goes on to state, ďThe MAC-4Rx was started with the goal of creating a two-door controller, but we ended up with a four-door controller. With the new processor we also plan on creating a single door controller that can be located at the door to eliminate all the home run wiring. By combining Echelonís flexible 6050 processors we can harness IP connectivity in a single product to deliver a superior experience.Ē

The network architecture and asynchronous communications provided by the Echelon platform simplifies installation and improved performance which does not require extensive home run wiring as with some other systems or polling for status which adds overhead and can result in latency as claimed by Echelon.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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