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Date: 12-10-16

40% up in shipment of wireless charging enabled devices in 2016, estimates IHS

Quarter of people have started using wireless charging in their mobile phones or such hand held portable devices and also predicted that more than 90% of these would choose the feature again on their next phone, as per the latest market research by IHS. The interesting part is that not only mobile phones even the electric cars are also being integrated with wireless charging.

The wireless charging will exceed 200 million units a year for the first time in 2016, as per the latest figures by IHS. The products that are driving this growth basically are phones and wearables. In the automotive market, in-cabin wireless charging continues to grow well. However, the first OEM wireless electric vehicles will not be launched until late 2017, with Mercedes-Benz the first manufacturer to announce its intention to launch with the 2017 S-Class 500 e, says IHS.

IHS downgrades its short term forecasts due to the missing feature of wireless charging in apple iPhone7 and delay in launch of wireless powered laptops.

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