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Date: 13-10-16

Infineon gains lidar expertise by acquiring Innoluce BV

Automotive semiconductor chip maker Infineon acquires 100% of Innoluce BV. Innoluce BV is also a semiconductor company which is into developing chip components for high-performance lidar systems.

The lidars are used in self-driving cars. By combining this lidar technology and the broader semiconductor component expertise in automotive domain Infineon can strengthen it’s position in this fast growing market.

In these days self driving cars use radar as well as lidar. radar uses radio-frequency electromagnetic waves, where as lidar uses the laser beams to recognize objects in front of the car. It detects the far-off objects from the car and also measure the distance from the car. Even the small objects can be detected by using lidar systems.

“With this acquisition, we take a big step into the lidar technology that will play an important role in the safety cocoon essential to fully automated cars,” said Peter Schiefer, President of the Automotive division at Infineon. “We intend to make lidar an affordable feature for every new-built car worldwide”.

Earlier lidar systems are bulky and expensive, where as the new lidar systems getting more compact, cost-effective, and robust.

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