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Date: 28-09-16

B2B market for wearables is gaining significance

It's not just consumers buying wearables, there is significant interest shown by businesses to use them at workplaces. Engineers at the leading Aerospace company Boeing are using Google glass for building aircraft. In healthcare applications, physicians can use wearables during surgery to help them access patient information through hands-free control. In education, services/repair, retail warehousing, manufacturing, and transportation and many such areas are finding wearables enhancing the productivity and service efficiency.

The leading market research ABI Research finds the 17% of 202 million wearable shipments in 2016 can be attributed to enterprise/B2B. The shipment of all types of wearable devices including both consumer as well as enterprise are estimated to reach 501 million by 2021, as per ABI. In the enterprise segment, ABI Research sees the warehouse and manufacturing and field services will represent the most tangible near-term opportunity for enterprise wearable shipments.

Ryan Martin, Senior Analyst at ABI Research shares a study, where Lee Company’s pilot project with smart glasses company Vuzix continues to see a $20 return for every dollar invested in the program.

Wearable used in B2B segment mainly includes Smart glasses and Heads Up Displays (HUDs). Warehouse and manufacturing verticals, being one of the most attractive first forays for Wearables, will receive 34% of smart glass and wearable scanner shipments, according to ABI.

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