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Date: 28-09-16

Surveillance, biometrics and VR to drive IR-LED market

LEDinside, the LED specific market research division of TrendForce forecasts security surveillance systems, virtual reality (VR) devices and facial and iris recognition solutions applications would rise global IR LED market from about $300 million in 2016 to US$792 million in 2021. Surveillance systems is the biggest application market for IR LEDs, according to LEDinside.

Devices such as smart phones and notebooks are going to have user authentication mechanisms based on the IR LED technology resulting in increase of sales by featuring iris and facial recognition technology. These biometric applications makes way for growth of such smart phones. Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 features iris recognition.

LEDinside forecasts IR LEDs for iris and facial recognition systems will have a total market value of US$359 million in 2021.

VR devices released in the market are driving additional growth of IR LEDs. LEDinside estimate VR application to create around US$14 million market in 2016.

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