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Date: 22-09-16

SES-imagotag to acquire Pdi

SES-imagotag to acquire 100% of Pdi, a Taiwanese company specialized in display design that houses ultra –low power e-paper displays. SES imagotag is into electronic shelf labels (ESLs) for retail, and Pervasive Displays (Pdi). The acquisition to help SES imagotag to add capabilities of e-paper based ESLs on multiple levels. In cases such as integrated product development from Research and Development for advantage of extended geographic areas.

Pdi being a display design house supplement ultra-low power e-paper displays for industrial applications. The emphasis is on ease of access and use. Engineers look out to create IoT applications to substitute paper through Pdi’s paper display platform. Through the concept of “connected paper”, improvements in the process are brought in by Pdi partners. Tangible efficiencies are yielded across industries such as logistics, healthcare and automation. “paper-like” graphic displays in digital shelf labels are adopted by Pdi.

“This alliance is about speed. It is about accelerating our collective ability to deliver ever more competitive products to the market. Since our inception, Pdi has focused on delivering the most energy efficient displays in the world. Our accumulative experience and knowledge in e-paper is crucial to companies looking to improve the total cost of ownership of IoT solutions requiring visual user interfaces. The robustness of the growth in ESL will enable Pdi to impact more applications and industries. There will be much synergy and creativity from working together with SES-imagotag’s talented and entrepreneurial team. We are extremely honored and proud to join SES imagotag, the global ESL market leader, to define the future of retail and our increasingly connect world” commented by Scott Soong, founder of Pdi.

“This transaction is the natural evolution of our long-standing and extremely fruitful cooperation with Pervasive Displays, and it is of critical importance for our future. Over the last6 years Pdi has helped imagotag and then SES imagotag build a leading position in e-paper-based ESL, from an innovation, competitiveness and quality perspective. We make the best ESLs in the world in large part thanks to the exceptional expertise of Pdi. Over the years our two companies and our teams have become so close and our innovation projects so closely linked that even before shaping this transaction we already felt part of the same group. E-paper solution design is a paramount component of our industry – one that still requires a lot of innovation – and it will significantly drive differentiation in the years to come. This alliance is an essential strategic step that reinforces our R&D and expertise in e-paper modules and end-to-end ESL manufacturing. It makes us a truly global company and opens great new development avenues in Asia as well as in non-retail applications. This deal at once is the end of a wonderful journey between two companies and the beginning of a great adventure together. I warmly welcome the whole Pdi team in our new group” is commented by Thierry Gadou, CEO of SES-imagotag.

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