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Date: 08-09-16

ABI ranks Bosch, Harman, and Continental as top3 for connected car tech

ABI Research in its latest analysis ranks Bosch again at the top above Harman and Continental in Connected Car tech suppliers.

Due to the significant growth of Bosch’s sales in the previous year, Bosch could increase capital expenditures to fund future developments, strategic partnerships, sharpening focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) solutions. The goal of Bosch was to further tighten its grip on the fast evolving automotive domain opportunities.

Delphi, and Visteon are the 3 and 4th ranked companies in Connected Car tech ranked by ABI.

Based on the strategic ecosystem of partnerships decisions and best implementation due to their wider product offerings, ABI ranks Bosch, Magna, Visteon, Harman, and Continental as top 5.

The top five innovation position was acquired by Bosch, Harman, Delphi, Continental, and Hyundai Mobis for the work in ADAS and autonomous features, HMI, infotainment, and telematics.

Susan Beardslee, Senior Analyst at ABI Research says, “Bosch tasked thousands of engineers to develop next-generation ADAS solutions like DualView display and NeoSense”. “As Human Machine Interaction, or HMI, electrification, and predictive analytics further evolve, Bosch’s investments, acquisitions, and partnerships, like its ones with Mercedes, Porsche, and TomTom, will continue to place it as a leading market share vendor.”

Mobility services, active parking lot management, and IoT software are the areas of non-hardware interest are being attempted by Bosch as per ABI. Bosch is one of the few suppliers extending its business activities. Bosch is in vehicle electronics like Bosch Body Computer Module that includes hybrid power train and electrification.

Bosch stands ahead of Harman with 16 points and 20 points ahead of continental in the competitive analysis done by ABI. Harman pioneers in its development of virtual reality modeling that blends different camera images to generate a full 360 degree view while showcases ADAS.

Beardslee concludes, “The industry will see continued transformation through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and disinvestments as suppliers converge and shift toward software, services, and security”.“Examples of this include Visteon’s recent purchase of AllGo Embedded Systems and its decision to sell its automotive interiors facility, Valeo’s announcement to provide low-cost, solid-state LiDAR with LeddarTech to support ADAS, and industry disruptor Gentex’s decision to grow its connected electro-optical business by working with OEMs like GM and Nissan”.

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