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Date: 02-09-16

DRAMeXchange: SSD adoption in notebooks to reach 50% in 2018

Analysis by DRAMeXchange finds SSD Adoption Rate in Global Notebook Market to reach 50% in 2018.

DRAMeXchange reports prices of client – grade SSDs in the PC-OEM market are expected to be stabilized later in the third quarter. TLC –based SSDs rose upto 0- 0.5% while the MLC-based SSDs fell slightly by 0-1%, as per DRAMeXchange. By looking at the supply chain being tightened in the SSD in the second half of the year, DRAMeXchange maintains the SSD adoption rate that would exceed by 30% in the notebook market in 2016 or may reach a mark of 50% in 2018.

Alan Chen, A senior manager of DrameXchange added that the supply chain was short in hand as the prices increased in TLC during may and June while the SSD shipments to the world wide channel market registered an increase by 12% in the second quarter.

DRAMeXchange’s information shows the SSD rate of adoptability in the notebook market for the second quarter as 32-33%. Client – grade shipments of SSD for the period arrived at 28.3 million units. Projects a growth of 15-20% quarterly.

The third quarter witnessed NAND Flash would be short of supply while TLC Flash would remain at the top. The reason behind the increase in SSD shipments to PC OEMs would be at an expense of shipments to the channel distribution markets and vice versa. DRAMeXchange shows the total client – grade SSD shipments for the period will rise by a mere sum of 2-3% quarterly.

TLC to become the core area memory architecture for 3D-NAND SSD. The market share of PCIe interface to see the marginal growth in the current year.

According to Chen, 3D –NAND Flash for the important client-grade SSDs would be dependent on the structure of TLC. While 3D – NAND Flash based on the MLC structures is not as equivalent in terms of production cost as in the market justification as in the 3D –NAND Flash market would be small. In the context of SSD interface market the PC-OEMs has begun to take in PCIe in the second half of the current year. The demand in the distribution market exists for SATAIII.

DRAMeXchange expects or wishes SATAIII to remain at the top for client –grade SSDs in 2016. Contradictorily PCIe is depicted to account for 20% of the client –grade SSD market in the current year that shows a slight rise from 2015.

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