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Date: 02-09-16

THP7212 is adopted to German automaker’s drive recorders as dealer options

THine’s 13-megapixel image signal processor THP7212 is selected in German automotive maker’s drive recorders as dealer options.

THP7212 image signal processor features high – speed serial interface and offers image signal processing functions and camera functions. THP7212 product comes up with a high resolution of 13-megapixel quality with major auto functions like auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance and likeminded functions such as movie image stabilizer function. Its superior performance in images with both dark side pixel and bright side avoids over and under exposure. THP7212 delivers these functions due to the internal LSI semiconductor.

Suitable full-HD movie quality by higher image tuning functions is achieved by this image processor in the automotive unique environment. THP7212 help to record suitable image quality in driving to capture clear images of car license plates and signal lamps as evidences in accidents. And in turn it allows recording in parking with low power consumption and low illumination.
Customer’s expectations are looked in by the THine so as to bring in some new features by its image signal processing and high-speed interface technologies.

some of the interesting features of THP7212 product are mentioned below:
High-speed image signal processing by dedicated hardware engine
Support optical image stabilizing function, movie image stabilizer, Jpeg encode
Flexible processing by 32bit RISC MPU
Input: MIPI CSI2 850Mbps 2port (4 lanes + 2 lanes), Output: 1port (4 lanes)
Various camera control functions, including auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance
Customizable firmware for customer’s request

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