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Date: 15-06-16

Large software developer meet by IBM on Jun 17 in Bangalore

IBM is hosting a large software developer meet, IBM DeveloperConnect in Bangalore on Jun 17. Speakers and tech gurus at the event include TanmayBakshi, a twelve-year-old developer and entrepreneur, Simon Wheatcroft, an accomplished runner who uses Runkeeper on IBMCloud, Amy Wilkinson, author of “The Creator's Code” and Prashant Bhuyan, Co-founder and CEO of startup Alpha Modus.

There is also a software/coding contest hosted on Stack Overflow on June 17th to encourage developers in India to share their expertise and knowledge of IBM Cloud technologies. Award for the winner include 3D printer or Oculus Rift.

Developers can take the ‘Stack Overflow’ user tour to familiarize themselves with the Stack Overflow Q&A process.

To know more visit: https://ibmdeveloperconnect.com/bluemix-champion/

Developers can register at https://ibmdeveloperconnect.com/register/.

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