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Date: 20-05-16

IOT help in maintenance and service support of machines

The machine is a dynamic moving thing, which is prone to fail if not maintained at regular intervals. In automotives, a kind of machine of machines has lot of moving Systems which need to be monitored for the overall health of the vehicle. Today's electronics helps automotive design engineers to continuously track and store the performance of every critical sub-system and analyse the data for any advanced warnings of failure. Now that data can be stored in the computer embedded inside the car can be enabled to send analysed-data or even the raw data to service centre, so that service engineers figure out any possible failures. They can warn the user/owner of the vehicle to get the vehicle serviced and get faulty part replaced if there is any such part in the vehicle.

The tractor manufacturer John Deere fitted its tractors with such vehicle health monitoring systems so that they can alert the former for any chances of failure of parts in the tractor.

In another case of IoT usage in a factory, Fujitsu carried out a field trial to visualize manufacturing processes at Shimane Fujitsu Limited, which primarily manufactures notebook PCs. The field trial linked the FUJITSU Cloud Service IoT Platform with the Intel IoT Gateway. As a result of this trial, the companies were able to rationalize functionality testing and repair processes on Shimane Fujitsu's manufacturing line, and in line with this, cut additional shipping costs that resulted from delays by 30%. The trial was a part of the IoT collaboration with Intel, launched in May 2015.

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