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Date: 07-06-16

Silvaco agreeing to acquire Ipextreme

Acquisition is a regular news in the EDA industry, but most of the times the acquiring companies are the top three EDA vendors Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor Graphics. But this time it is Silvaco agreeing to acquire Ipextreme. Silvaco to form this newly acquired business as new IP division to be headed by IPextreme founder and CEO Warren Savage, who has created new kind of IP marketing collaboration. At Ipextreme Warren Savage came out with a unique IP management system and infrastructure for semiconductor makers to unlock their IP assets and deliver captive IP to the market.

Compared to VLSI design tools of both the front-end and back-end type, semiconductor IP business is growing faster and expected to grow for some more years. Lot of small semiconductor IP companies were recently acquired by the top three EDA vendors.

The trend now in the chip business is, as soon the market opportunity emerges, the SoC VLSI chip designers want to grab the opportunity, since the window of opportunity is narrower in terms of time. So to design faster, third-party IP usage is increasingly popular. The fast-growing IOT and wearable market driving third-party IP usage even more.

“The silicon-validated IP portfolio from IPextreme is particularly strong in the IoT and automotive areas, markets where Silvaco has also experienced tremendous growth” said David L. Dutton, CEO of Silvaco.

“IPextreme pioneered the concept of a partnership framework, building sales, marketing and engineering channels to deliver semiconductor company captive IP and IP from 3rd party providers to the market,” said Warren Savage, former IPextreme CEO and new G.M. of Silvaco’s IP division. “With our now larger reach, resources, and great synergies between the IP and EDA software tools, I look forward to building the IP business at Silvaco.”

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