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Date: 24-05-16

Global positioning data is vital for autonomous vehicles

Global positioning data is vital for autonomous vehicles, accuracy of GPS data is critical. STMicroelectronics is partnering with Israel-based Autotalks , a V2X-chipset market to use GNSS technology and V2X ranging for autonomous driving. The new “V2X-Enhanced GNSS” is applicable in urban canyons, tunnels, and parking structures, where accurate absolute and relative positioning where GPS satellite signal cannot be received. Both companies are working on accurate positioning, reliability of the data and also security that the fusion of GNSS with V2X technology achieves, which is very essential for autonomous driving.

Autotalks and ST have together built V2X chipset that connects vehicles to other vehicles and infrastructure within wireless range for safety and mobility applications.

With the both V2X-Enhanced GNSS technology and V2X-enabled infrastructure can provide absolute positioning to vehicles to assure lane-level accuracy. With this technology ADAS features such as autonomous on-street and in-garage parking and available-spot identification can be implemented with increased confidence in safety.

“To fully realize the safety, convenience, and other benefits of autonomous driving, we need confidence in the security, reliability, and accuracy of the communications between our vehicle and its surroundings to know precisely how close we are to things, whether—and in what direction—they are moving, and what they are telling us—such as when there are roadworks or an accident ahead,” said Antonio Radaelli, Director, Infotainment, Automotive Digital Division, STMicroelectronics. “Building upon our successful collaboration with Autotalks, we are combining ST’s state-of-the-art positioning technology and roadmap for high-precision Automotive GNSS supporting satellite signal authentication with Autotalks’ expertise in advanced signal-processing algorithms for ranging, to smoothly pave the road to secure, accurate, and reliable V2X-Enhanced GNSS.”

This technology is under test in this year through field trials in a nation y monitored by a government agency.

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