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Date: 18-05-16

CEA Collaborates with Intel to research on key Digital technologies

Semiconductor chip technology leader Intel expanded collaboration with France based nanotechnology research company CEA to further advance their joint research in areas such as High Performance Computing (HPC), Internet of Things, high-speed wireless communication, security technologies and 3D displays.

After researching together they also intend to submit project reports jointly to Europe's biggest innovation and research programme, Horizon 2020.

They jointly research on areas such as advanced material development for further miniaturisation and adaptability of semiconductor devices and other electronic components used in mobile phones.
Other areas includes: The development of wireless communication systems and faster exchanges, the integration of connected objects and the study of low-consumption communication technologies.

Marie-Noelle Semeria, Director, CEA's Leti Institute commented "The CEA and Intel have a long history of shared technological development in high-performance computing. This collaboration marks the recognition of the CEA-Leti as one of Europe's most innovative players in the IoT and the basic technologies of Cloud computing and Big Data. It also increases the attractiveness of the Grenoble Valley in terms of microelectronics."

Raj Hazra, vice president of the Data Center Group and general manager of the Enterprise and HPC Platform Group Intel said “This announcement expands upon our long standing high performance computing relationship with CEA to drive leading edge innovation in IoT, wireless, and security in the European community. We look forward to the important innovations and discoveries to come from this collaboration.”

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